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How To Put The Subconscious Mind To Work

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Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly


We believe that where the environment is right and the work is faithfully and wisely done, suggestion by affirmation will cure more people, no matter what the disease, than any other method now in use.

The Soul is fed by Affirmation as the body is by bread.

--Victor Hugo.

Psychologically it does not matter what fundamental principle your affirmation springs from provided you believe it and find it therapeutically workable.

We have seen in the preceding pages that a suggestion is an image, thought, idea, or working pattern, introduced or passed on to the subconscious mind.

An Example

Inoculate and permeate your mind with the idea you can keep well by affirmation provided you use it. This is the shortest road to health, yet there are many people who in process of time are healed though without having absolute faith in their healing. Any thought which is repeated whether Poll Parrot like or with due regard to its significance will in time change the current of one's thinking. The safer, surer and better way is, of course, to saturate the mind with the idea that you can be healed and kept well by the power of mind.

Read the following affirmation slowly, then read it again and again like this:

I Think Life.

I Think Health.

I Think Strength.

I Think Vitality.

I Am in Tune with Infinite Spirit.

I Breathe Life. I Feel Life.

I Breathe Health. I Feel Health.

I Breathe Strength. I Feel Strength.

I Breathe Vitality. I Feel Vitality.

I Am in Tune with In- I Am in Tune with Infinite Spirit. finite Spirit.

I Am Life.

I Am Health.

I Am Strength.

I Am Vitality.

I Am in Tune with Infinite Spirit.

Keep repeating it and repeating it, until you form not only a mental image of the way the affirmation looks, but memorize it. The deeper the conviction you have that the mind can heal, the quicker the healing you are striving for. But if you cannot at first absolutely believe that the mind can heal, keep repeating your affirmation just the same. This should be done many times during the day until it becomes a sub-conscious habit in the chambers of memory. By constant repetition of proper affirmations one may virtually make a groove in his consciousness until he finally becomes that which he tells himself he will become.

Affirming should be done at intervals during the day as often as possible only the affirmer should not repeat his affirmation until he is fatigued. The affirmations may be taken when you are on long walks, while riding on the street car, or even at work; in fact, odd moments may be very profitably occupied in repeating affirmations.

If you are not thoroughly convinced that mind will heal, keep taking your affirmations nevertheless with as much concentration as possible. Of course, the more sincere the belief you put into your formulae, the quicker you may expect to be healed.

Throughout this volume we present more affirmations. Look through this book until you find one or more that seem to fit your case and temperament. Learn these affirmations, and repeat them as directed above.

How to Think About Yourself

Here is a rule of life which all should observe. When you are talking about yourself never say anything concerning your own self, your surroundings, your affairs, your hopes or aspirations, your family or your friends, except that which you expect to be materialized and realized.

Always believe and think about things as you desire them to be. You wish health? Then affirm health, think health, feel health, breathe health, live health.

Do you want success? Then think success, feel success, breathe success, live success.

Do you want abundance? Then affirm abundance, think abundance, feel abundance, breathe abundance, live abundance.

Do you want friendship, love or happiness? Then affirm friendship, love, happiness; think friendship, love, happiness; feel friendship, love, happiness; breathe friendship, love, happiness; live friendship, love, happiness.

Think only of those things which you desire for your success, health and happiness; for what you think, you get.

Let me emphasize here that any thought held, even though half-heartedly or automatically, will in time, change the current of one's thinking or mental habit (but a positive manner, a resolute volition will enhance the intensity of the affirmation and bring about quicker results). Henry Harrison Brown has well said: The President of a divinity school told his students that they were to pray when the time came to pray whether they felt like praying or not; to keep on praying till they did feel like it; and then to continue because they felt like it. This same rule is for you. Say.... "I feel better!" whether you do or not. Keep on saying it till you do feel better, and then keep it up because you feel better.

There is one Affirmation that expresses this, and will create the mental condition that reflects health of body. That Affirmation is....I AM HAPPY. Happiness is the mental cause; Health is the bodily effect. Therefore keep happy. Abolish all sadness, sorrow, fear, unhappiness of all forms by saying.... I AM HAPPY!

But this is hard to do when you feel ill and miserable! True! But it is not so hard as to still complain and suffer. Choose between the two. You always have the power of choice. Which shall it be? "Choose ye this day whom ye serve." Life or death? 'Health or disease? Happiness or unhappiness? You alone are to decide. It is hard to submit to doctors, nurses and pain. Is not Affirmation pleasanter and easier? Habits can be created along these lines as easily as in the others, and habit makes anything easy. Mental habits of health easily keep you well. Affirmation-cure compared to the old method is as play to drudgery. Affirmation is the stopping of all resistance, is the giving up of all antagonism, the cessation of all struggle and the throwing of all responsibility upon Life, while you enjoy results. The Power that is not the conscious self does the work. The Power that built the body rebuilds it.

"We have mentioned elsewhere that not only may the thought become a subconscious habit, but conditions and environment or physical sensations may be registered in the subconscious mind so as to form a habit. Therefore, one should live under such conditions as to bring about advantageous changes in his social, physical and mental environment for an unfavorable environment is a handicap to one's health, success and happiness.

Religious People

If a person is religiously or spiritually inclined, the first thing that should be attempted by one who is seeking to change his environment or mental attitude is to direct one's mind in the way of understanding things based upon the love, wisdom and goodness of God. Realize these vital truths: that His Presence is everywhere--God is omnipresent; that He is all-powerful--God is omnipotent; that He is all wise--God is omniscient. He therefore knows all things and understands all things.

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall to the ground without your Father. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.--Matthew 10: 29-31.

And yet all people are religiously minded. They may not have subscribed to a particular creed, cannot, perhaps, repeat certain dogmas, do not even attend church. But we are religious animals, all of us, and if a person is limited in any way through poverty, sickness, lack or limitation, the first step in casting out fear of these things is an intellectual understanding, a reasonable conception of God, as a God of love; and that this same God is so identified with our lives that He is in touch with our every act, with every throb of our hearts.

Perfect love casteth out fear. God is love. Hence the love of God casts out all fear of poverty, lack, fear of failure, trouble, sorrow or sickness. If we can teach ourselves and others to love that which we fear, then fear passes away automatically. So the biggest thing in the conquest of fear is to have the right conception of God as a God of love.

It is well to remember that all suggestion and affirmation should be taken in the present tense. Now we have that which we desire. This makes a stronger, more positive appeal and vastly enhances the power of the affirmation.

This is the first step in casting out Fear by an intellectual love, and as we realize that that same God is so identified with our lives and is bringing us continual benefits and so enables us to enter into His life for comfort and health, there arises the other side of Love, born of comfort and care and the qualities that enter into them, and this we call the emotional side of Love. This furnishes the patient with the thought of a complete truth. We cast out Fear by embracing and dwelling upon the boundless love of God which dwells in us, which is an intellectual conception and an emotional impulse. This method is applicable, no matter whether the agent of fear be a person, or thing, or some indeterminate and imaginary object. Simply teach the patient to love that which he fears and the fear passes away.


Any affirmation is most efficacious in time of quiet meditation. To meditate is to pray. To meditate is to affirm. To meditate is to enhance the desire of your heart. To meditate is to get that which you want. Nearly all great and successful business men have their quiet hour for meditation, relaxation and renewing mind and body.

One may take more than one affirmation at a time, but it is always better for you to follow a fixed rule in your affirming. Do not use more than one at a time unless both carry the same thought. The subconscious mind will not work on two contrary thoughts, at the same time. Wherefore, to get the best results, therapeutically, spiritually and mentally, work upon only one subject or one desire at one time. Unify your affirmations of health while you are thinking health; on success, while you are thinking success; on happiness while you are thinking happiness, etc. Let your mind be centered on the unifying affirmations along one line at a time.

By this I do not mean that you can only hold a thought for one thing only until that has been accomplished. It takes some of us twenty years to reach our goal of success and achievement. During these twenty years we can affirm for health, happiness and other things, but should not affirm more than one thing at one time. For instance, one may go to bed at night (by the way, the best time to take your affirmations is upon retiring) and give the subconscious mind the suggestion of health. All night long the subconscious mind is remaking the body. As one begins the day, he may suggest abundance and success. Not only will the subconscious mind take up this thought, but vibrations for success and abundance will be sent out into universal space.

Later in the day one may hold the thought for happiness or love. Away go the thoughts which one has suggested into the universal ether to lodge in the consciousness of those who can bring into your life the happiness and love you desire. During all of this time the cells of the body, which have taken the suggestion from the subconscious mind of health, have been remaking themselves.

One may thus take many affirmations for many things, at different times, but should always center upon the one thing at hand (be it health, success or happiness), at the given time.

Each Word Has Own Vibration

As we mentioned elsewhere, each word has its particular vibratory rate, although there are certain words and sentences which have a stronger influence upon some people than upon others, owing to the individual's own rate of vibration, so these affirmations are given simply for convenience, and as examples. If you do not find in this volume the formulae that grip the soul, make some affirmations of your own. Each life craves its own expression and in experimenting with words, sentences and formulae which have the rate of vibration to give you the best results, you are also developing your own inherent God-given views and impressions.

Doubtless there are others who get more benefit from taking the affirmations herein outlined. There can be no hard and fast rule laid down in Psychology or Metaphysics. Each person is a law unto himself, each person should have the privilege of living his own life in his own way. Find that way which is the best for you and live it, Similarly, find the affirmations or formulae which are best for you to use; then use them.

"Holding a Thought"

Whatever affirmations or formulae you decide upon, hold them in the conscious mind with enough intensity--free from stress or strain, with passive attention--until you are thinking of the positive instead of the negative. This has been done by hundreds of thousands before you and can be done by you.

Many a person prevents his own healing, or demonstration for success, prosperity or either by auto-suggestion or by hetero-suggestion by being too anxious.

Be not overanxious.

That is the essential reason for one's learning how to relax. It is in this relaxed condition, when the mind is free, cleared of all negative rubbish, tangled thought currents and confused contentions that the demonstration takes place.

When we are overanxious we are clogging the natural healing channel. We are putting driftwood in it. We are piling up debris, obstructing the source flow of the power to bring about a demonstration.


It is when we relax, let go, unclamp, that the healing spirit of the Infinite works its most wonderful demonstrations.

If we are overanxious we are straining and pressing the mind to such acute tension that the healing spirit of God cannot perform its function.

In one of my public demonstrations, when I gave an invitation for those who were desirous of being healed to come on to the stage, among many others a blind man was led forward for healing. I was attracted to him the first night he stepped upon the stage. The second or third night I was resolved to give him a public demonstration, al- though I had the feeling that a successful issue would not take place that moment. Nevertheless, I knew by my hunch that by demonstrating on this blind man I was doing the right thing. When the healing treatment was over and I asked him to open his eyes and tell us if he could see, the lids flew up and the eyes moved, but he could not say there was light.

He broke down and burst out crying, but told me the apparent failure was not my fault. He knew that he was too anxious. The next night he was on the stage again, and the night following, when he was able to make his way to the stage without any assistance. Light had come. Within three weeks his sight returned.

The night I treated him publicly on the stage he told me it was not my fault that he didn't see. He said, "I know that I was too anxious."

That tense, taut anxiety prevented his healing that night, but he didn't give up. He learned to relax, learned to let go and trust the ever healing spirit of the Infinite so that, as already mentioned, his sight returned.

In preparing the mind for healing and getting ready for demonstration, be sure not to be overanxious.

Take Your Choice

Choose any affirmation, as we have mentioned, or other thoughts which have power to cure (you may be able to make up some even better than any which have yet been published), and let the thought drop through "the little trap door," into the subconscious mind. Then forget it and turn your attention to the affairs which belong to the moment.

By forgetting it, I mean for you to take your thought, your affirmation, and then relax. Do not try to remember that you have taken this affirmation--"forget it." The science of this is very plain. You have probably tried to recall a name or an address or some experience of the past, and the more you have concentrated upon it and endeavored to bring it back to conscious memory, the more it seemed to evade you. After your vain effort to recall it, you have given it up, forgotten it. But, in a little while, lo, and behold! the little thing which you could not recall when you tried, bobs up in mind!

After you have taken these affirmations, let them rest--forget 'em.

Your affirmations thus dropped into the sub- conscious act as a post-hypnotic suggestion does and, while you are attending to the duties of everyday, the thought dropped into the subconscious directs the soul in its body building.

Of all single causes of sickness now, fear and selfishness, I suppose, would head the list. Selfishness has the power to contract, the same as fear. Selfishness contracts not only all the organs of the body, interfering with circulation, respiration and natural functioning of the internal organs, but it also contracts the mind, as though somebody had stepped on the mental hose, and while this selfish spirit is manifested the compression is increased so that it will be impossible for the influx of the spirit to come.

That is the reason, as I have mentioned else- where in this series, that I have all my patients and classes relax and hold a thought for universal health, success, abundance and harmony. The chief duty of a person who is selfish is to find some way in which he can live more for others or can get hold of the idea of service to the world or get his mind off himself. This will open the organism to the influx of the healing power.

Empty the Mind

Above everything else, before one begins to "hold a thought," he must empty his mind from all negative thinking of every description, and chuck into the waste heap of forgetfulness, every vestige of selfishness. A person cannot demonstrate health or anything else with any degree of success if he is all tied up in a knot by selfishness.

The influx of the spirit cannot reach the center of his being. When one is selfish his whole body is tense and filled with physical kinks like a kinked garden hose, through which the water cannot run. Chuck out selfishness and step off your garden hose because, just as the water cannot make its way freely through a hose that is kinked, neither can the spirit of healing flow freely through a body that is kinked and controlled by a mind filled with kinks. Kick the kinks out of your mind before you "hold a thought." Especially kick the "selfishness" out before you attempt affirming.

The word "affirmation" means "to make firm." To get the best results repeat your affirmations with firmness, not tenseness, but in a spirit of actually meaning what you say, so as to stamp them upon your subconscious. Of course, this form of treatment and the employment of any affirmation or formula to achieve health and success can be modified according to conditions.

And do not let us in the early stages of an attempt at healing be too dogmatic and thereby discourage a person who is just learning the A B C's of mental healing. Be chary of saying "you must have faith.'' Faith is not strictly necessary, although a preliminary faith induced by a consideration of the imminently reasonable nature of the process is an undoubted advantage.

But I come back to what I believe is the quickest, surest way of taking an affirmation, namely:

Down to Business

It should be taken with strength, courage, positiveness, backed by the spirit of assurance and faith that what you are demonstrating for you shall have. In fact, make your affirmation a demand. The more emphatic you are in demanding of the subconscious mind that it perform certain acts, the quicker will be the results.

I have shown elsewhere that the subconscious mind is like a servant or a soldier who likes to be commanded.

Each affirmation is better if a prefix such as the following is used: "My subconscious mind, I desire and command you to give me health, strength, power"--or whatever you may be asking.

Or, "my subconscious mind, I desire and know that every organ of my body shall function normally; that you shall attend to every detail of my domestic, vocational and social affairs."

If you want success, demand success. Demand it with your whole heart and soul and with the utmost confidence. If you want health demand health, likewise with your whole heart and soul, power and confidence. The following is a splendid affirmation:

I am a center of power-creation. I receive power from the universal fund of creative forces. As such a center of power-transmission, I demand that degree of success to which my endowment, my thought and my efforts entitle me. I am sure to succeed in my ambition! My demand is certain to be realized!

Some teachers recommend that the "thought be held" twenty times a day--use your own judgment.

Generally speaking, the man who takes these affirmations audibly ought to "talk up" to himself ; that is, he ought to take them with such firmness and determination that they bring about the desired effects. Let him, in short, talk to his sub- conscious mind just as if he were talking to a long lost brother. The more emphasis and the more spirit put behind the words the sooner will the demonstration follow.

Cleanse Your Mind

Cleanse your mind and keep it clean; forgive every one and bless every situation; hold only positive thoughts--of success, health and happiness; love everybody and forget the past; offer daily thanksgiving and gratitude; give of your means, your time, your talent, your energy and blessings; think and maintain constructive and harmonious thoughts; be cheerful, merciful and kind; in short--

Think Right!

Think right, read and study, saturate your mind with mental science teachings, and you will not revert.

No doubt the sickness you suffer from has been caused by wrong thinking. Such wrong thinking has become an obsession in the subconscious mind. To have a demonstration you must get some thought into the subconscious other than that which is there now. It is there whether you are conscious of it or not. To effect a cure, take one or more of the affirmations without stress or strain, without doubt or worry.

Just before dropping off to sleep at night, repeat it several times. With some persons it should be repeated many, many times, without stress, without worry, without strain. As you awake in the morning repeat this several times again and during the day. To get the best results you should set aside ten to twenty minutes a day in a quiet place, without any interruption, repeating and concentrating on your formula. Besides taking it at night just as you drop off to sleep, you should repeat it at least four times during the day.

Affirmations or formulae--no matter what you may desire to demonstrate, whether health, success or prosperity--should be accompanied by a regular routine of reading.

Then the reader should by all means make a study of the Silence, what it is and how to use it.

Make these statements faithfully and free from all doubt or hesitation. The more doubt the patient has the more liable is the unconscious auto- suggestion to counteract the thought that is being held.

If necessary, meditate upon each word for some little time. By this means an inner light sometimes unfolds into the affirmer's consciousness.

It is particularly true that the idea contained in the affirmation is more firmly and quickly impressed upon the subconscious in the Silence-- although repetition, even without any effort to enter the Silence, will bring good results. It is especially effective to make the affirmation at moments when the desire for the thing affirmed is especially strong. The fervor with which affirmations are made at such moments, gives added power to the projection of the thought upon the universal ether. Furthermore, the thought is thus more deeply impressed upon the subconscious.

Repeat the affirmation many times each day without stress or strain--free from worry and anxiety--until your entire consciousness vibrates to the affirmation. Crowd out all negative thoughts by constantly affirming the positive.

The affirmations given in this book are intended to suggest to you those which are most effective. It is assumed that you will modify them in any way necessary to fit them to your particular requirements.

To realize for yourself, the statements should be expressed in the language of "I," "me," "my," and "mine." To realize for another, the language should be changed to "you" and "yours." For example: I am spirit, life spirit is now flowing through me freely and I am well, whole and complete.

For Others

(We often get much better results in healing others by speaking directly to them in the second person and even using their own names.)

God is spirit, you, John Doe, are life. Life spirit is now flowing through you freely, and you are well, whole and complete.

You are filled with the abundant, ever present life of Spirit. It flows through you freely, cleansing, healing, purifying and vitalizing every part. You are one in this life, and in it you are every whit whole.

For Oneself

I am filled with the abundant, ever present life of spirit. It flows through me freely, cleansing, healing, purifying and vitalizing every part. I am one in this life, and in it I am every whit whole.

Orally or Silently

This may be given orally or silently. With some people suggestions have much more force than silent thoughts. If the healer is sitting by the patient and using audible suggestions—that is, giving his formulae aloud, it will often lend much more weight and will give the patient an opportunity to interrupt or ask questions, put him more at ease and inspire him with greater confidence in what is going on, thus stimulating his faith for healing.

But the healer's images, impulses and affirmations may be conveyed by telepathy to one who does not even understand the operator's psycho- logical vocabulary.


Remember then, and doubly remember, that conduct and conscious feeling impress the mind even more powerfully than any affirmation you may make in words. The Scriptures say, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Cheerfulness is better than medicine. A person with a morbid mind can never be healed by mind cure. Therefore, cultivate cheerfulness and joyousness, affirm that you are happy and follow your affirming for happiness by the conduct of happiness.

Joyful emotions send the blood pounding pell mell through the body, with health in its train, and bring strength and power to every part of the being. Therefore, before taking any affirmation, or holding any thought, one's mental attitude must be tuned up to the pitch of the healing vibration, helped by cheerfulness. This is true of affirming; exceptions to the rule are often seen by magnetic or vibratory methods of healing.

Conform to Laws of Life

These affirmations cover a multitude of sins but other things must be taken into consideration--harmonious living with all of the laws of life.

There are certain limitations to what the mind does in our healing because that is the law. If a headache comes from over-eating, it's over-eating that caused the headache and a correction of eating will be the healing of the headache. This is so obvious that to the thinking person it's not necessary to be repeated or expounded.

For instance, our finger nails grow but we use a file, knife or clip to cut them. We don't charge our subconscious mind to file our finger nails nor do we expect our conscious mind to clip them off.

All the affirmations in Christendom or Kingdom Come will not do as much to keep one's body clean as good old soap and water. It is therefore not enough to affirm health, success or happiness. The "thought held," the affirmations, must be backed up by conforming to mental and hygienic laws--cleanse the mind. By cleaning the mind we mean, as mentioned in Volume III of this series, that you must get all negative and inharmonious thoughts swept out of the chambers of mental imagery. We cannot charge our subconscious mind to make us well if we are disobeying physical, mental and hygienic laws.

In holding a thought for health, never limit the thought to a particular organ. It may be well to take your affirmation that the liver is working well, harmoniously and perfectly in every respect, but always end the treatment (whether it be self treatment or treatment given to some one else) with the idea that the whole body is well, whole and complete. It is just as easy to heal the whole body as it is to heal one organ.

To Recapitulate

We have found out now by this time that most of our sickness comes from a kink in the mind--some mental disturbance, conscious or unconscious, which has long existed as a subconscious condition. The method of healing such sickness should begin

First. With trying to uproot the old ideas and put in their place new ones. We are to endeavor to crowd out the old thoughts with new thoughts. When this is done the healing commences.

Second. These opposite thoughts which we shall give to the subconscious mind—suggestions --are calculated also to arouse dormant cells to the performance of their proper functions.

Third. We take these new thoughts, usually the opposite of the ones which have produced the sickness, so that we may place entirely new impressions in the mind of the patient.

These thoughts or ideas we call affirmations or formulae. To repeat ideas and thoughts hostile to those which have caused our sickness is to crowd out the old sick thoughts and to usher in new.

These thoughts we call suggestions. That is, we direct the conscious mind to pass on to the subconscious mind suggestions designed to counter- act those we have been entertaining. When we can make these suggestions strong enough to reach and control the subconscious, our healing is effected. Any other demonstration than health is effected the same way.

These suggestions when given to someone else, should be delivered in monotone. This is not absolutely necessary but the monotone has a soothing effect and is a comfortable, easy going form of expression which is inclined to produce a state of quiet and repose in the mind of the patient.

These affirmations or formulae may be taken as self treatment. In such case we call it autosuggestion--suggestion to one's self. Most any one who has reached the psychological point necessary previous to being healed and who will be persistent in taking the affirmations or formulae given below can heal himself. To do that, the best results are obtainable in some such manner as this:

My subconscious mind, I desire and command you to make me well, whole, harmonious and complete.

Or you may repeat any other health formula which you may make yourself or select from those found elsewhere in this volume. It is always better to preface your affirmations with these words, "My subconscious mind, I desire and command you to," etc.

Suggestion And Autosuggestion

In a home where inharmony exists (or where parties to a business relationship are at daggers' points), it is very necessary to correct the conditions. Do not allow yourself to consent to in- harmony but hold the thought of harmony, growth, love, business, position, God, and all that is good. One constructive thinking person can change the mental attitude and the mental atmosphere in home, business or society. It will help you if you choose beautiful harmonies for the eyes to gaze upon habitually, music for your hearing and wholesome, constructive thoughts for your meditations.

If others conspire to bring about inharmony, do you silently persist in your meditations-, and hold the thought mentioned above?

In all demonstrating one should be free from negative thinking, fear, worry and inharmonies of every description. Especially is this true if one is to demonstrate health.

The hardest thing in the world is for the patient to be willing enough and patient enough to face his shortcomings, and then determine that he will conquer them. May we supplement what has already been said along this line by urging the patient not to be diffident in recognizing his bad qualities. The Scripture says,'' There is none good but one, that is, God." Matthew 19:17. The big man is the one who will face his problems as they are, and then with resolute determination resolve to overcome the deficiencies. "He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and, he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.'' Proverbs 16:32.

But in doing this be sure not to condemn oneself or to pity oneself. It is enough to recognize one or more of the four reasons which have made you sick; now get busy and shoo them out. Self-love, self-pity, self-condemnation, are the most virulent, insidious and subtle forms of selfishness. Jesus did not deny the presence of the devils. Had he done that the devils might have been pleased. He "perceived" them, and commanded them to begone.

This having been done, let him adhere to the instructions outlined in this volume.

Relaxed and Passive

Before the thought is given or the formula suggested, the patient should be as relaxed and in as passive a state as possible. He should let go all strain and tension. With a certain type of patient it may be better to have his eyes closed and to let his mind drift, his thoughts falling into pleasant recollections and pleasurable anticipations, without, however, his trying to think of anything in any special way.

This quiet attitude should be maintained for probably fifteen to twenty minutes, while the practitioner gives a silent treatment.

There is no certain or stated length of time. It all depends upon the case, the conditions, the individual patient and the healer.

In a receptive and passive state, we have a general access to the subconscious that has been wrongly impressed. By taking a counter suggestion we remove the error, plant and cultivate a new habit until we are able to manifest anew.

Brain Cells Quiet

Before you take any affirmation ponder well on these words of wisdom:

The best condition or state for administration of Suggestion to oneself, or to one's own subconscious mind, is obtained when the body is relaxed and brain cell activity quieted.

Now, command in so many words, amplifying or elaborating according to your own need:

I declare and command that this plan, this ideal, this mental picture by me in mind delineated, be fulfilled amply and fully, according to my Soul Need, which I vouch it to be; that it be physically manifest and a possession of my personality!

A real Need is a Vacuum which Nature abhors and which she fills without delay. Poverty or disease comes only to those who by act, attitude, thought or any other form of Suggestion, have (unconsciously, perhaps) created a Soul Need within themselves for just such conditions.

Readjustment of Needs can be made by Suggestion. Embody the Suggestion in a Command, impregnate it with feeling and realization that it must be fulfilled. You are reinforced in such endeavor by universal laws of creation, which rest on the same factor of predominating mental impression. There can be no failure.

The Lord said: "Let there be Light, and there was light." The same book tells us that we were Created in His image. Does man, the miniature of Deity, contain also a miniature created power? Even one instance of successful regaining of health by Suggestion (creation), invoking the growth of new body or brain cells, is evidence that man does contain the ability to create all the conditions and factors of his existence. Even one instance showing that upon change in realization and consciousness there has followed change in circumstance and environment for the reason would be evidence. Psychology tabulates thousands of such instances.

If the attention is distracted by noises of any kind, a little cotton placed in the ears may prove of service. The better way, of course, is to practice holding one's attention so that the mind will always be under control and thus oblivious to all sounds and noises.

The physical body should be relaxed; the mind should be passive.

Either physical or mental strain is an impediment to one's reaching the inner forces of one's being. Be relaxed in mind and body before putting the subconscious mind to work or before taking your affirmations.

Before he holds a thought, that is, before he takes an affirmation, a very good plan is for the patient in this relaxed condition to picture in the mind that which he desires.

This, as we have already learned, is called visualizing. Some who are good at visualizing find it difficult to hold a thought--the extra words seem to distract from that which they desire to accomplish. Therefore, if you find that it is difficult for you to remember the exact words of a formula or affirmation, hold the thought which you desire in your own way, but, before this, endeavor to picture that which you desire.

If it be health that you wish, picture or visualize yourself enjoying perfect health. The completeness and detailed visualizing or imagery will determine greatly the completeness of your eventual physical realization of the desire you are holding in mind.

If it be abundance or prosperity you desire, picture yourself as doing the things necessary to bring about a normal condition so that you will have abundance and prosperity. Imagine and "see" yourself prosperous in your vocation, surrounded by creature comforts, living in an environment congenial to your being. Visualize yourself surrounded by prosperity and abundance, see yourself in the environment of opulence, imagine all the things your heart desires. Do not limit your picture, make it big, and above everything else, do not be timid or fearful that you are asking and trying to realize too much. Make your demands without doubt or worry, stress or strain.

No Doubt. No Worry

If you are doubtful in your picturing, if you are fearful in your imagery, if you are worried while "seeing," these negative states of mind, your unfavorable mental attitude, may act as a sort of counter suggestion which may not only delay but may prevent entirely the things which you are trying to bring into crystallization.

I say before holding a thought to picture that which you want is the most effective way to bring about a demonstration of whatever you desire.

When you are having this visualization or picturing, the attention must formulate your desire while you are still holding your picture (if you are going to use the method of affirmation and suggestion). Fix the attention of the mind on the spoken suggestion or affirmation about to be implanted.

During all of this time the subject will unconsciously be relaxing in mind and body more and more. The muscles and nerves will become more relaxed and the mind will take on a more complete state of passivity, after one has held the thought. If you have not noticed this, be sure for the future that you have had,

First, relaxation of body.

Second, passivity of brain cell action.

Third, imagery or picturing that which you desire.

Fourth, actually taking words or an affirmation.

Fifth, that you let the mind be as blank as possible (after you have held your thought), that you remain passive in mind and body as long as you can without being conscious of what you are doing.

Sixth, that having gone through these necessary steps you know the operation is complete and feel assured that you have planted a suggestion according to the laws of suggestion. Then be at rest. Be not anxious about results. You have done your part, "nature will and must do the rest. You cannot do nature's part. You can, however, spoil nature's work by trying, by anxiety or greed, for quick results."

Under the conditions above cited, the patient is in a quiet, passive, receptive condition; he is ready for any friendly suggestion that we may make; and earnest, honest, persistent efforts under these conditions will absolutely bring the desired condition sought, if such results be within the bounds of possibility.


Dr. Worcester indeed introduces a saving sentence of great import, namely, "When our minds are in a state of peace, and our hearts open and receptive to all good influence, I believe that the Spirit of God enters into us and a power not our own takes possession of us."

We have mentioned elsewhere that the best time to implant a thought in the subconscious mind is before retiring at night, just before drop- ping off to sleep or just as one awakes in the morning.

There is a way station in consciousness between the waking and deep sleeping states which is the most pregnant psychological moment of all. This "moment" may last a fraction of a second, as is sometimes seen in somnambulism, or it may last for the entire portion of the usual sleep period.

This is called the "Hypnagogic State."

To charge the subconscious mind before going to sleep one may use the system or method mentioned above.

If at such times you think of the thing you most desire, that desire will sink deeply into your subconsciousness, and a whole train of ideas and emotions will be set to work to realize that desire, without any conscious effort on your part. This desire may be health or any material object. Here we have arrived at a law that is of vital importance.

Do not undress hurriedly and retire in a rush. Retire slowly, contemplatively, relaxed in mind and body--in a state of spiritual poise and mental equilibrium.

Breathing and Affirmations

Elsewhere we have shown the importance of deep breathing when we take our affirmations.

Full, regular breathing with mental affirmations will cast out fear, the blues and other diseases, and will attract absolutely anything desired. This should be used in self healing as well as in healing others.

''I am'' has been called the '' great affirmative.''

I believe it is the consensus of opinion of not only modern teachers of mental science, but the old philosophers and sages throughout the centuries, that "I am" is the greatest of all affirmations.

"I am" is the all inclusive affirmation "which expresses unity and the thought of limitless expression."

Some one has said

It is the perception of Individuality; the declaration of Selfhood; the proclamation of Humanity; the line of distinction between brute and Man; the warrant of individual Immortality; the assertion of Free Will and Personal Liberty; the Affirmation of Mastery of Fate through Conscious Choice. I AM is the all inclusive Affirmation which expresses Unity and the thought of limitless Expression. I am ... What? Whatever I choose to be, for I am an expression of Infinity; I am an incarnation of Divine Life; I am an incarnation of Omnipotence; I am an expression of Omniscience; I am a manifestation of Omnipresent Life. This being true, it follows that I AM WHATEVER I AFFIRM I AM, because I am an expression of Infinity, and Infinity is limitless.

Henry Harrison Brown in '' Self Healing Through Suggestion," suggests another method to use to practice the law of suggestion upon retiring.

Exercises Recommended

Upon retiring, lie upon your back and breathe deeply and think ... I AM DRAWING LIFE FROM THE INFINITE RESERVOIR. O, HOW BEAUTIFUL. HOW GOOD IT IS, TO LIVE! Upon awakening, do the same. Imagine that you are breathing from the GREAT I AM, and preparing for the day. Rejoice in the sense of being. Say ... I AM! While dressing, rejoice. Look at your body and see it in imagination as you wish it to be. Tell it is growing into a perfect representation of the Ideal body you have already builded. Pet your body while at bath and while dressing, as a mother pets her babe. Love it as God manifest in the flesh. Love and appreciate it as the objective instrumentality of the Ego you are. Every portion of it is divine, and all parts sacred to Love and Truth. So love it, and so FEEL to it, for it is your FEELING that affects it. Awaken these FEELINGS of Life, Health, and Happiness by Affirmations. Though you feel the opposite of the Affirmation, affirm, and keep on affirming until you do feel. When you FEEL what you affirm, you are cured.

Allow no business thought to intrude while preparing for the night or for the day. Conscious efforts in Truth at these hours tell immediately upon the body. Hold these morning and evening seasons sacred to Life. Devote them to such uses and Life will reward you. Retire with happy thoughts. Begin the day with them, and your body will show the gladness of life.

It is recommended that upon retiring each night, you take some Affirmation as your companion. Choose one that fits your case. Go to sleep with it. On awakening choose one for the day. Soon a habit will be formed of thinking during the day along lines thus chosen. Practice alone will bring this condition, therefore . . . practice . . . and, Practice…and, PRACTICE, until in realization you no longer need to practice, for you are ONE with your Ideal.

The following affirmations are also taken from the same book, "Self Healing Through Suggestion," by Henry Harrison Brown.

Put the following Affirmations into your own language and use them as advised:

Healing Affirmations

All life is one. There is naught but life. In the one life I have my being. I am life. The one life is infinite. In that infinity is my constant supply. Life manifests in me normally. I am health. My body is the manifestation of my spirit. Spirit is perfect. I direct the manifestation of myself as spirit by my thought. I now manifest the perfection of the divine spirit of which I am.

Thought is creative. I have no fear-thoughts. Pleasant thoughts build up my health. I think only pleasant thoughts. I think happy thoughts. To mind all things are possible. Thoughts of perfection create health of body. Nothing checks the flow of life in me. In thoughts of health I am healthful. In happy thoughts I am happy.

All my thoughts rise from love of the good, the beautiful and the true.

All former conditions created by fear-thoughts I have put aside. I have only love-thoughts. I am well and happy.

I resign my body to the one in whom I live and move and who finds his self-conscious expression in me.

In perfect faith I live in the consciousness of the omnipresent life and am well.

The infinite one supplies all my needs.

The one who lives in me, through me, and around me, is my silent partner. He cares for me.

My silent partner, through my ideal, supplies me with all I need for health and happiness.

I leave all to him while I enjoy the health and happiness that is mine.


Mrs. Clara H. Scott, in her "Truth Songs," gives one of the most helpful Affirmations. You can sing it, hum it, say it, think it, recite it, to yourself. Do this feelingly until you DO feel it. Learn to make it a constant thought companion. You can hold it silently in mind. Through use, its Truth heals you:

God is life! That Life surrounds me

In that Life I safely dwell! 'Tis above, beneath, within me!

That Life is mine, and all is well! When you grow into seeing everything from this point of view, health is constant.

Or Try This

Should you prefer, you can substitute "I" for God; thus ... I AM LIFE. You can also for "Life" use Love, or Truth, or Power, or any chosen word. By singing you are enabled the sooner to drop it into the Subconscious.

For the help and inspiration of those who have been raised in the Christian Church, "Unity" of Kansas City, uses the two following prayers, one for health and one for prosperity. If so desired they can be substituted for other affirmations.

Healing Prayer

Jesus Christ is now here, raising me to his consciousness of Truth, and the Truth has made me free from sin, sickness and disease. In trust and relaxation in mind and body, every function does its perfect work, and I am healed.

Prosperity Prayer

Jesus Christ is now here, raising me to his consciousness of Truth, and the Truth has made me free from all anxiety about finances. Fully trusting God as my resource, I have all sufficiency in all things.


My mind and affairs are Divinely adjusted, and I am at peace in the consciousness that I have all-sufficiency in all things.

God is love and fills the universe and there is nothing beside Him.

Remember the great Master himself has said:

Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye have received them, and ye shall have them.--Mark XI: 24 (R. V.)