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How long have you been trying to get slim? Do you want be leaner and sexier without exerting too much effort? Are you too lazy to exercise?

Couch potato or not, there's still hope for you. You can still lose those pounds away. And you can even do so without ever meaning to. You can shed inches off your waist while watching your favorite TV show. You can build muscles while helping around the house or sitting at your desk at work.

Give yourself a nice gift this year - a slimmer, slender body. Start your "lean & lazy" fitness lessons right now.

1. Reasons To Trim That Tummy

2. The Couch Potato Workout

3. The Desk Does Wonders

4. Get Fit On The Go

5. Types Of Exercises

6. What To Do For A Healthier You

7. What To Dump To Be The Leaner You

8. Conclusion