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Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

Session 26

Why is there a time lag between the asking for something and the manifestation of it?

Because you must allow the wanted thing to come to you. That allowing is difficult for most humans who are schooled in the idea of scarcity. For some, however, it is as natural as breathing!

That’s too general. What is ‘allowing’ and how does allowing bring that which is wanted?

Allowing is letting–in. Letting in is important because the energies of what you are desiring cannot come to you if you are not a match to them. In other words, allowing means becoming vibrationally the same as that which is wanted.

Yes that’s all fine and general, but if I want a car, I don’t understand what the ‘energies’ of a car are. You sound like an airhead, and your answer is very unhelpful.

(laughs uproariously) Airhead! That is very good, thank you! (chattering and babbling in the background…where is that coming from?)

The energies of the car, for you, is your feeling of what it would be like to have the car.

Huh? A car is a car, what does what I feel about it have to do with the car? You know, sometimes I think you really are space cadets!

(ignores taunt) Remember, the car is a very sophisticated machine –– there has been a lot of thought put into the design and manufacture of the car. The car is designed to be bought –– that is the intention of those who build it. In fact, there is a very strong thought stream of the car that says: ‘please buy me.’ So there must be a vibrational alignment between the car, which desires to be received by someone, and a person who desires to receive a car. When your desire is pure to receive THAT car and when you do not block the car from coming to you, then you receive the car.

Yes, but if the car is a Ferrari that costs $160,000 and I only have $500...

Then you are not in the receiving mode such that you can receive the Ferrari, because you believe that your lack of money will prevent you from having the car.

OK, but say I do really believe I will get the car. How does that work when I only have $500?

Well, in the first place a person with $500 does not ask for a Ferrari. Usually that person will settle for a used Ford Escort!

If person with $500 truly desired a Ferrari, purely, with no counter–thought to muddy the purity of his or her vibration, then a series of events would manifest for him that would seem magical to anyone observing that person. His uncle might leave him with $50,000 from his estate, or he might win the lottery, or a fantastic business opportunity might unfold, or perhaps he would have a brilliant idea for a book or a screenplay; things would happen, gradually or suddenly, depending upon his degree of wanting, his purity of vibration in relation to his wanting, and his allowance (not blocking) and recognition of the opportunities which will come to him, which will facilitate for him the having of the car.

These sort of quantum leaps of desire usually take time and almost always the person gives up well before it manifests. That is because a person who has $500 and wants a Ferrari is standing in a place of not–having; the desire for something is always greatest when you want it but are vibrationally nowhere near it. However, it is the (unfulfilled) desire that provides the energy potential that drives the creative process.

So you’re saying that the manifestation of the car occurs because the person’s desire matches him up with the car’s desire to be bought? A car may be conscious on a small level, but it isn’t that conscious!

The car is built with the idea of being purchased. That is probably the most dominant thought stream associated with it. Those thoughts are being programmed into each component of the car, and the car itself, by the conscious beings who design and build the car, at every stage of the process of design and manufacture. That is why we say there is a lot of thought that goes into the car. We mean that literally!

There may be other thought streams associated with the car: I am of high quality workmanship, I am beautiful to look at, I am fun to drive, I am fast, I am reliable, I can help you pick up women, etc., etc. These thought streams are all an integral part of the car.

The ones who buy cars like the Ferrari are matched to these thought streams, we assure you!! These thought streams are contained within the very fabric of the car, all of its component parts, and all of the human beings who built the car and desire to sell it.

This is basic stuff that we have repeated over and over. The strength of the desire and the belief of the person that it can and will happen is paramount. By believing, knowing, it will happen, the person places himself in receiving mode –– in other words he or she is an energetic match to what is wanted, allows the opportunities for it to arrive in his experience, and takes advantage of those opportunities when they come, at each and every step along the way.

Normally those who buy Ferrari’s are qualified buyers, because a qualified buyer has no trouble imagining himself or herself receiving the car. But the receiving of the car really has little to do with money, for a person who truly IS abundant will HAVE money. If you do not have the money, then you must begin with altering your state of being. Manifestation of the car in your experience is all about thought, conscious intent, desire, and belief (knowing) of receiving of the car.

We assure you that the process of manifestation is the same for us as it is for you; vibrational closeness is more important than nearness in space/time. The person with $500 can walk into the Ferrari showroom and physically stand next to the car, but he cannot drive out with it!

So it’s not magic. There is a reasonable explanation for each point in the process.

It IS magic, and it is explainable. It is the magic of conscious intent, of conscious thought, matching up with thought (energy) of like intent, in a vibrational universe of attraction.

OK, I try to make everything complicated, but it’s not.

(smile) You are one who has a powerful desire for understanding!