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Hidden behind our existence are the most potent forces that govern us all - the laws of the universe.

The universal laws are real. These laws are the unlisted, unstated, and underestimated powers that govern humankind.

All people, regardless of their race, age, gender, or nationality instinctively follow them, whether or not they are even aware these laws exist.

What if you knew exactly what these laws were and how they worked?

Perhaps, you could become rich, famous, and totally satisfied with every part of your life?

With the power of universal laws working for you, you have the ability to alter your mindset and mold your thoughts and emotions to bring you everything you desire.

Read this book and become one of the lucky people who have come to realize the tremendous powers of these laws.

Learn how the laws have brought forth prosperity, contentment, happiness, and freedom to those who knew how to apply them properly.


1. Introduction

2. The Law Of Attraction

3. Your Thoughts Control You

4. Visualize Your Thoughts

5. The Law Of Vibration

6. What Is Karma?

7. Understanding Karma

8. The Law Of Gratitude

9. The Law Of Love

10. The Law Of Allowing

11. Summary