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Chapter 1

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

Presuming that there are many who are just as skeptical concerning things bordering on the extraordinary as I have been practically all of my life, I offer the following story and system of practice to each reader for what it is worth, with the suggestion that he take it or leave it, just as he sees fit.

It was Saturday afternoon and I had returned from a late lunch. The help had left for the day and I was alone. My business had dropped off considerably of late and while conditions were not alarming, yet they were sufficient to cause me some concern. Then again, I had recently indulged in some real estate speculation which had not proved successful. Taking it all in all, it was not a very cheerful outlook. In fact the most serious problem of my business career was up for solution.

Sitting there in deep thought in an effort to discover a way out, I was aroused by the telephone bell. Placing the receiver to my ear I was startled at hearing the familiar voice of my old friend, David Bentley. It required no great stretch of the imagination to believe it a voice from the dead, for less than a month before he had left for Europe on the urgent advice of his physician to take an ocean voyage, preferably, but get away somewhere, in the hope that a change would effect an improvement in his condition, which was a serious breakdown, due to worry over conditions which, strangely, were similar to what I was now experiencing.

As he spoke, his voice carried such striking power and feeling that I was reminded of my last impression of Dave as we sorrowfully parted with him, a miserable shadow of his former self, and we questioned as to whether we would ever see him again.

But here he was back again, and surely some great change had taken place in him. Remarking that a miracle must have happened, he assured me that I had guessed about right, adding, “Tom, I know that you are puzzled over my early return and I also know that you never expected to see me again. But I’m back and I’m the luckiest man in the world, for I learned something that I never knew existed. “Tom, nothing is impossible with me any more, for I can do anything. I am master of my own destiny and I can make my life anything that I wish it to be.

“Oh, don’t think I’m crazy. Wait until you hear my story.” Feigning a laugh to cover my serious curiosity, I remarked that he must have stumbled over some newfangled religion. To which he replied, “On the contrary, it concerns no religion of any kind or of anybody. You see, I met a Master. A wonderful man who has so developed his powers that he can do anything, and he taught me a secret that no price could ever buy. You know that I lost my health and I lost my wealth. Well, I have regained my health and I will have the wealth in no time. Oh, it’s a strange story.” Of course I became excited to see him at once and when to his inquiry about the club I replied that there were no changes, he hung up after saying, “Meet me there at 9:00 tonight and I will unfold a series of the most remarkable and fortunate happenings that could fall to the lot of any man.”

I sat there unmoved for some minutes like a man in a dream, so completely absorbed had I become in the remarkable recital. Upon recovering myself I became possessed of the feeling that I had suddenly grown too big for the office. That I had outgrown that little place. I must get outside and expand in the fresh air. Feverish with excitement, I put on my hat and stepped out. Feeling that there was something wonderful for me in his story, I was seized with an uncontrollable desire to hear it at once. I turned in the direction of his office, but recalling that he was no longer there, was forced to wait until evening. The remainder of that day was spent in restlessly pacing the streets and I was greatly relieved when the hour to go to the club arrived.

Having resolved to get Dave away where we would not be disturbed, I entered and stepped quickly to the desk, only to be informed that he had telephoned some time before to tell me that he had been called away and would be back the following evening. Trying to conceal my feelings of disappointment, I turned quickly and was greeted by three friends who had seen him, and each was excitedly trying to tell me of the wonders that had taken place. Miserable and disconsolate, I broke away from them without uttering a word, walked out into the night and home.

Too agitated for sleep, the greater part of the night was passed in restless confusion. Assailed by the most illogical thoughts, I decided that the whole thing was a myth, conjured up in a mind weakened as the result of affliction. How utterly ridiculous to allow myself to become upset by such a fairy tale. But no, somehow the thing would not go away, but kept forcing itself upon me, until in desperation I tried to console myself with the assurance that I would at any cost learn the truth or falsity of the whole matter the next day.