The Mental Highway - Thomas Parker Boyd

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The Mental Highway is a collection of lectures that were given in the early 1900s and intended to serve as an introduction to academic and applied psychology.

What is fascinating to note about the work is that the author, Thomas Parker Boyd, felt that an underlying appreciation of the workings of the Universal Laws and their relationship to the subconscious mind was an absolutely essential part of the subject.

Contrast that approach with mainstream psychology today and you are perhaps left wondering if our understanding of the mind has really advanced that much in 100 years.

Or maybe, in today's "modern" world, we might actually have lost or overlooked vital aspects of our understanding of the nature of consciousness.

Mr Boyd covers a multitude of topics as diverse as Memory and Cognition to the Psychology of Love & Marriage, through Character Analysis to the giving of healing treatments using Mental Methods.

Overall, The Mental Highway provides a rich and varied journey of exploration through the landscape of the human mind.

1. Foreword

2. First Steps In Mental Life

3. Mind And Body

4. Conscious, Subconscious And Superconscious

5. Elements Of Consciousness

6. Cognition

7. Memory

8. The Psychology Of Feeling

9. Physiology And Biology Of Feeling

10. The Will

11. The Mind In Action

12. Suggestion

13. How To Treat By Mental Methods

14. The Mechanism Of Thinking

15. The Psychology Of Mental Dominion

16. Psychoanalysis

17. Character Analysis

18. Psychology Of Business

19. The Psychology Of Efficiency

20. The Psychology Of Abundance

21. The Psychology Of Health

22. Psychology Of Love And Marriage

23. The Psychology Of Dreams

24. The Psychology Of The Borderland

25. The Psychology Of Religion