Concentration And The Acquirement Of Personal Magnetism - O. Hashnu Hara

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Personal Magnetism means health, happiness, power and success.

This is a course of lessons fully illustrating the action of thought, explaining its composition, and the correct method of using it, especially with regard to increasing and controlling your Personal Magnetism.

Thought, unorganized, is so much waste matter but Thought, organized, is the greatest power in the world and this book will unveil the secrets to that power.

Concentration And The Acquirement Of Personal Magnetism will provide you with methods for focusing your personal power.

You will learn specific practical exercises for developing your Personal Magnetism to use as a powerful force in your personal and professional life.

But along with the power to influence others, the development of Personal Magnetism also brings with it the ability to heal.

And the author, O. Hashnu Hara, shows you in step-by-step detail, the secret processes of Magnetic Healing for curing ailments and illnesses.


1. Introduction

2. Thought And The Brain

3. The Will: How Thought Travels – Varieties Of Thought Waves

4. Thought Waves – Continued

5. Magnetic Power – Thought Fields – Power Of Attraction

6. Concentration And Methods – Breathing

7. How To Weave Thought Currents

8. Personal Magnetism – The Magnetic Will

9. Personal Magnetism In Business – Suggestions

10. Breathing And Physical Exercises

11. Physical Exercises – Continued

12. The Magnetic Gaze – Nerve Control – Practical Application

13. Diet

14. Magnetic Healing

15. Further Lessons On Personal Magnetism