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One Consciousness

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

Session 36

You have said previously that consciousness doesn’t come in clumps; that there is one consciousness, but focused in many different ways. You have explained this before but I still don’t get it.

We will try again since you are so interested. Imagine many circles within one larger circle. The position of each circle is known to the others. In this diagram, the One is composed of many aspects, each experiencing from its unique perspective. The sum of the aspects are greater than the whole, because the whole has available to it an infinity of separate experiences.

Yes, but is there one overall consciousness that gets to experience all of that? In the diagram there is one big circle that contains all of the little circles, so it would seem from the diagram that only the big circle can be aware of all of the little ones.

Well, our example is just an analogy. All of us get to feel the connection to source! Any of the little circles can, by increasing its awareness, assume the broader perspective of the Whole, represented by the big circle.

You mean that any of us can experience as the one consciousness?

Yes! That is what we mean when we say there is not a Supreme Entity directing everything. It is possible to experience the One from any aspect.

I’m getting to understand a little bit more. So it’s possible for individual personalities to experience a wholeness, or a oneness, even though there is individual experiencing.

Yes, that is the genius of it. Diagrammatically you can say that the little circles inside the big ones are all eternal just as is the big circle, but that the ‘little’ circles can assume the identity or awareness of the big circle at any time. And just as important, the bigger circles may do the same with the little circles. That is how we can experience through you, you see.

Have you ever felt really wonderful? Did you notice how much more you felt aware as an individual, and at the same time felt a connection to all things? That is how source energy functions.

I see, dimly.

It is so very simple, but so profound. Physical beings have a hard time understanding the simplicity of it. Humans think for something to be awesome and powerful, it must be complicated, because the sophisticated and powerful devices on your planet involve so many components. But that is not the way it works with consciousness!

So the idea is that consciousness is a Whole and at the same time, different aspects or extensions of itself.

That is well stated! The Whole IS the aspects, or extensions– of–itself, which ARE itself.

Wow. Thanks!