The Path Of Prosperity - James Allen

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In The Path of Prosperity author James Allen, one of the forefathers of the power of positive thinking, guides you towards finding peace and prosperity by changing your attitude towards life's challenges.

Along the lines of his other masterful work As A Man Thinketh, Allen demonstrates how to transform your life by simply changing the thoughts that you allow yourself to think.

He shows that as you build within by applying the power of thought, so will your outward life shape itself accordingly.

1. Foreword

2. The Lesson Of Evil

3. The World A Reflex Of Mental States

4. The Way Out Of Undesirable Conditions

5. The Silent Power Of Thought: Controlling And Directing One's Forces

6. The Secret Of Health, Success And Power

7. The Secret Of Abounding Happiness

8. The Realization Of Prosperity