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Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

The value of mental suggestion as regards the subconscious effect was explained in a preceding chapter. The effect produced is not to make you believe you are different from what you are, but to educate your subconscious mind, which now is what has heretofore been suggested to it through sight, hearing and associations, and thereby make you different from what you are. It is a question of being, not believing.

We will take the element of courage in illustrating the actual method of autosuggestion. Let us suppose you are deficient in courage. There are no absolutely fearless people, so do not be ashamed to acknowledge your defect. A man may say he fears nothing, yet smiles when he does not feel like smiling, because some one smiled at him, fearing his or her displeasure; or rushes pell-mell in wild confusion at the simple request for a business paper from an employer, or trembles at his frown.

Say to yourself, "I have courage, I am fearless, I must have courage, I fear nothing." Repeat it constantly while not otherwise engaged.

Think of it just before going to sleep at night. This is important. The thought will rest in your subconsciousness, while your positive mind, which never sleeps, is roaming around the world. Repeat it the very first conscious moment after awakening. Continue it now and then during the day. The effect of self-suggestion is illustrated every day.

A little boy ran laughing into the house and said, "There is a bear outdoors," and went out again. This was repeated several times until at last he was afraid to go out. He did not believe there was a bear outdoors, but the constant inciting of the element of fear brought him into touch with the great body of fear and engendered fear in him, totally without cause and due entirely to his own suggestions.

In the same family a little girl lived who was afraid to retire alone at night. One evening she had company, a much younger girl, and the two forgot their fear in their talking and went to their room alone. The next day she said, "I am not afraid to go alone to bed," in a decisive tone. From that time on her fears gradually left her until she became almost fearless instead of the timid little one of the past.

Suggestions may be verbal or caused by any outside agency and be for one's welfare or injury. Let them cover every defect in your mind. Make your own forms to cover each case.

Suppose your highest aim in life is to secure a good position. Let us make an illustration of supposing that you are a farmer's hired man, without money, education or friends, placed in a position where you never meet business men, and, worse than all, imbued with the idea that a position of, say, bookkeeper is beyond you, impossible for you to attain. The first thing to be done is to overcome the thought of failure, the idea that it is beyond you. Think of it often, let the idea sink into your mind, grow accustomed to it, see yourself in such a position, and gradually the thought that you can be something and do something will take possession of you. Never mind how it is to be accomplished - ways and means will be found.

Do your present work, humble as it may be, as well as you can, and give it your whole attention. It will grow less irksome and a certain pleasure will be derived from it. Soon an opportunity to secure work in a wholesale store or something similar will come your way, probably as porter or teamster, and more than likely through your own exertions. Now keep on doing each task as well as you possibly can, giving no thought to the future. But you say, "I cannot help being worried over the future"; then repeat to yourself, "I shall never worry over anything, nothing will burden me." Make your own suggestions covering any point in which you feel you are deficient.

Tell no one of your aspirations.

Then study bookkeeping at home. Do not get in a hurry about it; study it carefully, quietly at home. An opening will eventually come. Your past record of faithful service will prove a boon to you now. Make an application in a manly, straightforward way. If you feel faint-hearted about it, say to yourself, as before suggested, "Confidence, I must have confidence." If this opportunity is missed, keep up the suggestions until you feel confident. It will come and the desired position with it.

This principle is applicable to any walk in life. The bookkeeper who aspires to be owner can employ it as successfully as the farm hand who aspires to be a bookkeeper.

Suppose, again, you are a merchant whose business is poor, your shelves full of shopworn goods, your soul full of rancor and ill will. Just reverse your thought, stop talking and thinking of others' faults, the trouble is in yourself. Develop good will to all. See yourself in imagination as successful. Gradually your face will beam with good will and ideas for pushing your business will come to you. Your customers will enjoy dropping in, others will come and stay, and success will follow. So with any position or occupation. Be the man. Build yourself into a man and results will take care of themselves.

Never say, "die." Once the seed is planted, your progress must continue. Each strong, clean thought brings you nearer the goal. When you have brought your mind into a condition of calmness thoughts will come to you, ideas will suggest themselves (for thoughts come from without, you never generate important ideas yourself then you have accumulated strength that enables you to carry out the suggestion to a successful conclusion.