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Stress can do a lot of damage to a person. It is so destructive that it can consume the body and put it in a permanent state of anxiety. Worse, it can take over the mind and the emotions. It even has the capacity to change how a person feels and thinks.

Wipeout Stress in Record Time reveals powerful methods of managing and eliminating stress in the fastest possible time, before it starts ruining your life and endangering your health. It contains well thought-out ideas on how to effectively rid your body of stress so that you can live your life to the fullest and attain happiness every day of your life.

You will be presented with step-by-step guidelines on how to combat stress so you can fully equip yourself with the physical, mental, and emotional arsenal to win the battle.

1. Introduction

2. Stress And The Body

3. Stress And Life Situations

4. Interventions

5. Occupational Stress

6. Stress Management Techniques And Strategies

7. Meditation

8. Autogenic Training

9. Other Relaxation Techniques

10. Spirituality And Stress