How To Live Life And Love It - Genevieve Behrend

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How To Live Life And Love It is a series of lessons in the form of a discussion between a Master and a Student who together explore the nature of reality.

Through a series of questions and answers, they show us in a clear, concise way exactly how the circumstances and events of our lives are precisely connected with the thoughts that we think.

Full of insightful knowledge and practical techniques, How To Live Life And Love It will guide you gently towards the life you’ve always wanted to lead.

The book is author Genevieve Behrend’s follow-up book to her ever-popular Attaining Your Desires and Your Invisible Power (all available for free on PsiTek).

1. Foreword

2. Live Life And Love It!

3. The Fine Art Of Giving

4. The Art Of Reciprocity

5. God-Consciousness Versus Sense-Consciousness

6. Personal Intimacy With God

7. Individuality

8. Personal Pointers On Success

9. Instantaneous Healing

10. Instantaneous Healing (Continued)

11. Is Desire A Divine Impulse?

12. Supreme Self-Freedom

13. Exercises For Health

14. "How To Live Life And Love It!"

15. Imagination And Intuition

16. Husbands, Wives, Children

17. Life, Love, Beauty