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The Law Of Vibration

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

As has been previously suggested the subconscious mind is capable of receiving impressions from the Source of Wisdom, and if it were not so harassed by restrictions placed upon it by the parents and by the conscious mind, it would be controlled in every action by the Vital Force of Life.

This Force of Life keeps in motion thought vibrations at all times, and the minds in unison with it can feel a joyous ecstasy which, entering the inner mind, sends a glow of health and strength through the whole being, both spirit and body, producing happiness for the present and confidence in the future.

This Force through the power of thought vibrations leads the individual into the pursuit for which his peculiar composition fits him.

The longing one may have for a certain pursuit is this force acting on him, trying to bring him to his work; but the positive mind says, "It is too grand for me," or "I can never do it," instead of leaning on the guiding hand and being led.

This being led is no small affair. It's easy to say, like our good old Methodist mothers, "He leadeth me," but that is as though we had a ring in our nose and were led by a string attached thereto. Being led means that we follow our inclinations, not repress them; that we choose the occupation we love, watch for the guiding voice within ourselves. Its manifestation comes not through a burning bush but through inclinations to do this or that; by feeling that one thing will not do even though it looks to be best, and by cultivating that guiding intuition with sufficient courage to act on its suggestions and wisdom enough to avoid pernicious activity; by letting events shape themselves and not trying to set the old Hudson river on fire, and yet holding that happy enthusiasm which leads us to be still and do things.

Work, concentrative work, and watchful interest in our own inner guide will do things for us.

We often feel like doing some particular thing but cannot tell why, and it always proves to be the proper thing for us to do.

The deficiency of any element could be instantly supplied if the soul were brought at once into accord with this thought force. Many so called educated people, having confined their subconscious mind to the impressions given to them by teachers and textbooks and none to their own inner suggestions, have built up a character so positive that wisdom cannot enter their subconsciousness. They are learned know what wise men, who received their impressions or thoughts in this way, have told them - but have little wisdom.