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The Law Of Attraction For Success


Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

In this chapter I am going to tell you about success. What is success? How can you achieve it? Why do you need to succeed at all? How can you make use of the law of attraction to be successful? I shall also discuss the seven spiritual laws of success.

What Is Success?

The most important thing that you have to understand is that no one can tell you what success is for you. You cannot chase success and run after it. Success has to come to you. You have to wait patiently for it. You cannot succeed in a hurry. If you try to succeed according to other people’s definition then it is sure that you will land in trouble. Even if you reach success you will see that the definition given by other people of your success, will change and you will find yourself once again in the place you started out from.

The best way to proceed is to sit down, and put down in writing, all that you can think of which represents success to you. Just ask yourself what is important to you. What are the achievements that you want in your life? What are the accomplishments that you want at the end of your life?

Always remember that it is only you who can define what success is for you. Till you understand this you will be running around in circles and you will not be able to know what success is. If you are straining to attain your explanation of success you will be capable of achieving it.

Success has to be constructed in a similar way to that of a building. You cannot have success just in a day. Success needs time and planning to accomplish it. After planning for success, you have to work to actually build it. Below are three keys to producing the structure to deliver the goods.

Planning: All success begins in your mind. To make the most success potential in your life you have to plan how to get it. This can be done by determining goals, setting up plans, and reflecting with other people. The more exhaustive the plan, the easier it will be to reach a desired goal. If you do not plan you are just programming yourself to fail.

Team building: When you construct a house or a building, you must gather a team of people who can help you put it into form. It’s precisely the same with success. You cannot act solely on your own. You have to form a team of people with whom you make the structure for your achievements.

Time: I know you would like to have success immediately but you must also know that to build a permanent success you must understand that it takes time. If you constructed a house in a single day, the chances are that the house would not last very long. You can speed up success but you should not compromise the quality of the success you want, in order to receive it faster. This will give you more anguish and failure than anything else.

Now I shall give you three tips to help you to achieve success:

Reach Out: Lending a hand to the felicity and success of others is emphatically a significant element of your personal success.

Set Destinations: Success is discovering how to arrange and accomplish goals. You should also be able to measure your progress in reaching your success. No matter what you want to achieve, you have to set specific goals to achieve success.

Don’t Allow Anything To Distract You: Keep yourself centered on your final goal. There will be obstructions and misdirection on the way, but continue till the end is in sight. You should not give up whatever the reason.

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success

A lot of influence on your beliefs is made by your past experiences. The way you react to your success or failure depends on the information you get about the outside world and the way you process the information. In some areas you will be able to make fast progress and in some areas you will struggle. This is what the law of Karma is.

You are challenged when your past conditioning holds you back from making progress towards your desires. If you have a very strong desire to get something, you will be all the more frustrated if you cannot make any progress towards it. If you want to succeed, then you must overcome your past conditioning.

I shall now give you three ways to overcome your past conditioning. They are as follows:

The first way is to simply accept your Karma and live with it. Live with it till it is done with your system and you are exempt from it. This is the method chosen by all of us even though unconsciously. As a matter of fact we are paying the price of our past karmas. The universe will not let you go till you have paid the price for your past karma.

When you are rewarded for your past karmas you are happy and your desires are all fulfilled. But frustration sets in when you are paying the price for your past karmas. You get lots of obstacles in your life when you are waiting to pay the price of your karma. Sometimes one life is not enough to repay for your karmas.

There are two ways to overcome your past conditioning. Either you may wait till your price is paid or you may overcome it by paying the price in the form of contribution.

This approach is more proactive. You can even counteract the effects of your past conditioning by washing it away as you would wash a stain from a cloth. This means that you will have to try your hand at meditation, through which you are repaying your debt.

The seven spiritual laws of success are constructed on natural principles. You can also construct these natural principles in your life as a fundamental principle. You can use this as a path to future successfulness and happiness.

One of the most central morals in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is that straight and permanent success is an inner procedure. It has very little to do with your outside world and what goes on outside you.

Once you realize your true identity, and know that you are not only what your body is, but you are a spiritual being, success will be yours. You will be able to experience peace, fulfillment and joy. You will also realize that this is what you were born for on earth.

In a way, to follow the seven spiritual laws of success means to live with an inner sense of peace every day of your life. It will bring harmony and joyous relationships. This will contribute to a life full of energy, enthusiasm and eagerness. You will always be happy. This is what the seven spiritual laws of success are all about.

The Key To Success Through The Law Of Attraction

Success, in the context of the law of attraction, entails abundance. Abundance does not mean mere monetary gain or instant fame. Success here goes much deeper. The law gives you maximum happiness in relation to your career, your finances or your life in general. This philosophy asks us to approach life from a different viewpoint. The law of attraction asks us to examine our inner self. It also tells us to unscramble the unconscious mind and recognize the true intention of living. It also helps us to listen to our inner voice. This realization of life and its inner voice does wonders to our life.

The law assists you in realizing your true potential. It is because the doctrine distinguishes you from outside environmental factors and encourages concentration of the mind. Meditation and affirmations are two proposed means by which the law will contribute to success in life.

The law also says that success entails defeating negative influences in life through the ability of thought. This is possible because if you preserve a positive position and composure of mind and do not give in to negative states or thoughts, you can rise above your problems. This is so because positive thinking and listening to the law creates a sense of preparedness. This gives you the strength to face challenges. This will help you to overcome fear and your negative thoughts will disappear.

Eventually the law teaches that success is not only material. It is an abstract concept. It comes when you realize that your goal in life is attained. This realization brings immense happiness once you have achieved your mission. This happiness means a sense of achievement, a sense of fulfillment and wholeness.

The law also tells us that if you want what you desire in life then you have to apply the true secret of the law of attraction. We have to work on how we feel. It might seem to be a challenge at first, but it is possible for us to change our negative thoughts into positive ones. This is what will bring success in our lives.

You need not be consciously cognizant of the secret of the law of attraction to apply it. The law of attraction has nothing to do with your intentions. It always works. It will never stop to see whether you are attracting with purpose or accidentally.

How Do You Use The Laws Of Success Through The Law Of Attraction?

Many people are not yet aware that they can get what they want in their life with the use of the law of attraction. But don’t worry; I will give you step-by-step tips which make it easy to follow the law and attract anything you want in your life. They are as follows:

  • Recognize The Law of Attraction: Recognizing the law of attraction is the most crucial step. You have to realize that the law existed even before you were born. Whatever has happened in your life you have attracted it with the law of attraction. It may have been intentionally or accidentally. You have to realize this and this will give you the power to change. So from now on remember not to complain about anything bad happening in your life. Because the more you complain, the more you will start attracting the bad event, the subject of your complaint.

  • Set A Clear Goal: The goal set by you should be attainable and realistic. It should also be measurable and timely. The law of attraction is a tool to get what you want. Use it properly and you will surely succeed in your life.

  • Visualize It: Imagine what you want in your life. Live with those imaginations. Visualize by creating pictures of what you want. This is the stepping stone to success through the law of attraction.

  • Action: Many people think that utilizing the law of attraction is just about conceiving without action. But remember that it is not so. You have to realize that the law of attraction is working for you. This realization will only bring in results.

  • Feel The Vibration All Day Long: The law of attraction is not just visualization. It is more than that. It is sending the thoughts and emotions that attract what you want for the whole day. Stay in a positive environment and remind yourself about what you want.

  • Share It: Try to share your aims with people who are influenced by your goals. This will create an environment in which they will also attract your goals for you. If you have people around you who attract goals for you, then you can attract what you want faster and easily too.

  • Repeat The Process: Rome was not built in a day. Nor will success come in a day. You have to strive for it. Set in all your emotions and thoughts for success. Send your thoughts to the universe daily as if you were watering your garden every day. This will send vibrations to the universe and the law of attraction will give you what you want in your life.

These are the seven powerful steps that I used to attract success in my life. I have shared it with you so that you can also get what you want.


We have seen what the law of attraction can do in your life. You have to educate yourself as much as possible to do that. You have to realize what the law says. You should also know how to attract things in your life.

I have told you how to achieve success and make more money in this book. So try your hands at it starting today.