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Fear Of Failure Brings It To You

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

An active factor in all misery is fear, the product of deficiency in self-assertiveness, the action of the faculties when not supported by the element courage. When an attempt to do some particular thing promising more returns than have aver heretofore been earned is undertaken, the first effect in some people is a fear that they cannot accomplish the undertaking, and this sets in motion the very thought element that will seek other failures, bring one into touch with them, add the burden of their indecision and general weakness to one's own, make that class of people our friends and drive the courageous people away.

Shrinking from the world, the fear of interviewing those who might be induced to do business, withdrawing into one's self, bashfulness, flushed face and halting speech are all from this element fear. We see its manifestation on every hand. Here one is eating his breakfast at breakneck speed, for fear of being late to the office. Another trembles at the footsteps of his employer, and, if spoken to, can scarcely make an intelligent reply. A third sits alone at home nights and mentally, if not actually, shrieks at every noise, imagines burglars are in the house even when common sense would tell him that no self-respecting burglar would spend time robbing such a modest home.

The businessman worries himself into an early grave for fear his ventures will not be successful. The preacher does not allow his thoughts free action for fear he will be dismissed for heresy. The dog crouches at his master's feet fearing bodily harm. All insurance is founded on fear. The walking delegate fears he will lose his position unless he creates trouble and strife to prove his usefulness.

The merchant fears trade will fall off. Every class of man and kind of animal knows this self-abusing, soul-destroying element, fear. It has been generated since the world began and is so ponderous in volume that everybody and everything are affected by it. The miser is its product; the grasping for wealth by all is its manifestation, caused by a fear of poverty in old age and growing into the desire for power and love of show; and so fixed becomes the wealth acquiring habit that there is no limit to its desires and no amount can satisfy its appetite.

People are on a nervous tension, strung up to the breaking point, strained, rigid, unyielding, until the face is lined and seamed, the eyes restless, the fingers twitching, arms swinging. Sitting quietly in a chair, relaxing the muscles and resting is foreign to their nature and would be, to these people, actual torture. Such people have little common sense and no one respects them. I remember a gruff old manager of a railroad when a new clerk fluttered and flushed and stammered over a question he had been asked, turning to his chief clerk and asking, while his face was a study, "John, what's the matter with the damn fool?" There was no emotion or feeling in the question, just a plain interrogation. They must be moving, active, cannot and do not rest until the nervous system breaks down; then off they go at breakneck speed to some health resort to rest and recuperate, if financially able, when they find that rest is not to be commanded at pleasure after years of ceaseless activity.

It is, therefore, essential that courage be developed to insure health and success; courage to look at difficulties or new and better projects squarely, without flinching, dissect them, render your opinion and dismiss them from your mind; courage enough to forget business when at home with family and friends, enough to relax the muscles, open the soul to an inflow of new strength, to smile easily, naturally, to live one day at a time letting the morrow take care of itself, to face the world and demand your share of the good things, enough to use, but none to hoard.

Financial success may be brought about by keeping the mind fixed in a determined, resolute way on a larger income; learning to expect it, even if fear largely predominates in the makeup, only every thought of fear puts an obstacle in the way of its accomplishment and an overwhelming degree of fear will prevent the mind from knowing and realizing that success is for you; but good health, that is, freedom from the ordinary aches and pains of our fellows, cannot be realized until the mind is at rest, when the body will likewise rest, and resting gather health and strength.