Thoughts Are Things - Prentice Mulford

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Many years before the current surge of interest in the Law of Attraction, author Prentice Mulford wrote how what we talk about and think about is what we attract to ourselves in our lives.

He explained how, for example, people who talk about suffering eventually bring suffering to themselves in some form.

While there are many today who are familiar with these metaphysical ideas, Mulford also discusses many thought-power topics that are less widely known.

Thoughts Are Things was a classic book when it was first published, and is just as timely and relevant today.

1. The Material Mind Vs The Spiritual Mind

2. Who Are Our Relations?

3. Thought Currents

4. One Way To Cultivate Courage

5. Look Forward!

6. God In The Trees, The Infinite Mind In Nature

7. Some Laws Of Health And Beauty

8. Museum And Menagerie Horrors

9. The God In Yourself

10. The Healing And Renewing Force Of Spring

11. Immortality In The Flesh

12. The Attraction Of Aspiration

13. The Accession Of New Thought