How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality - Brown Landone

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We all have desires and dreams.

But few of us make them materialize in our lives the way we would like.

In his masterful work, How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality, author Brown Landone reveals the secrets to making your dreams come true.

He teaches the simple process of bringing your heart's desire into manifestation with the certainty of always being able to do so.

Brown Landone also shows you:

  • How it takes just five minutes a day to make you super efficient
  • How to change a weak will into a strong will
  • How to form an ideal which will come true

In short, How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality provides you with everything you need to know and do to achieve your ideal or vision



1. Preface -The Man Who Worked Out The Process

2. What Desires Can You Make Come True?

3. Can You, Yourself, Make Your Ideals Become Realities

4. What Compactness Of Matter Gives To Your Ideals

5. What Attractive Energy Of Matter Gives To Your Desires

6. What Movement In Matter Gives To The Body Of Your Desire

7. The Only Three Activities Necessary

8. To Attain Your Desires, All Three Must Be Used

9. How To Form An Ideal That Will Come True

10. Firing The Heart-Desire Of Your Ideal

11. Giving A Body Of Etheric Substance To Your Ideal

12. Giving Your Ideal The Impulse Of Action To Make It Real

13. The Process That Makes Ideals Come True

14. The Act Of Making The Reality Yours

15. Where To Center Your Effort

16. Idealized Things Make Fortunes

17. A Billion Dollars By Idealizing The Movement Of Things

18. Building Up A Successful Business

19. Five Minutes Idealizing A Day Makes You Super-Efficient

20. Turning Desires For Sales Into Actual Sales

21. Land Values Increase 400% In Four Days

22. Valueless Wet Lands Made Profitable By Idealization

23. Obtaining In Reality The Ideal Position You Desire

24. Advancement Depends Upon Idealizing Its Process

25. Making A Solid Ankle Joint Flexible And Usable

26. Healing A Dying Man Of Cancer Of The Stomach

27. Curing The Aftermath Of Forty Years Of Repression

28. Preventing Mistakes In Thinking

29. Overcoming Forgetfulness -Idealizing Remembering

30. Changing Weak Wills To Strong Wills

31. Normal Means Of Attaining Spiritual Consciousness