The Great Within - Christian D Larson

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This classic book by prolific metaphysical author Christian D Larson explains the process by which we can physically manifest whatever we desire in our lives.

The Great Within is a practical book and, within its pages, Mr Larson explains how to consciously create what you want using the power of thought. And he goes on to demonstrate the ways to think to achieve it and also, just as importantly, how not to think.

He shows how the human mind, through thoughts and feelings, creates the exact circumstances of every person's life.

Though originally written early last century, The Great Within is still a valuable and readable explanation of the powers of the mind that few, even today, have mastered.

The book is a refreshing and lucid exploration of the conscious and subconscious, the Law of Attraction, and the internal and external aspects of the human mind.

1. Unlimited Possibilities

2. Desire and Faith

3. Impressing the Subconscious

4. Removing Wrong Impressions

5. Think On These Things

6. You Can Become What You Desire To Be

7. Developing The Genius Within

8. You May Become What You Wish To Be

9. Use Of The Conscious And Subconscious

10. Solutions To Problems

11. Direct Assistance In Everything

12. Make Your Desires Subconscious

13. Produce Perfect Health

14. Impress The Subconscious Mind Before Sleep

15. Sleeping On Difficult Problems

16. Sleep On The Superior; The Ideal

17. Awaking The Great Within