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Concentration and the Acquirement of Personal Magnetism

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Magnetic Power – Thought Fields – Power Of Attraction

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THE arguments advanced in this lesson are worthy of particular attention, because, in the first place, they will help us to a clearer understanding of the occult power of thought when properly directed and energized by concentration, and also because it clearly demonstrates the affinity existing between esoteric and physical laws. Before treating of the effects of radiant energy and thought fields, it will be as well to understand, first, what radiant energy is, and second, what a field is?

To take the meaning of energy first, as distinguished from motion; energy is the term applied to any mass (or any body), which, when moving, strikes against another body and sets that also moving, and the power of the original body to move another is known as its energy, and measured according to the amount of movement it is able to impart.

Radiant energy is the term applied to any mass or body of matter possessing energy of a nature that can be imparted to the atmosphere, or the medium, which surrounds it, and the speed with which this energy is transmitted depends entirely upon the ability of the medium to transmit energy, and not upon the force itself.

Thus the thought atoms are in perfect sympathy with the medium, ether, and as a consequence ether is an ideal transmitter for thought waves.

Remember that any substance or matter thus distributing radiant energy can set other masses of matter in motion, and this is an important part of our statement regarding the vibratory nature of thought. The ether transmits such wave motions in straight lines and there is no limit to the distance they can travel, they can go on indefinitely; but the point I am leading up to is what is technically called the field, and the explanation thereof.

To return to my old method of illustration, I will ask you to look carefully at Fig. I.

( Fig. I not shown )

The center “A” is the mass that we know possesses the power of distributing radiant energy. Now all the space outside that mass or body, to the extent within which it is capable of acting in this way upon other bodies, so as to bring them to a similar condition to its own, is what scientific men call the field. That is to say, the space surrounding and in front of the mass forms the field. So that ‘B” in the preceding diagram represents that field; and the extent of the field depends altogether upon the force, or energy, possessed by the mass. The more force it has the wider is the field through which its energy is distributed. Think how the great brains of the world make their influence felt. Or think again how the sun’s energy pervades the vast space separating it from our planet.

Taking the magnet sun as the best possible illustration of an object akin to thought energy, it is known that a magnetic field cannot exist without an inducing magnet, or current of electricity. Every magnet has what are called its poles, the term applied to the two ends, and these poles are called respectively positive and negative. Magnetism as a study is probably unknown to many of my readers, and a few words of explanation may help the student. The common magnet or lode-stone is found in Magnesia, in Asia Minor, and in other parts of the world. It has the property of drawing, or attracting to itself pieces of steel and iron, and also of invariably pointing to the north and south. Artificial magnets are made by rubbing a piece of steel on a lode-stone, when the iron will acquire the properties of the lode-stone. Dr. Gilbert, in 1600, found out that the attraction appeared to reside in a long-shaped magnet at two ends, and these two regions were called poles (Greek polos, from pelo, to move), so the magnetic pole is literally one of the points in a magnet, corresponding to the poles of the earth, the one pointing north and the other south; the poles are almost invariably at the ends. That portion of a magnet lying between the poles is less magnetic, and does not attract so strongly, and half way between the poles there is no attraction at all.

The first law of magnetism is that “like magnetic poles repel one another, and unlike magnetic poles attract one another.” So that two north pointing poles will violently repel one another, but two poles, one north pointing, or positive, and the other south pointing, or negative, will attract one another.

The earth is itself a magnet with its north pointing and south-pointing pole, and man is a magnet also; in fact all nature in its variety of forms and phases is composed of magnets, each atom and molecule having its positive and negative poles.

The human brain has also its positive and negative aspects, and its poles are situated respectively in cerebrum and cerebellum, as the third diagram will show you (see Lesson I for explanation of brain division). Figure 2 shows the ordinary magnetic lives radiating from an ordinary magnet, the space filled with the lines being the magnetic field.

( Fig. 2 not shown )

Now coming to our immediate subject, Thought. You will readily understand how the THOUGHT FIELD can follow the same lines as the magnetic field. Here is the brain and the THOUGHT FIELD. Thus we get “A,” the brain, “B,” the thought lines the thought field. As I explained before, there must be a body, or mass of matter to distribute radiant energy, and unless there is the body or force to create a field – magnetic, electric, chemical, mechanical or thought, which you please – there can be no field.

In the thought field the BRAIN is the mass of matter, the force that radiates energy and creates a “field;” in the feeble, unorganized brain this field is weak, and affects only a limited area. But the greater the personal magnetism, the more powerful and organized the brain, the greater the extent of its radiation, the wider its field, the more lasting its effects. And the generation of thought force, or mind, which I described in my last lessons, makes the advent of some great man or woman. Great, according to the sphere of their labor and their ruling talent.

( Fig. 3 not shown )

Thus, roughly, we have Christ, Buddha, Nero, Shakespeare, Boadicea, just a few names, with different qualities, yet all with sufficient force to have created energy enough to last through the ages!

When two brains are working together for the purposes of telepathy, or healing, one must be positive, the other negative, and they create what is called attraction, for by means of the sympathy between them they set up a stress (pressure) in the ether, and the thought fields act in such a way that they are pushed together (by this I mean the thought lines, not the brains), and commingle and blend under the conditions described above. They exchange, or transfer their energy, the transfer always taking place from the one possessing the higher rate to the one possessing the lower. Thus one person acts as a transmitter, and the other as a receiver. The one is negative, and the other positive, otherwise they would repel instead of attract, since “like magnetic poles repel on another, and unlike magnetic poles attract.” That is to say, two positive poles would repel each other, but a positive pole and a negative pole would attract each other. So like minds repel each other, and unlike minds attract, or perhaps it would be better to say that the strong mind attracts the weak, and vise versa.

( Fig. 4 not shown )

Figure 4 shows how each brain acts upon the thought field of the other, and it should be remembered this action applies more particularly to the various processes of mental healing, success vibration, etc., etc.