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Ensure Your Dream Life With The Law Of Attraction

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Amass Wealth By The Law Of Attraction

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

The second chapter of this book tells you how to be rich through the law of Attraction. The procedures are very simple, yet highly effective.

How Do You Make More Money Using The Law Of Attraction?

If you want to make more money, then you have to closely follow the method which I will tell you now. If you have watched the movie “The Secret”, you will have heard of a method called a self-written check. A self-written check is one in which you will write your own name on the ‘pay to’ line and with the amount of money you desire. Now let us discuss the step-by-step method which will result in making more money or the amount of money that you desire.

Determine The Sum Of Money You Desire: Just remember the equation that “thought + emotion = attraction.” Keep in mind the formula and write down the amount of money desired by you, on a check, and look at it every day. Make the amount on the check exciting so that the law of attraction works in a better way for you. If your desire and excitement are strong enough, you will get the money faster and with more ease.

Pen The Check: The second step is to write the check. Fill in a blank check with the amount of money you desire. Write your name and fill in the date when you want to receive the money. Make the whole situation as real as you can possibly make it.

Keep On Looking At The Check For As Long As Possible Until You Get The Money You Desire: Keep the check clean and in a place where you can see it whenever you want to see it. Handle the check with care. I would advise you to keep the check in your work place so that you can look at it whenever you want to look at it.

Now make use of this simple method of self-written check and make the law of attraction work for you. You will make the sum of money that you desire.

If you want to make more money by using the law of attraction then you need to center your emotion, thought and visualization in that direction. Be specific with your requirements, as the law of attraction will work faster only when you know what you want in particular. For example, you want to go on a holiday. Think that you are already on your day off and in the place where you want to be. Imagine that you are having fun with your family and friends at the spot where you wanted to be.

But remember that thinking about what you want is not enough. You have to feel the emotion that you will get when you have what you desire. Get into the feeling deep down and indulge yourself in your imagination. Feel the same way you would feel when you have the money. You have to imagine that your bank balance is showing the amount of money you desired. See that this thought comes to you regularly, consciously or unconsciously.

Improve Your Financial Position Using The Law Of Attraction

The most powerful way to unleash your millionaire mind and to invoke the Law of Attraction is by being grateful. Gratitude is a very powerful feeling which can do wonders. Now I shall reveal 3 keys which can open the locks of your financial success.

A Well-Defined Objective: Have a clear objective of actually how much you want in numerical terms. If you are going in for investments, then have in your mind the percentage of returns you are looking for. It can be 5%, 10% or even 25%. The only thing is that you must have a realistic ‘rate of return’ objective. This will assist you to focus on the objective, and you can plan accordingly. You take decisions to achieve the target.

Your Mental Attitude Should Be Positive: Always have a positive attitude on whatever you do. Always be positive in whatever target you want to reach in your financial holdings. Think and start living in that environment of achievement. Draw your plans accordingly. This will give you peace of mind and your attitude will automatically be positive.

Plan Your Goal: Planning is the most crucial part of your achievements. You can accomplish only if you have well-charted plans. Without plans, you will be lost in an unknown place, from which you will have no way out. Investments without plans will take you nowhere. So always have ideal and realistic plans before venturing.

Some people believe that using the power of positive thinking will surely manifest cash. Even though they are not completely wrong, the positive attitude is just one step in the correct way. Bear in mind that positive thinking alone, or the law of attraction alone, will not help you improve your financial position.

Your positive attitude along with the law of attraction is only a tool. You have to make use of the tool to manifest the conditions that will make you wealthy. The tool will not create the wealth itself, but it will help you achieve your goal.

The thought that you have is the origin of your asset and it assists in making things happen. Your thoughts directly shape your power to attract wealth. You must be aware of your thoughts. Only healthy awareness will bring about the change that you want.

You must have choice and decision linked with a firm dedication to act. Change yourself to be aware of the effect of your thoughts. Finally, your habits will determine your wealthy lifestyle, which in turn will help you to improve your financial position.

How Do You Make Money From Nothing Through The Law Of Attraction?

There is a skill to establishing money. When you realize the essence of money at its finer, smaller-than-atomic level, you will understand that you are never hapless. It does not take wealth to create wealth.

You must start to see money opportunities everywhere. You should become aware as to how money moves from one hand to another. Once you understand this, you will become confident and more skilled to attract money towards you. This does not require any technical education on your part. You need not invest large amounts of money.

Here are some basic steps to help you make money from nothing:

The first step is that you must center your thoughts on money. Imagine that money is your friend. Love money as you would love your friend. However, do not be greedy for money. Because greed will result only in tension and nothing else. Form a healthy love for money. Try to meditate on money for at least thirty minutes every day. Visualize actual money in your hands. Imagine that you have more money and you are living a happy life.

The second step is to wipe out debts. You will have to see that all your bills and the debts that you owe are paid promptly. Once you are relieved of the bill tensions, you can center your thoughts on making money in abundance.

The next step is to chart out your monthly income and expenditures. Prepare a budget that you can handle. This way you can cut all your unnecessary expenditures.

The fourth step is to reduce your unnecessary expenditures. For example, you make a list before you go to a shop to buy things. This will help you buy only those things that you want, and you can keep your hands away from unwanted things.

Try to step up your income. You can achieve this by either working for more hours at your present job, or by taking up extra work. You can also try your hand at making multiple streams of income.

Since you have cut down your unnecessary expenses and raised your income, now you can save your money. Try to save as much as possible every month.

The final step is to be thankful. Look at the money you have and be thankful that you have at least this much. This will help you to expand your views.

The steps mentioned above are just the principles that you can adopt to make more money. You should have continued dedication and perseverance. This will help you harness the law of attraction. You can slowly increase your money, and success and abundance will follow automatically.

Raise Your Money Vibrations By Using The Law Of Attraction

Whatever you attract into your life will be pulled towards you because of the law of attraction. When you think or feel, some vibrations are given off from your body. Your vibrations may be positive or negative. When your thoughts are happy, your vibrations are positive. But when your thoughts are sad, your vibrations are negative.

The vibration of your thoughts can be used to make money. Vibrations will determine how fast and how well you can manifest what you need. The feeling inside you is always changing. You can use this vibration to your advantage to unleash the law of attraction.

The key to success is your high vibration. A feeling of fear engulfs you when you know that you have not paid your bills. This will lower your vibrations. And you will not be able to manifest what you want when your vibration is low. The lower your vibration, the lower will be your ability to think positively. If you want to make the law of attraction work for you, then you have to raise your vibration and maintain it at a high level.

Now I shall give you some tips to increase your vibration. The tips are as follows:

You Have To Visualize About The Things You Want In Your Life Every Day. Every morning spend at least 10 minutes imagining what you want in life. This will really work wonders for you. Make this a habit. This will increase your visualization capacity. This increased capacity of visualization in you will help you to attract things towards you at a faster pace. If you are able to add your emotion to your visualization, you will get the things you want faster.

Pay More Attention To Your Emotions. Just keep track of when your emotion falls and when it rises. If you are able to know this, you can easily and quickly fix your energy level. If your vibration falls only a bit, you can easily increase it. But if your energy level falls significantly, then it will be very difficult for you to bring it up.

Music Also Affects Your Vibration. Change the type of music that you listen to. Only listen to those types of music which will help you to increase your vibrations. Discover the music that produces the palpitation inside you, which is in conjunction with what you are attempting to pull to yourself.

Vibrations also depend on the food which we take in every day. Fast food, which is very heavy, does not create high vibrations. Vegetarian meals help you to maintain higher vibrations. The water that you drink can create vibration. Just charge the water that you are drinking with some intention. This charge will increase your vibration. Charging your drinking water can be done by saying a prayer. After you practice this with your drinking water, try it with the food you eat. This will charge you with positive vibrations.