Joy Philosophy - Elizabeth Towne

Joy Philosophy

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Intelligence is not confined in bodies or brains - it fills the universe.

All this space between us is pure intelligence in which we live and move, and through which we think.

But we are conscious only of that small portion of our intelligence represented by our bodies. This great sea of intelligence is infinitely the larger part of us, but it acts subconsciously, or super-consciously.

Joy Philosophy was written to help awaken your faith in the fuller intelligence that works subconsciously in all of us and to help arouse the joy of living in consciousness with your Limitless Self.

It provides a message of hope and upliftment and teaches that resisting life only cuts off your real life.



1. Introduction

2. A Good Morning In Two Worlds

3. The Present Tense

4. A Mush Or A Man—Which?

5. The Center Of Light

6. The Law Of Being

7. How It Works

8. Good Circulation

9. Low Living

10. The Limitless Self

11. Ideals

12. “I Can And I Will”

13. Desire The Creator

14. Desire And Duty

15. God And Devil

16. Let Us Play

17. The Old-Clothes Man