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Ensure Your Dream Life With The Law Of Attraction

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Marketing To Prospects Through The Law Of Attraction

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

As most of you must know, marketing is a tough job; and if you have a competitive product, it makes your job even harder. It may happen that you have put in a hard day’s work, you have met many customers, but still you may have not been able to sell a single product. Don’t worry, I am here to tell you how to increase your sales and turn your prospects into clients.

Using the Law of Attraction to Attract Your Prospects

In order to understand how the law of attraction works, you will have to initially answer the following questions. They are:

What Is Blocking Me From Attaining What I Want?

Answer this question and try to find the cause for your slow progress in attracting your prospects. This will bring about a change in you; this change will help you reason out the causes. Then analyze the causes one by one if you feel that there are many reasons.

Who Should I Model To Attract What I Want?

Just think of the people who are successful and try to imitate them. Imagine yourself in their shoes and try to do what they are doing. Change your established customs, characteristics and lifestyle so that you also develop yourself and attract what you want. As soon as you come to know your habits, characteristics and lifestyle that require a change, then start working on them immediately.

You have to be willing to give up certain things in order to attract what you want: Yes, it is true that if you want to get something, then you may have to give up other aspects. Try to figure out what are the things that you are ready to sacrifice. If you are not able to give up some things, then you may have to change what you want.

Focusing is the most important step that has to be applied in order to make the law of attraction work for you. You can have hundreds of thoughts in one minute and on different subjects. This scatters your thoughts and you’re not able to focus on one subject continuously. So you can see how important it is to focus your thoughts.

You will have to give up your negative thoughts and have only positive thoughts. The law of attraction is determined by the strength of firm focus and opinions applied with a clear image. Weak thinking will not draw in what you hope for. As the day passes, several things that can take up your energy and focus may distract you. Even though you may have the best of intentions, they will not work due to the frustration from your job and your problems.

One of the basic ways to have an affirmative thought is to be clear as to what you want. Nobody wants or even has the time to know what you are thinking. You should hold your thoughts beyond all your frustrations and problems. Only this will bring your desires to you in the future.

The stronger your power is to accommodate your desire in your mind, as well as in your consciousness, the stronger it becomes over time. Only a few people can really bring forth the right strength of thought, and that is the reason why most people fail in their endeavor to get what they want.

The skill of attracting cannot be learned in a day. It has to be practiced along with other techniques to bring forth intense power to attract something to you.

Increase Your Marketing Ability Through The Law Of Attraction

Even great men fall. This saying is true and it applies to everyone on earth. Marketing executives are no exceptions. Sometimes you may try very hard to sell your product or service, but you are not able to do it.

Just ask yourself how many times you have done the following:

- Asked for referrals from your present clients on a steady basis.

- Asked your different business network contacts if they know anyone else who would derive benefits from your products or services.

- Ask present clients if they want any of your merchandise or services.

- Ask present customers if they’re interested in your new product.

If you spend some time asking them, then it will become easier for you to achieve your goals. But if you’re not successful, the possibility may be that:

- You have not tried to convert your prospects to customers.

- Your interaction with your last customer was not positive.

- You don’t believe in asking.

- You wait for your prospect to call you if they need you.

- You believe that your customers are aware of your products and they will call you if they need you.

The market is changing at lightning speed; you cannot just be assured that your prospects will be your future customers. You have to work smart to convert your prospects to customers. If you have added any items to your product line then it is possible that your customers might not know of that. It is your duty to inform them of the new additions.

Your power to step up your sales is directly proportional to your ability to evaluate and ameliorate your sales skills. Just apply the tips given above and start to improve your marketing skills. You have to be open with your customers and listen to the results.

Below are 7 steps which you should follow to boost your marketing ability:

Recognize The Attraction Factor In Business: If you want to use the law of attraction then you should realize that the law is already working for you in your business. You may not notice it, but you will realize it when you have a closer look at the sales figures.

Make Your Goals Clear: Set goals that are timely, specific and measurable. They have to be attainable and realistic. Suppose you want a sale to the tune of $10,000 every month. Think that you have already achieved this target, so that you become enthusiastic about it. This excitement will send out convinced ideas to the universe and the law will start working for you.

Repeat Your Visualization: You have to spend at least 10 minutes every day in the morning visualizing. This means that you will have to see yourself in a position where you would like to be.

Act: You have to take action to achieve your goals. You cannot wait for the law to act by only visualizing. You also have to take action so that you can reach your target.

Maintain The Attraction: The law of attraction exists in every walk of life. You have to know this fact. Envision your goals and maintain positive thoughts and feelings for the whole day.

Share It: Share your goals with those who will support you to attain your desire. They can be your customers, family or even friends.

Repeat The Exercise Above Every Day: The power of the law works only if you repeat and practice this exercise consistently.

Tips To Increase Sales Using The Law Of Attraction

Increasing your sales does not mean that you are going to make other people buy against their will. You have to attract the appropriate people who would like to buy your products.

To attract something, such as a large number of sales, you have to undergo a process from "wanting" it, to a “feeling” that you have it already. A specific vibration to feeling works faster than you can realize. Response is appropriate to will.

Now you have to imagine that you have achieved the sales target with emotion. Simple visualization without emotion will not work. It does not attract anything. You have to keep on charging your emotions to make the law of attraction work for you.

Sense the sale. Visualize precisely how you want your sale to happen. Your total attention should be to feel the sale taking place in the present. Try to make it feel as intense and real as possible.

Think of the transaction on every receptive level of your body. Whatever sound, sights, or even smell you generate will help you realize your goals. This will help you fine tune your vibrations and you will be able to attract what you want.

Below are ten tips to utilize that vibration in you so that you can feel and live in the present. This vibration will help increase your sales.

You Want It But You Don’t Need It: You must show feeling for your present situation. Allow more of this feeling to get into your life by training yourself to have a spirit of happiness and acceptance.

Want With Repose And Relief: Think of the divergence between ability and drive. Substitute haste with forbearance.

Always Move Towards Something Better: Imagine the end result, but permit the cosmos to cipher out how.

Be Glad Without Having It Yet: You can be glad while still wanting some things to improve in your life. Relish happiness in the present.

Believe And Yield: Trust in a more eminent power and in one who knows what you want and what is best for you. Yield to this eminent power.

Know The Reason For Wanting It: Ask yourself the question: what is the reason for wanting it?

Research Your Reasons: The more gains and causes you can visualize in detail, the more you will demonstrate your desire.

Make Small Steps: Any step that you take forward gets you closer to what you want. Determined actions contribute to massive results.

Exert Patience: Success is the fruition of a suitable idea. Prevent yourself from running against time, and live in the present.

Conceive - You Deserve It: You deserve what you need. Discover and reject any limiting beliefs. Recall that you can potently produce what you want.

Earn More By Visualizing Your Success In Marketing

Have you ever imagined yourself with friends or family, at a place where you would like to be with them? Have you ever imagined yourself on a beach lying on your back and relaxing? This is called daydreaming. It is also called visualizing.

Visualize Your Goals

Put into practice the method adopted from the Harvard Business School. The graduates of this school were asked to visualize their success. Students who had clear goals made ten times more money than those who had no clear goals. You can use this strategy and direct your daydreams into reality.

Produce a bright icon in your mind of what achievement means to you. Answer the following questions:

- What you want to do with your time?

- Who do you want as your clients and customers?

- How many clients and customers do you want to have?

- How much money do you want to make?

- How much would you like to give to your favorite charities?

- What kind of lifestyle do you want?