Practical Mental Influence - William W Atkinson

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Students of history find a continuous chain of reference to the mysterious influence of one human mind over that of others.

In the earliest records, traditions and legends may be found reference to the general belief that it was possible for an individual to exert some weird uncanny power over the minds of other persons, which would influence the latter for good or evil.

This is a course of lessons on Mental Vibrations, Psychic Influence, Personal Magnetism, Fascination and Psychic Self Protection.

It contains Practical Instruction, Exercises, and Directions. It is capable of being understood, mastered and demonstrated by any person of average intelligence.



1. The Law of Vibration

2. Thought Waves

3. Mental Induction

4. Mental Concentration

5. Mental Imaging

6. Fascination

7. Hypnotic Influence

8. Influencing at a distance

9. Influencing En Masse

10. The Need of the Knowledge

11. Magic Black and White

12. Self-Protection