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Chapter 5

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

There was nothing for me to do now but settle down as best I could to impatiently waiting and hoping while he immediately plunged into his former occupation, that of operating in the market. Because of his secretiveness we knew little of his affairs, although we met him a few times at the club. On such occasions, none of us seemed to have the courage to question him regarding himself and he talked on every subject but that. However, it was but a short time until his activities reached such proportions that he was compelled to carry on his operations to some extent through a few of his close friends, including myself. It was then that I learned in part the magnitude of them.

Fearing that such successes could not last, I attempted to advise greater caution, warning him that some day his bubble would burst and then where would he be. With a quick turn toward me, and with his characteristic dominant expression, he replied, “Tom, you need have no concern about my welfare. I operate according to definite unerring law. If you want to get the square feet contained in this room, you would get the two dimensions, and following a process laid down by the law of mathematics, you would arrive at a definite result. You would be certain of the success of the process from the beginning. Just so with my work. I know the outcome before I start.” That was the last mention I ever made to him of his affairs and he never referred to them.

There seemed to be no stopping to him, for he went on from one success to another. His perpetual energy and vitality seemed to never lay and the dynamic force with which he seemed to dominate every situation and overwhelm all opposition to his progress was actually superhuman. At the few social gatherings which he attended, his magnetic personality and the mystery with which his name was associated made him the centre of attention.

Because of his desire to avoid notice, I saw little of him for some time and hearing no news of the Master, I had just about become resigned to my fate when one day his secretary telephoned that there was a letter at his office which would interest me. Hurrying over, I was handed a letter, written on the stationery of a prominent hotel and addressed to him, which read: “Detained by important affairs. Regret to have to forego a visit with you this time.” And signed, “Your Friend.”

At last my chance had come. The hotel was my only clue, but it was enough. Hastily getting my three interested associates together, we left, and that evening found us speeding eastward in our quest of the Master and the “secret.” Entering the hotel, upon our arrival, I went direct to the manager and informed him of our mission. He knew immediately and told me that because of the many visitors who were crowding the Master he had departed, leaving no address. He had no further information to give us.

Again I was thoroughly disheartened. Was I ever to learn that “secret?” I really believed that I was not. However, we got a good description of him and decided to continue our search. We separated in order to work more effectively, but our search was without success until the night of the fifth day. I sat alone in the lobby of our hotel that night after my associates had retired, following an hour of argument in an effort to persuade me to return home. I decided that I would not give up. I would continue the search forever, if necessary.

Sitting there in a deserted corner at that hour in the early morning my feelings suddenly changed from utter despondency to joyous elation. Somehow I knew that my search was at an end and while pondering over this I became possessed of a sense of some presence behind me. Immediately, a hand touched my shoulder. I arose, turned, and there before me, I looked into the most magnificent face that I have ever seen. And the eyes! They sparkled like jewels. And a voice said, “Are you looking for me?” I merely answered, “I am,” for I knew it was he.

I will not go into his explanation of the causes which led up to our meeting, but after a long talk, during which he explained that his time was so busily occupied that there was no way in which he could give any instructions; that he was not even receiving visitors during this short visit to this country, but that he would advise me of his next visit, I vehemently exclaimed with all the intensity of my being that I was desperately in need of him; that we had come thousands of miles to learn his wisdom and that I was willing to sacrifice anything for just a little of his knowledge. My desperation and the intensity of my appeal must have aroused his compassion, for he agreed to receive us for instructions the following morning at his apartment.