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Jesus Taught It Too (The Early Roots Of The Law Of Attraction)

Chapter One

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It has been said that “the meek shall inherit the earth.” It has not been said that the poor, the sick, the depressed, the hungry, the downtrodden or even the followers of a particular religion will inherit the earth. “Meek” simply means “showing mildness” or displaying a “quietness of nature.” Yet for thousands of years that one phrase has been used to justify the exploitation of millions. Humanity has been told to suffer its lot in life because if you do, great rewards will be bestowed upon you after death.

Religious dogma has done little to advance the cause of humanity. While followers of various faiths have often worked to alleviate the suffering of many, the actual institutions have been the cause of war and divisiveness throughout the ages. The irony is that the teachings of the great Masters, which unfortunately led to institutionalized religions, actually left wonderful roadmaps aimed at improving both the material and the spiritual status of humanity. These maps have often been hidden, passed over, or misinterpreted in the interests of maintaining the power and privilege of a few.

It has also been said that “all that is hidden will be revealed.” Beginning in the 19th Century, many came forward offering new interpretations of ancient secrets, the universe and ways for humanity to gain material and spiritual advancement. Prior to this time the wisdom that would free humanity from its dogmatic yoke lay hidden in secret texts; kept alive by so called “secret societies;” or even hidden in plain sight in paintings, decks of cards, architecture and in the form of plays, poetry and works of literature. All that was needed to unlock the guides to human advancement were mysterious keys and codes or a willingness to explore the inner meanings of carefully chosen phrases and passages.

The need for secrecy was mandated since those who held the reins of power were willing to do anything to prevent higher knowledge from reaching the minds of the masses. Inquisitions, genocides, mass torture, and all sorts of unspeakable methods were used to prevent the dissemination of the truth and to maintain the secrecy of this higher wisdom.

Despite all of the grand efforts to censor the truth, much has remained readily available to those who seek a greater understanding of humanity’s relationship to the COSMOS. After all, if the teachings of the great masters and avatars were totally suppressed, there would be no basis for the dogma that has for so long held sway over the thoughts of man. Still, even though “truths” have been at our disposal at all time, it is incredible that those in power have still been able to assert such control. Throughout the millennia those who sat at the apex of religious institutions have been able to convince the masses that it is only they who have the key to the meaning of scripture and verse.

Times have changed. Arising from the early teachings of Theosophy, the early spiritualists and the “New Age” phenomena, barriers to free religious thinking are crumbling like the once invincible Berlin Wall. In our era of instant communication, it has become almost impossible to censor or control the spread of new ideas and enlightened thinking.

A generally literate world population, mass media outlets, TV, the Internet, YouTube and the dwindling capacity of religious leaders to impose penalties upon dissenting thought has resulted in a spiritual revolution that appears unstoppable. These institutions are under daily siege and their foundation is showing major cracks. People are re-reading religious texts and finding new and personal meanings in the words of the masters. Unencumbered by the chains of the self-proclaimed moral authorities, a new found inner freedom and understanding of spiritual thought is sweeping across the world.

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