Jesus Taught It Too (The Early Roots Of The Law Of Attraction) - Philip F Harris

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The teachings of Jesus form the basis of the Christian religion.

But many of his sayings and stories have been so well-known across the world for so long that rarely does the average person look closely at what Jesus was really trying to explain.

Assumptions about the meanings of his words have often been accepted without question and simply passed down from generation to generation.

In a unique and insightful book, author Philip Harris re-examines many of these famous, ancient quotes and suggests that Jesus actually had a precise understanding of The Law of Attraction.

And he argues that this knowledge about Universal Law is what really lies at the heart of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Despite Jesus Taught It Too being a top seller in the Law of Attraction category at, Mr Harris has donated his work to PsiTek to be freely published online for the benefit of readers across the world.

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This book is copyrighted by Philip F Harris and is reproduced here with the author’s permission.

1. Introduction

2. Chapter One

3. Chapter Two

4. Chapter Three

5. Chapter Four

6. Chapter Five

7. Chapter Six

8. Chapter Seven

9. Chapter Eight

10. Chapter Nine

11. Chapter Ten

12. Chapter Eleven

13. Chapter Twelve

14. Chapter Thirteen

15. Chapter Fourteen

16. Chapter Fifteen

17. Chapter Sixteen

18. Tools To Use: Jesus And The Law Of Attraction

19. The Power Of Gratitude

20. The Fine Art of Visualization I

21. The Fine Art of Visualization II

22. Dr. John Demartini, The Secret, And Transforming The World

23. Dr. John Demartini, The Secret, And Toilet Paper

24. Quotes To Ponder