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How To Put The Subconscious Mind To Work

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The "Present"

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

The following lines from Dr. Sheldon Leavitt, M.D., have a direct bearing upon the setting up of the strong Present, of which I have already spoken in this series.

The present tense crystallizes possibilities. In "I am" and "It is" are wrapped great possibilities. There is a wealth of satisfaction to be found in being able to say, in all faith, "I am well, I am strong, I am happy." Assurance like this crystallizes into tangibility, the things for which otherwise we are perpetually longing. It is a giant hand reaching out into the future and bringing to our feet what has long eluded us. Faith then proves a wonder worker. It stands sponsor for us under all the trying conditions of life. When desire rises within us for some great good upon which to build a useful and happy life, the Present tense of faith at once brings it within our grasp.

In this connection, Henry Harrison Brown again says:

Through Affirmation you make connection between the Engineer of Life, which is the Conscious I AM, and the power, which is the Soul. Your thought, expressed in the Affirmation, expresses your conviction of Truth. This conviction directs the outward expression of the Soul. For Soul can only manifest that which the Conscious I AM declares is Truth. Thus in your choice of Affirmation lies your power to control your Life. You are to say that which you wish to be expressed in your body. You are to control your thoughts, so that you will think nothing you do not wish to manifest in your body. Impress this thought deeply upon your consciousness ... I AM THAT WHICH I THINK I AM!

Other Times for Affirming

While it is now definitely known that suggestion with a curative object reaches the subconscious self more easily when sleep is near:

And while the most important time to take these affirmations and formulae is just as one drops off into sleep at night and as he first awakens in the morning:

This should not prevent the patient from taking his silence, his healing affirmations and formulae at other times during the day;--one supplements the other.

Helping Ourselves and Others

"My subconscious mind, I desire and command you to send vibrations of success, health and happiness to all the world,''


Name specifically someone whom you want to help or (the following is the thought we hold at our noon day healing classes before we attempt any healing demonstrations for ourselves), "health, abundance and harmony for the whole wide world."

I teach my classes that the very first thing necessary for one's own healing is to have the spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude for themselves, and the spirit of helpfulness toward others--to bless everything in their lives.

This is following the injunction of Jesus, who tells his followers that before taking a gift

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.--Math. 6: 33.

But besides this philosophic angle there is a practical side, namely, by holding a thought for other people it is a great assistance in helping one to get his mind away from his own troubles, and very often that is the one thing needed to effect a healing, either a physical healing or a healing of the pocket book.

Form the habit of talking to the subconscious mind, first, to help others and, second, to help yourself.

Make this a daily habit.

Make it a weekly habit.

Make it a yearly habit.

Then by and by everything will be adjusted properly for the individual while, in the meantime, the subconscious mind is automatically directing all of the affairs of one's existence.

To get the best results you should set aside ten to twenty minutes a day in a quiet place without any interruption, repeating and concentrating on your formula. Besides taking it at night just as you drop off to sleep, you should repeat it at least four times during the day.

''Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better." Coue has his patients repeat this immortal formula of his twenty times a day.

Another time when commands may be sent to the subconscious mind is just before or after periods of intense application, when the mind for an instant is "VACANT," as we say, and not under the control of any strong idea. By introducing thoughts and commands about our desires we readily impress them upon our subconscious mind.

Form the habit of talking to your subconscious mind just before dropping off to sleep, the first thing as you awake in the morning, and at stated periods during the day. Nothing can be more conducive to success, health and happiness than this.

In time you will automatically be talking to the subconscious mind--in other words, you will have formed the habit and the subconscious mind will be working for your good by this unconscious (to your conscious mind) habit which you have taught the subconscious mind to perform.

If you have reached that state where you desire nothing for yourself, you may, while talking to the subconscious mind before retiring, upon awaking in the morning and during the day, send out healing vibrations for others, prosperity thoughts for the world, happy formulae for everyone, such as

My subconscious mind I desire and command you to send out vibrations of healing, success and happiness to the whole wide world and (here use name or names of those you want particularly to help).