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When Will My Wishes Come True?

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

At this time, you have become familiar with the specific steps for creative visualization. Without a doubt you are curious to know when you will reap the results of what you have sown.

Let me make something clear. You live in a reality where there is a time buffer. Trust me; you don’t want to be in an environment where your thoughts are manifested immediately.

Imagine getting home from work one day and receiving a postcard from your brother who is vacationing in the exotic country of Thailand. When you flipped the card, you were entranced by the imposing sight of a grey elephant, with its wide expanse of leathery skin, muscular trunk and two, long curved tusks. So you immediately think, “What a remarkable idea it would be to have this humungous creature on my doorstep!” Now, if your thoughts were immediately converted into reality, what a big shock it would be to find yourself in the company of such an awe-inspiring animal. You would probably be in a tizzy, not knowing whether it was friendly enough to be petted or about to trample you to bits. Get my point?

Honestly, there is no rule book or guide which says it will take 10 minutes, or 30 days or five months to achieve your wishes. It depends upon your alignment with the universe. Again, you have to go back to the fundamental questions of knowing how much you want that thing and how committed you are to visualizing it.

Do your part and trust the universe to do its thing without any effort.