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To The Reader


Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

The following pages are the result of a series of notes collected and set down in the form of a story and a system of practice, which accounts for the style of arrangement. The sequential order as originally received has been carefully adhered to that its value to the reader might not be lessened.

It sets forth no creed or dogma, but teaches in a clear, understandable, simple way, step by step, a practical, workable procedure based upon Divine Law, for the mastery of environment and conditions.

Surely, there is an unexplainable “something” within its pages which carries a wonderful power for helpfulness and which saturates the reader with a dynamic realization and conviction of what it teaches.

This is not a volume to be hurriedly or superficially read. It must be studied in order to gain the priceless wisdom which it contains. Therefore it is strongly urged that, after having been read through once or twice, it be given the slow, deep, deliberate study which has proved to be the profitable way with a work of this kind.

Read it as though it were a message directed to none but yourself. Try to reason out each proposition to your own satisfaction and to get the spirit back of the words. Then apply its teachings to fit your own individual nature and understanding.

During your perusal of these pages should any ideas occur to you concerning your work or ambitions, it is well to lay the book aside for a few moments and meditate upon them. Many profitable ideas have come to readers in this way.