The Science of Being Well - Wallace D Wattles

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The big problem with being born into a physical body is that you don't get an instruction manual with it.

And if you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?

Many people spend their entire lives not really knowing how to treat the body they have been entrusted with, or what to do when things go wrong.

Most approaches to health completely miss the fact that there are two aspects to being well - the physical and the metaphysical.

The Science of Being Well changes all that.

The truth is that everlasting health and vitality is not difficult to achieve if you understand a few basic principles about how the body operates.

Written around 100 years ago but still highly-relevant today, Wallace D Wattles provides practical advice and techniques for becoming healthy again, if you are not already, and staying that way for a lifetime.

This book completes Wattles' masterful "Science of..." trilogy on PsiTek, the other books being The Science of Getting Rich (one of the major inspirations for the popular Law of Attraction movie called The Secret) and The Science of Being Great.

1. Preface

2. The Principle Of Health

3. The Foundations Of Faith

4. Life And Its Organisms

5. What To Think

6. Faith

7. Use Of The Will

8. Health From God

9. Summary Of The Mental Actions

10. When To Eat

11. What To Eat

12. How To Eat

13. Hunger And Appetites

14. In A Nutshell

15. Breathing

16. Sleep

17. Supplementary Instructions

18. A Summary Of The Science Of Being Well