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Ensure Your Dream Life With The Law Of Attraction

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Using The Law Of Attraction To Create The Life You Desire

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

In this chapter, you’ll discover how to apply the law of attraction in your communication. We will also talk about the mistakes that people make when they communicate. You’ll also learn how to harness the attractor factor.

Seven Laws Of Attraction

Here are seven laws which ultimately equate to one law - The law of attraction.

  • The Manifestation Law: Whatever you think and how much energy you spend on those thoughts will manifest into reality. You create your reality through your own thoughts. If you want to succeed, then you have to think intensely about success, and it will be yours. At the same time, if you think hard of failure, then failure will come your way. So you have to be careful with your wish. It will happen if you concentrate on it hard enough.

  • Unwavering Desire Law: If you feel that you are the right person to get what you want, then with pure heart and complete concentration, you should wish to have it. This unwavering desire will send vibrations to the universe and you will receive what is yours. You should not fear or have any doubts, because that may hold you back.

  • Delicate Balance Law: Do not be desperate under any circumstances, as you know that desperation is actually a negative emotion. It will send wrong signals. You must always balance between your dream life and the present. You should not center your desires only towards the goal and neglect everything else. This will not help you. Be content with what you have for the present while holding on to your dreams.

  • The Magnetism Law: According to science, ‘opposite poles attract each other and like poles repel’. But this is not so in the case of law of attraction. Whatever type of energy we emit is the same energy that we attract. The energy may be positive or negative.

  • Synchronization Law: The Universe has offered us many things and it is in our hands to utilize them properly. You are a part of the whole and not the whole itself. So bear in mind that you have to be in harmony with the ‘Giver’ and not go against him. This is synchronization.

  • Universal Influence Law: You cannot take anything for granted. The most harmless deed can have its influence. Since all human beings are connected, what one does affects the other. Since you are glowing with energy and it vibrates, this vibration is carried out. Others follow it and pick it up.

  • Conscientious Action Law: This law says that as you sow, so shall you reap. You have to be dignified in your action and only this will bring in plenty of rewards.

Live your life harmonizing the Seven Laws of Attraction. Always think and feel positively, and purposefully. You will attract only the best things. Success and felicity will be yours.

Secrets Of The Law Of Attraction And Its Uses

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

If you are curious and suspicious about anything, you will discover the mystery around you. You’ll soon be able to learn about the layers of the cosmic laws and will be able to use the law of attraction to get what you desire.

As you know, everything in this universe has some mystery and magic about it. The Law of attraction is no exception. Now let us explore the secrets of the law of attraction.

  • Think: The secrets to right thinking are why, when, how, and how long to think. You should also think in a way that will maximize your thinking power and make the thoughts powerful.

  • Write Down Your Thoughts: It is very important that you always write down your thoughts. Writing down your thoughts is a good way of communicating with the universe. Writing down means you are communicating with your inner mind.

  • Let It Go: This is rather a contradiction to controlling the law of attraction. You have to let it go but you have to keep it steadily in your mind. Letting go means that you have to stop feeling desperate about it, but it does not mean that you lose faith and vision of your desires. Feeling desperate to achieve it will not take you anywhere. So think of it, write it down and then let it go not out of your mind, but out of your thoughts.

The law of attraction is like a fruit. When you peel the skin you will see the flesh of the fruit. But to know what the fruit actually contains deep inside it, you will also have to dive deep to find out what the heart of the seed contains. Just peeling off the skin and eating the flesh will not do the trick.

Every one of us dreams in our sleep and Freud says that all dreams are our wishes. A dream accompanied with dedication and persevering plan to act will only prove to bring “fruits” in your life.

The law of attraction can be generative if made out as the law of action. It is Karma which means that every action you take leads to another action to be taken. This is the universal law of cause and effect.

First, you may want to spend time seeing those things in your environment. The more you allow yourself to see and acknowledge those things as being present, the more space you allow for them to come into your life.

The second step is to be aware that the mere fact that you dream means that you have already begun to create. The more you believe your dreams and back them up with your purpose, the firmer they become. The law of attraction reacts to those dreams and the feelings which you have towards them. The law consents to this as truth and then manifests it into physical form.

Communication And The Law Of Attraction

Communication gets you connected with others. But most of us make many mistakes when we communicate. Here are a few guidelines for effective communication:

Think And Talk: Nobody can talk without thinking. Communication without thinking always finds linked emotions. This kind of conversation without thinking leads to misunderstanding. So from now onwards pause to think and then speak out. Just ponder what you should say for a second and then respond. This will surely decrease your chance of misunderstanding.

Convey Your Message Clearly: Always think of the words which you would like to use before you speak. Many people cannot communicate their thoughts clearly. This only leads to misunderstanding and hence results in the failure of the purpose of communication. If you feel that what you said is not clear, then you can rephrase and speak out. Once you rephrase your communication, all the misunderstandings will be cleared.

Don’t Talk Of The Things That You Are Not Certain About: When you talk about other people, unless and until you are certain about the truth of the fact do not indulge in telling it. You should always avoid gossips. Gossiping is only a waste of time and does not give fruitful results. Talk about those topics which will lead to your path of achievement. So do not waste your time by talking of things of which you are uncertain.

Don’t Use Offensive Words: You should avoid swearing. Actually swearing is sort of dirty and this pollutes our minds as well as others’ minds. It will taint your image. So avoid swearing even if you feel your situation excuses it.

Don’t Talk About Yourself: Self-praise is a pit. So do not dig one for yourself. Your communicating partner will get bored if you keep on talking about yourself and your family. This kind of communication is considered impolite.

Don’t Avoid Eye Contact: Whenever you are talking, look into your partner’s eyes. This will allow you to express your sincerity. If you know that you have nothing to hide from him, why avoid eye contact? If you look somewhere else when reply to the queries of your communicating partner, that is considered impolite.

Show Politeness In Your Manners: Show manners when you speak out. Be polite and decent to people. Talk to them politely and greet them. If you are polite and possess good manners then you will be loved by others.

Imagine that you are a good communicating partner. Think that you are a person with whom people like to talk. Imagine the feelings of pleasing conversation and communication in your mental perceptions. Later on after some time you will be more confident. Your subconscious mind will provide more worthy circumstances that permit you to amend your communication skills harmonizing to the law of attraction.

How Do You Attract The Master Factor?

Whenever you give out your money, no matter what the purpose is, always bless it. You have to bless the money which you give to others and wish that this money given by you will make a difference in their lives. Also ask the Divine to return the money to you in a multiplicative factor.

This is a crucial habit if you desire to attract money. In the world of the law of attraction actions and emotions have more power and they speak more loudly than static pictures.

The law of attraction is such that once you know of its existence, you want to master it. But the actual fact is that you are already a master of the law. Whatever you have in your life now is the result of attraction. Now the important issue is not how to master the attractor factor, but you should be able to master it so that you attract whatever you desire.

The law of attraction has existed since time immemorial. The law has been working in your life since your earliest moments. The law is standard and it cannot change. The only variable factor in the law is you. So make sure that you change to utilize the law in your life. The more you change, the more you will get the things into your life which you want.

Things in your life will start changing only if you begin to change. The notion that the law will attract things in your life when you know about the law is only a fairy tale. Things will change only if you change. If you want to become rich then you should visualize that you are already rich.

The truth is that the law of attraction focuses on you. There are no alibis. You attract what you are. Once you truly understand this you will come to know that the only means for you to dominate the law of attraction is that you have to master yourself.

Elaborate your consciousness and envision intensely during your day-to-day meditations of attracting more things in your life. Successful people make it their rite to ponder and see, and they are aware that the electro-magnetism ability of the universe will recognize and satisfy their petition.

The posture of mind inevitably depends upon what we think. Hence, the secret of all ability, all accomplishment and all ownership depends on our method of thinking. The actual secret of all abilities depends on what we think. If we are able to think about it, then we can make it a reality. If you want to achieve the goals you want in life, you must know how to enforce it in a convinced manner in your life.

One of the most crucial things that you must realize is that enforcing the law of attraction in your life requires action on your part also. If you keep this in mind, you will achieve all that you desire to have in your life.