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Better Sometimes To Forget

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

When you do not have immediate success and everything - looks discouraging, just remember that it is a stage of progress which all encounter, and forget it for a time. Rest yourself and gather strength for renewed effort. This power of forgetting is the best test of mental strength. When everything looks gloomy, the sunshine is hidden by the clouds of distrust, life a failure, and the world a mistake; then to be able to get it all off your mind, to interest yourself in something light and happy, thereby taking on strength, is one necessary attribute to success in any line of effort.

For when the mind is engaged in any work or worry it gives off its strength, and when happily employed it takes on strength and power. If you are incessantly struggling, striving and pushing in spasmodic and fruitless attempts to acquire material wealth, it grows weaker every instant and less able to win the desired end; but, on the contrary, if you can dig up enough self-control to turn your mind into lighter channels, take a walk or drive over beautiful country roads, go to a ball game or play a game of billiards, in fact, any amusement you thoroughly enjoy, it rests the mentality, which gathers strength while resting, and your fears seem foolish as viewed by your new mind, and you go bravely to work without any forced effort or any weak sinking of the spirit, doing the thing at hand as well as you can and building up a strong individuality for the future.

So you see how necessary to your welfare and happiness is the power of forgetting. If you cannot forget your troubles, say to yourself and think of it as you say it, "I must forget my troubles." Insist forcefully upon having the power to forget; not impatiently, fretfully, complainingly, but using whatever confidence or faith you can summon. Your burden will grow lighter, gradually your mind will become healthy, and all fear, which is the cause of your worry, will disappear. Be not afraid to demand earnestly from the Supreme, with all your power, any quality in which you may be lacking.

The supply is unlimited. All you can assimilate is yours for the asking, if you ask in the right way. To be humble does not mean to be a craven. It only means to realize the wonderful love, power and justice of the Infinite One; to realize that this power is in you and forms your life, and that if you did not interfere by filling your mind so full of doubt, distrust and the consequent worry that it could not act, it would gently, lovingly lead you to material prosperity and happiness.

One of the great hindrances to business success is taking the business home with you. Your mind runs in a groove all day and at night as well, for the predominant thought of our sleeping hours is the same as of our conscious life. This continued current of similar thought nauseates, disgusts, wearies and sickens the intellect. There is no refreshing reception of new thought, no progress, and failure results. A similar state would be produced in the body by eating potatoes and nothing else day after day. The mind requires food, mental or spiritual food, if you please, just as much as the body requires material food, and unless it receives it there can be no invigorating life.

Determine to leave your business at the office. Study your home life. Attend wholesome places of amusement. Forget your troubles if your mind is strong enough; if not, demand forgetfulness. Think of thoughts that will make you happy, any little incidents of the day or of your past life. This faculty of turning the mind upon whatever one chooses to think is not common. It requires a strong, forceful mind, and such we are trying to inculcate in you.

Worrying thoughts go out, meet other similar thoughts, are reinforced by them, and return with greater volume 'to renew the agitation of the suffering mind. So overpowering does this disease become that the thought of poverty will set - some people in a frenzy of worry.

Would it not be a blessing to you if nothing ever bothered you, nothing could worry you, leaving a happy, elastic aspiring mind instead? If you accomplished nothing else, would it not repay you for your trouble? Are you willing to weakly say you cannot, and drudge on, or will you say, "Well, it cannot harm me to try. No one will know it; no one will laugh at me if I fail. I will try." It cannot be done instantly. It must be a growth.

There can be no elasticity of conception, no wandering into new fields seeking broader avenues of business and pleasure while the mind is enslaved by worry, held down in the mire, the victim of disease.

Worry is a symptom of the mental disease, fear.

Banish all fear from your mind; say, "Things are coming my way; I am growing into a successful man; I am full of courage;" and gradually you will build up courage and optimism and all worry will disappear.

I once knew a woman who was so controlled by fear that she would not allow her little boy out of her sight, dreading some misfortune to him. Should he go out of doors, she rushed after him and brought him in, usually with some exclamation of dread that he would fall into the well or be kicked by the horses. That poor little life was cramped. His healthy, vigorous action restricted. The beautiful bud of a strong man was dwarfed into a driveling, cowardly simpleton. This is a literal truth. That woman would have done better had she taken the boy's life outright and given the spirit freedom, rather than sink it so deep in the mire of fear that it may never return - absolutely uncontrollable fear, destroying all chance for success; for wisdom, calm judgment, and that elastic, pushing spirit so necessary, cannot live in such a mind.

Fear is the Foundation of Fools