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Chapter 3

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

The following morning, up early and supremely happy and eager for what the day would unfold, I immediately applied for a reservation on the steamer, only to be informed that they had a full passenger list, but as I turned away, almost heartbroken at such an unfortunate turn of events, I was recalled by the clerk with the information that a reservation had just been cancelled and that I might have it. Instantly I felt forcibly struck with the thought that here was more of my friend’s ‘magic,’ as I then called it, and I was not mistaken, for he later admitted that he had made a place for me. Of course, you do not understand how the thing works, Tom. Neither did I, at the time, but I do now, and it is oh, so simple. I believe its simplicity causes it to be overlooked.

“Presently my friend arrived, with servant, and, as usual, being surrounded by attendants eager to be of service and assistance. I clung to him persistently throughout the entire voyage, and he appeared to enjoy my company.

“The first evening out, I visited him in his luxuriously-furnished stateroom, for he has the best of everything wherever he goes, and while explaining the wonderful forces that man in his ignorance has permitted to lie dormant within him, he gave me several demonstrations of the powers that he has developed. He did things that were actually astounding. He asked, ‘Why cannot you do what I do? Why cannot all do as I do? I have no powers that you are not endowed with. Here is my answer. Because of my knowledge of Universal Law, I have developed the God-given powers within me, while you, in your ignorance, have been dissipating and scattering yours. All men use the same power, for in all the universe there is but one power. This is self-evident, as you shall see.’

“Continuing, he said: ‘the great masses of humanity are using the Law destructively, or partially so, and the scales are balanced against them. Here and there, among the masses, we find an occasional outstanding figure who has achieved greatness or success and he is erroneously singled out as lucky or as a genius, when the fact is that he has made use of the Law – whether knowingly or unknowingly, it matters not – at least sufficiently to have the scales balanced in his favor. How plain this is to the one who knows.’

“Before the discovery of the law governing the use of electricity this great force was lying dormant throughout the universe, at least as far as man’s knowledge was concerned. He had first to discover the law before he could turn it to his advantage. Just so with this Universal Law.

“ ‘Happiness is man’s rightful heritage. It is the summum bonum of his aspirations. The very soul of man cries out for happiness, but he misinterprets it in terms of money. Why? Because money is a means to an end. It is the motive power which drives us on in our quest for the ultimate, which is happiness. In the world there cannot be happiness without money. Therefore the occupation of acquiring money is a worthy and commendable one.

“Why should man, the supreme creation of the universe, suffer all sorts of lack, misery and unhappiness when such inferior creatures as the beasts of the field, the birds of the air and the fish of the sea are bountifully supplied. For any man, no matter what his station in life, to take the stand that it is the destiny of man to want for anything that will contribute to his happiness or that of his family is ridiculous.

“Somebody discovers the law governing the use of etheric waves and we have radio. Millions of people are now enjoying its advantages. They tune in to what they want and they get it. There is a great lesson in this, for believe me, you may have anything you want and in abundance, when you learn to tune in with an infinitely greater power than electricity or its vehicle, radio. With a power that you have had from the beginning.

“The captain of this ship could just as easily own it as run it. One position is no more difficult of attainment than the other. He tuned in to the captaincy successfully. Ownership was a little more distant and he did not try for distance. That is all. The actual difference in the two positions is merely the difference in two words. Nothing more, as you shall see very plainly when we get a little further along.’

“Each night, after retiring to my room, I would sit up until early morning reading my notes of the day and preparing questions for the next. He told me that I was very ‘receptive’ because of my eagerness, sincerity and trust, and that it was a pleasure to instruct me. And in gratitude I acknowledged that no price was too high or sacrifice too great in return for such knowledge.

“In answer to my question as to when and how he discovered such a secret, he said, ‘I discovered nothing and to me it is no secret. This knowledge has been in our family as far back as our records go. I use it because I know it to be the easy, certain way of accomplishing a purpose, while you have known only the difficult, uncertain way.’ He seemed never to want to take credit for anything, always claiming that no credit was due him.