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Inner-Conscious Helpers

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

MANY of you have heard the old fairy-tales and bits of folklore relating to the kindly “brownies,” or “good fairies,” who, feeling affection for, and gratitude toward, some poor tailor or cobbler who had befriended them, would come at night, when the workman and his family were asleep, and taking up the unfinished work that had been left on the table or bench, would work diligently at it so that when the morning’s sun roused the worker from his slumbers he would find his unfinished task completed.

The little hands of the brownies would have fashioned the leather into shoes, then stitched and pegged them; the cloth would be cut and made into garments; the pieces of wood would be made into boxes, chests, furniture, chairs, etc. The rough material had been prepared by the workman during the day; the brownies would “do the rest”

But what has all this to do with the Inner Consciousness, you may ask. Just this—that in the Inner Consciousness of each of us there are forces which act much the same as would countless tiny mental brownies or helpers who are anxious and willing to assist us in our mental work, if we will but have confidence and trust in them.

No, this is no fairytale; it is by a psychological truth expressed in the terms of the old fairy tale.

By reference to Lessons III and VI, you will see mentioned many instances of the work of these Inner Conscious Helpers.

In Lesson VI, especially, you will notice several instances in which well- known authorities testified to the fact that there was a marked manifestation of “automatic thinking” or “unconscious rumination,” by means of which problems which had proved unsolvable by the conscious mind had been gradually worked out by the Inner Consciousness, and the results then duly presented to the field of outer consciousness.

The facts are well known to psychologists and many investigators have learned to use the law to their own benefit.

The process of calling into service these Inner Conscious Helpers is similar to that by which we constantly employ the Memory to recall some forgotten fact or name. We find that we cannot recollect the desired fact, date or name, and instead of racking our brains with an increased effort, we (if we have learned the secret) pass on the matter to the Inner Consciousness, with a silent command “remember this name for me,” and then go on with our ordinary work.

After a few minutes—or it may be hours—all of a sudden, pop! will come the missing name or fact before us— flashed from the planes of the Inner Consciousness, by the help of the kindly workers or “brownies” of those planes. The experience is so common that we have ceased to wonder at it, and yet it is a wonderful manifestation of the Inner Conscious workings of the mind. Stop and think a moment, and you will see that this missing word does not present itself accidentally or “just because.”

There are mental processes at work for your benefit, and when they have worked out the problem for you they gleefully push it up from their plane on to the plane of the outer consciousness where you may use it.

We know of no better way of illustrating the matter than by this fanciful figure of the “mental brownies,” in connection with the illustration of the “Mental Storehouse.”

If you would learn to take advantage of the work of the Inner Conscious Brownies, form a mental picture of the Mental Storehouses on the several planes of the Inner Consciousness, in which are stored all sorts of knowledge that you have placed there during your lifetime, as well as the impressions that you have had passed on to you from the past— whether that past be the lives of ancestors, or past lives of yourself, take your choice regarding this.

The information stored away has often been placed in the storage rooms without any regard to systematic storing, or arrangement, and when you wish to find something that has been stored away a long time ago, the exact place being forgotten, you are compelled to call to your assistance the little brownies of the mind, which you do by the silent command of “recollect this for me.”

These brownies are the same little chaps that you charge with the task of waking you up at four o’clock tomorrow morning when you must catch your train—and they obey you well. The same little fellows will also flash into your consciousness the report, “I have an engagement at two o’clock with Jones”—and looking up at your clock you can see that it is just a quarter before the hour of your engagement.

Well, if you will examine carefully into a subject which you wish to master, and will pass along the results of your observations to these Inner Conscious brownies, you will find that they will work the raw materials into shape for you in time.

They will arrange, analyze, systematize, collate and arrange in consecutive order the various details of information which you have passed on to them, and will add thereto the various articles of similar information that they will find stored away in the various recesses of your memory. In this way they will group together various scattered bits of knowledge that you have forgotten. And, right here, let us say to you that you never absolutely lose anything that you have placed in your mind.

You may be unable to remember to recollect certain things, but they are not lost—sometime later some associative connection will be made with some other fact, and lo! the missing idea will be found fitted nicely into its place in the larger idea—the work of our little brownies. Read the examples given in other lessons—they can be reproduced by you or anyone who will cultivate the “knack” of it.

Remember Thompson’s statement that: “In view of having to wait for the results of these unconscious processes, I have proved the habit of getting together material in advance, and then leaving the mass to digest itself until I am ready to write about it.” This Inner Conscious digestion is the work of our little mental brownies. There are many ways of setting the brownies to work.

Nearly everyone has had some experience, more or less, in the matter, although often it is done almost unconsciously and without intent or knowledge.

Perhaps the best way for the average person—or rather, for the majority of persons—is to get as clear an idea of what you really want to know as possible—as clear an idea or mental image of the question you want answered—and then, after rolling it around in your mind, giving it a high degree of voluntary attention, then, we say, pass it on to the Inner Conscious planes, with the mental command, “Attend to this for me—work out the answer, and then report to me,” or a similar order.

This order may be made silently, or aloud if you wish—the forming of the words seems to give force to the order. Speak to the Inner Conscious workers just as you would to people in your employ, firmly but kindly. And, then—and this is an important point—you must accompany the order with an Earnest Expectation that your Will will be carried out. The clearer your belief the better will be the result. A doubt will interfere somewhat.

The writer of this book once said: “Earnest Desire—Confident Expectation—and Firm Demand— these form the Triple Key of Occult Attainment.” And so it is, in this case as in many others.

Talk up to your Inner Consciousness, and firmly command it to do your work—but also Earnestly Desire its accomplishment—and above all, Confidently Expect the desired answer. And then forget all about the matter—throw it off of your conscious mind, and attend to other tasks.

And then in due time the answer will be forthcoming, and will flash before your consciousness—perhaps not until the very minute that you must decide upon the matter, or need the information. You may give your brownies orders to report by such and such a time, if you wish—just as you do when you tell them to awaken you for your train, or to remind you of your appointment.