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Why Do People Commonly Fail To Manifest What They Visualize?

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

Why indeed? There are six possible answers to this important question.

Belief that success is nothing more than luck

If you continuously allow yourself to be in this state of mind, then you will end up with nothing great. You will remain at a lower level and perform mediocre acts. I can't emphasize strongly enough that “luck” depends on you. Do not be fooled by people who say that they achieved their greatness simply because of “good luck”. The truth is, they surely did their fair share of creative visualization and maintained positive thoughts and mental images in order to be on a positive frequency with the universe.

Never forget that your job is not to figure out how the universe will do its part in giving you the so-called “luck”. The how will show up as a result of your commitment and belief. The hows are the domains of the universe. It always knows the shortest, quickest, fastest and most harmonious way between you and your aspirations. The moment you turn your dreams over to the universe and its forces, you will be surprised and dazzled by what will be delivered to you.

This is where the magic happens.

Be open to the possibilities and wait with baited breath for the avalanche of good fortune.

Not being able to change their thoughts

This is a great tragedy. Recall that your thoughts turn into reality. If you always find yourself dwelling on the negative side of life saying, “I can’t earn more money”, “I am not ready to let go of (insert name of significant other)”, “I am so depressed”, “I can’t seem to lose weight”, etc, then that is what you’ll get. NEGATIVITY!

It is part and parcel of human nature to focus on the negative aspect of life. This habit is a defense mechanism to protect you and help you cope with negative events, but too much focus on the negative side activates your fight-or-flight response and ends up causing excessive stress and reduces your ability to cope. So, in order to harness this ingrained reaction you must focus on the positive end of the spectrum. The moment you catch yourself starting to think of bad feelings, stop right then and there. Command your brain by saying “STOP” out loud. Change your mindset to a positive one. Say “The money is coming”, “The beautiful life goes on without (insert name of significant other)”, “The day will turn out perfectly well” and “I’m dropping off pounds and losing excess inches of flab slowly but surely”. This may take some time getting used to, but once you’ve developed the habit, it will come easily upon command.

Wasting attention on superfluous things

More often than not, the initial desires that popped into your mind when ask what you wished for would be those that involve immediate gratification, material things like a wad of cash, flashy cars, palatial abodes, prestige, privilege and fame. While they are not inherently bad, they are not exactly the cure all to your personal problems in life. They may not even be congruent with your real outlook in life.

Try to examine the deepest recesses of your heart. Hear what it is trying to communicate. Seek those longings which would make you into a better person. Maybe what you really want is not in the form of a financial compensation. Maybe you crave to heal the rift with a friend whom you haven’t spoken to for years. Strive to think out of the box and discover what you really want.

Being Clueless on Available Choices

If there’s anything worse than not knowing what you want, it would be being clueless on your available choices. Sometimes, we have an image of what we would like to happen to our lives—it could be the addition or exclusion of a person, an animal, a thing or an event. But because media and society have conditioned us to attempt to fit in with the rest of the pack, we automatically disregard those that do not conform to society’s standards. This senseless rationalization of trying to belong by compromising their inner aspirations has made losers out of those who follow this path. Outwardly, they may look all sunny and gay, but delve further inward and you will see them writhing in heart-wrenching pain and agony because of the sacrifices they have to make.

Know your choices. Do not be blinded by the façade of what is happening around you. Open not just your eyes, but more importantly, your mind, heart and soul to the overwhelming variety of alternatives in your milieu.

Knowledge Deficit on Creative Visualization

The process of creative visualization is so simple yet effective that it comes as a huge surprise that not a lot of people know about this. This is the magical key which opens the door to great possibilities. You can wish for anything, ANYTHING you want and it will be given to you.

Remember the story of Aladdin? What was the genie’s famous statement? “Your wish is my command! Poof! And there you have it! Your mental image becomes your reality in a flash.

That is precisely what creative visualization is all about. It is like staring and drooling at the round-of-applause-inducing choices available in the catalog of the universe and having the freedom to pick out what you fancy at any point in your life. Unlike Aladdin, you are not restricted by three choices. You are free to wish and wish and wish. A word of caution though: make sure you really want what you aspire for and you have no uncertainties about it. Otherwise, it will just be another exercise in futility.