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Chapter 12

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

Before I explain the value of Secretiveness, I will have to change from our subject at hand for a while.

When you declare “I am,” “I will,” “I did,” you are making a most mighty and profound utterance. There are very few who realize the power released when the “I” is expressed. Hear the great proclamation, “I AM THAT I AM,” from the lips of the Prophet, which has lived and rung out down the ages and which, when understood, unites each one with that impersonal, universal power.

The body you have is personal, but the “I” you express is universal, for in all the universe there is but one “I,” as in all the universe there is but one figure “1.” The other figure “7,” for instance, is the “1” repeated so many times. It is the understanding of those in my work that the “I” is the root from which the figure “1” has sprung.

From what I have said, you should be able to see this: That when you work in the “me” consciousness (Outer mind), you are working from the personal, limited standpoint. When you work in the “I” consciousness (Inner mind), you invoke and receive the help of the impersonal, unlimited resources of the universe. Well, you ask, How am I to arrive at this state? Easily, I will say. For by merely following the system of practice that I am outlining, you naturally gravitate into it unknowingly.

Now listen attentively: If there is but one “I” and you cannot express yourself without using it, it follows that as far as you individually are concerned, there must be but one “you.” You do not get this clearly? Well, did you ever apply the pronoun “I” to any other human being? Of course you did not. You could not. You might say “he,” “she,” “they,” “you,” “we,” but never “I.” For there is but one “I” and that is you. And I say there is but one “you.” Yes, applied individually, there is but one “you.” We will suppose that through a slight accident, you were to be rendered unconscious for five minutes. During that period, the world would cease to exist. It would be absolutely wiped out. But, you will say, it would go on just the same. Yes, but without your consciousness of it, it is not; it is non-existent. Proving that there is but one You.

Since the great and mighty “I” is, when expressed individually, none other than yourself, you can see what power you have at your command. You can see what a wonderful being you are. You can see that you are now a master, not yet developed perhaps, but the qualities are there awaiting unfoldment and use.

If you do not clearly understand what I have just given, pass it by for this time and let us go on to the next. You can later reason it out for yourself and see the truth of it.

You might question the value of such detailed explanation, but I have a purpose and that purpose is to force you to think, to think deeply, with intensity. Right here I would not have you confuse the word intensity with tenseness. Tenseness implies mental strain and arises out of fear and anxiety. It is destructive to both mind and body. My use of intensity here suggests mental force or power and its results are constructive.

You know thus far that progress depends upon the degree of sustained intensity in a given direction. And you know that progress is very rapid these days. We must travel as rapidly as the world or give up, and when we give up we immediately begin to retrograde. To enjoy enduring success we should travel a little in advance of the world.

The persistent inner urge in the mind to reach an objective more speedily, eventually crystallized and out-pictured itself in the form of an automobile, which was the first big step in fast transportation for general use. But since if it is the nature of Mind to forever reach out for greater achievement, the airplane came into being in obedience to the mind of man to find a way faster and not subject to the obstacles incident to automobile travel. And thus Mind moves and thus it will move forever.

Open your eyes and look about you. Cannot you discern the trend? Mind is forever reaching out and has not stopped at the airplane as a rapid mode of travel. I hesitate to tell you what the next great step in this direction will be, but I will tell you this: Mind is so rapidly coming into its own, that in the not too distant future, the man who knows the law and uses it will be supreme and the ignorant one who refuses to see this will just remain in bondage to his false beliefs. How important, then, to learn the law of thinking things through rather than follow the time-worn method of attempting to force them through. One is mastery and the other slavery.

Returning to the subject, the value of secretiveness lies in the fact that, being impersonal and universal, the “I” throws its power in with whatever words it is coupled, and when your plans are expressed in words verbally, they become realized and their force is spent. The Outer mind has found a way of escape and your purpose has lost its necessary momentum.