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Have you ever counted how many duties you had failed to do in a single day? A week? A month? That happens because it is quite impossible to maintain focus amidst the fast paced world of today. Everything seems to go faster and faster than it was before. And every one of us is struggling to keep up with the current world to survive.

Do you know that you have about 50,000 thoughts everyday? Just imagine how many of those thoughts keep you distracted from your goal. Assuming you have a single thought to accomplish a particular task, there are 49,999 other thoughts swimming in your head telling you to do otherwise.

Hold That Thought will teach you the secrets of Focus and Concentration.

1. Introduction

2. What Makes It Possible to Concentrate?

3. What Keeps You From Concentrating?

4. Learning To Focus: You Can Increase Your Ability To Concentrate

5. Your Physical Well-Being

6. Your Concentration Arsenal

7. How to Apply NLP

8. Conclusion