The Message of A Master - John McDonald

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The Message of A Master clearly shows us how we can harness the forces within to achieve health, vitality and prosperity.

This is the story of a miraculous change that takes place in a man after he meets a true master of life.

He learns - and shares with us - secret teachings that allow him to develop his powers so that he can accomplish anything he desires.

The Message of A Master shows us how to accomplish our desires and live our deepest dreams.

It gives not only the theory, but the actual practises necessary to become absolute masters of our lives.

1. To The Reader

2. Chapter One

3. Chapter Two

4. Chapter Three

5. Chapter Four

6. Chapter Five

7. Chapter Six

8. Chapter Seven

9. Chapter Eight

10. Chapter Nine

11. Chapter Ten

12. Chapter Eleven

13. Chapter Twelve

14. Chapter Thirteen

15. Chapter Fourteen

16. Chapter Fifteen