Influence - How To Exert It - B. Dangennes (From the writings of Yoritomo Tashi)

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Yoritomo-Tashi, whose ideas are presented in this book, ranks as one of the three greatest statesmen that Japan has ever produced.

From what is known of his public career, it is evident that the great Shogun exercised an enormous dominating influence over the minds of his people.

To him the art of influencing others was the key to Success.

In these twelve lessons drawn from the writings of Yoritomo-Tashi, the methods by which Influence may be exerted and exercised are considered.

Topics covered include

  • Increase and expansion of our psychic forces to awaken the dormant energies within us.
  • How influence may be exerted by persuasion and suggestion
  • How to fix an idea when supported by logical arguments
  • The magnetic influence of the human eye and exercises for its development
  • The power of good example
  • The value of perseverance
  • The achievement of great things by doing things in spare moments
  • The power of concentration, and exercises to acquire it,
  • Using confidence to exert a mighty influence that can benefit even those suffering from mental and physical ailments



1. Announcement

2. Foreword

3. By The Increase And Spread Of Psychic Forces

4. By Persuasion

5. The Influence Of The Eyes

6. Through Clearness Of Speech

7. By Setting Good Example

8. By Psychic Influence

9. By Decision

10. By Rational Ambition

11. By Perseverance

12. By The Prestige Gained From Concentration

13. By Confidence

14. Acquisition Of Dominating Power