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Chapter 9

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

The next step in your instructions is this: The consciousness or fixed picture in mind of anything, any condition, any circumstance, is the actual thing itself and what you experience through the five senses is the mental picture out-pictured, or made visible or tangible identically the same as the artist who puts his mental pictures upon the canvas; the hand, in his case, being merely the instrument through which the mind expresses and which is under the guidance and direction of the mind.

Does not medical science agree that the human body undergoes a complete change every eleven months? This means that the cells of which your entire body is composed die and are passed off at such a rate that you do not possess as little as one cell of the body you had a year ago. You remember many years back, do you not? Many happenings or your childhood can be recalled to memory. How can you remember back through those many years when your brain is not yet a year old? Because you are mind. You are not body.

As an individual entity, functioning in an individual sphere, which is true of each one of us, you are all-powerful Mind and your body is the vehicle through which you function. You are master and your body is your servant. It is your instrument of expression. That is all.

Now, which is the real body – the one that remains pictured or imaged forever in mind as long as you exist here, or the one that decays in its entirety and passes into the earth every eleven months? And which are the real things – those things imaged or pictured in mind, or those things seen in the outer and which disintegrate after a short existence?

Right here I do not wish to have you misled into the impression that the outer is of little or no importance in human achievement, but it is only secondary, while a fundamental knowledge of the operation of mind is of primary importance to you at the start.

I wish it were possible to explain, so that you might understand, the process by which a picture in mind becomes objectified, but it would require hours to even make an effort in this direction, and then I might only confuse you. For words are feeble things when one attempts to explain these deeper things of Universal Law. One really must gradually and patiently advance up to and into them to understand. However, it is not necessary to know this in order to use the law any more than it is necessary to know the law by which the sun’s rays are transmitted to earth in order to enjoy them. You have faith in my sincerity of purpose. Very well, place the same amount of faith in the power of this law and anything you undertake will be possible of accomplishment. Let us get on to the next step.