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Chapter 8

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

How did you get here? You grew from a minute cell smaller than the point of a pin. Just think! A cell or seed the size of a pin point contained within itself in essence and in entirety, the wonderful being that you are today.

Surely, that cell could not possibly contain the material forms, no matter how infinitesimal they might be, of body, head, hair, arms, legs, hands, feet and all the wonderful organs of the body.

Well, then, how did you arrive at your full stature as you now appear? There is but one logical answer – that cell contained a spark of Mind, the one and only power supreme in man. That spark of mind, true to the law of its own being, held a fixed image or picture of you and you unfolded, grew and eventually out-pictured or become objectified in obedience to that law.

Surely, you cannot reasonably deny that, in the process of nature, you originated in a cell. And you will not deny that you could not be contained bodily in that cell. Therefore, the only conclusion is, that you must have been in that cell mentally.

Should your understanding fail to immediately grasp this truth, your reasoning faculty will readily admit that there is a power at work in that cell unfolding according to a definite plan. So intelligence must be present. Admitting the presence of intelligence, it follows that we must admit of the presence of Mind.

It is necessary at this point to get one fact clearly before you, for it is the fundamental basis from which we proceed, and that clearly is this: that Mind, no matter what form it is apparently contained in, holds images, pictures. And any picture firmly held in any mind, in any form, is bound to come forth.

This is the great, unchanging Universal Law which, when we cooperate with it intelligently, makes us absolute masters of conditions and environment.

Can you not recall instances when you have secretly expressed a desire within yourself for some particular thing or that you might meet a particular person, when shortly, that thing becomes your possession or that person appears, and you might exclaim: “Isn’t it a coincidence? I was thinking of you just this morning!” It is no coincidence at all. Not at all strange. It was the natural outcome of the operation of definite law.

If this be true, why do not all wishes or thoughts appear? Many do, but because of the absence of alertness, due to ignorance of the law, they pass unnoticed. And again, many do not manifest at all. To illustrate this, I can use your knowledge of radio. You attempt to tune in to one station for some delightful music, but because of there being a number of others on the air, your reward is a jumble of confusion. But should you reach that station when others are temporarily off, you get it clearly and your desire is gratified.

The answer to the question is this: It happened that, by chance, those thoughts or desires which appeared arose at just the instant when there were no other conflicting thoughts present to nullify their power, and the mind, instead of being divided among many thoughts, threw its great force in with the one and it became out-pictured or externalized.

You have experienced times when your mind became a complete blank for just a moment and you found yourself staring out into space. If at that instant it were possible to inject any wish, any desire, with sufficient force, nothing upon earth could prevent it from coming forth instantly.

Now, what is the cause of the confusion prevailing in mind which weakens your thoughts? It is the false belief that there is a power or powers outside of you greater than the power within you. If through a system of practice, conditions within you became such that every constructive thought automatically out-pictured, you would be master of all conditions or circumstances that in any way concerned you or affected your life. Would you not?