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Methods Of Procedure

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly


This study of the condition of the mind enables one to determine in what particular element he may be lacking, to know himself. Knowing his weak points, he can develop them and round out the mind into a harmonious whole.

It is the projection of thought inward instead of outward, and may be developed by fixing on some weakness of which you may be aware, then developing that element and watching the effect of your changed mind.

This gives you an insight into an unknown world. It enables you to find some other weakness. Then develop that. Continue until a harmonious whole is produced, when a new world, the world of mind, is opened to you.

A man's actions under any set of circumstances can be clearly outlined by his facial expression, gait and bearing. Human nature becomes an open book; your friends a most fascinating study.

The endless pursuit of money and pleasure gives way to a happy contentment. Your soul is satisfied.

From this one reaches up and on seeking the Infinite Life. The whole man, both soul and body, becomes thrilled with It.

You realize the oneness of all and know you will always have enough and to spare.

A young man in our employ said to me, "I cannot hold my position under that superintendent any longer. He is gruff and surly and insults me."

I said, "Young man, go to your office and concentrate on your work and learn to put forth more energy and tell the truth."

(It was the exact trouble, as Mr. Roth, our superintendent, afterwards told me.)

He immediately informed me that he was an ideal man, worked exceedingly hard and had never told a falsehood in his life.

We let him go.

What can be done for such people? Blind to their own faults, they see their reflection in every one else, and it is always the other fellow who is in the wrong.

If you are not in harmony with your surroundings, look inside, not outside, for the cause.

Every characteristic of a man is written on his face; is shown by his bearing and his gait.

Liars art all cowards