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Jesus Taught It Too (The Early Roots Of The Law Of Attraction)



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The world is being increasingly exposed to challenges to traditional religious thought. The film and book, “The Secret,” the release of “The Gospel of Judas,” the film, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” the book “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris, and the novel, “Waking God” by authors Doe and Harris are but a small example of the onslaught directed at religious dogma.

With publicity for these new ideas being heralded by Larry King, Oprah and Degeneres as well as the exponential increase in the number of web sites, blogs and forums regarding the Law of Attraction and manifesting your own reality, religious institutions are facing their greatest trials since the Reformation.

Added to this siege are the frequent and highly publicized church scandals. Issues of gay ministers, the right of clergy to marriage, potential schisms and the role of women in the various churches have been frequent page one headlines. Some would label these The End Times or End of Days. Others would argue that this is not an end, but a beginning of a New Age of spirituality.

The latter would say that we are in a “time of questioning” that will lead humanity to a new level of understanding between humanity and the Cosmos. Quantum science is peering into the very fabric of reality and discovering that appearances have long been deceiving. Rather than disproving the claim of Intelligent Design, science may yet prove that behind all that we term reality is a guiding consciousness.

People are beginning to question the interpretation of holy texts and new archeological discoveries are raising doubts over what was held by many as historical fact. Was Jesus married? Did he leave behind physical remains? Did early religious leaders and messengers actually tell of a stream of thought that is far different from what has been preached in the pulpit? Are religious teachings really about worship, the struggle of good versus evil and the concept of sin and punishment or do they describe a unified Universe where there is duality without judgment and a blueprint for the spiritual evolution of humanity?

While dogma and institution have certainly come under fire, the actual teachings of early religious leaders have not. While those who may have distorted and skewed teachings have been backed against the wall, the messages of the early Masters are receiving revived interest and new interpretations. What are emerging are new sets of Spiritual Laws that contradict common theological “wisdom.” These Laws are common threads found in all religious texts but which have, for millennia, been downplayed or kept secret.

The “new spirituality” is not at all new. The late 1800’s and early 1900’s saw new views of the Universe in existentialism, transcendentalism and theosophy. The writings of H. Spencer Lewis, often overlooked, began to make known some of the secrets held within the Rose Cross.

Since then, there have been books on everything from creating wealth to thinking yourself well. In the sixties there was the emergent guru and music of that time was filled with spiritual messages. The 80’s witnessed the New Age movement and many flocked to their daily dose of affirmations, positive thinking and messages from beyond that flowed into willing “channelers.”

Today we have moved beyond “positive thinking” as new revelations and secrets are being revealed to millions over the Internet and through mass media outlets. At the same time we are witnessing the growth of religious fundamentalism as the old institutions and ways of thinking try to maintain their historical sway on the minds and hearts of the former faithful. As in the days of the Reformation, the lines of spiritual thought have been drawn in the sand, sometimes with blood.

“JESUS TAUGHT IT TOO” is not an attempt to revive or support traditional Christian thought. On the contrary, it presents a unique interpretation of the sayings of the Master that stand in juxtaposition to conventional religious thought. This work shows that most of the literature regarding such topics as The Law of Attraction, The Manifestation Process, creating one’s reality, thinking and growing rich and visualizing your way to goal fulfillment date back over two thousand years. The founding principles of all of these lines of spiritual thought can be found in the Christian Bible in the actual words of the one named Jesus. This is not to infer that Jesus was the only ancient messenger to lay the foundation for current spiritual thought, but it clearly shows is that He did lay such a foundation.

It is also clear that the way pointed out by Jesus is not what is commonly taught to the masses. Just praying to Jesus and proclaiming him your personal savior will not invoke the Law of Attraction or the manifestation process. This fact is borne out by history. Getting to the “Father,” the kingdom within, through the acceptance of the inner Christ, and not the man, Jesus, is the path that one must follow. This path is open to all that will accept that a higher state of being exists at the core of our essence. It can be called the Christ, higher self, or any term one chooses. The key is to recognize that within each of us is a power that is the same that created the Universe. It is this power that we utilize to manifest all that we desire.

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