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Everything starts with thought. Ideas are the reason why things are discovered, buildings are made and inventions are inspired. Even your actions are preceded by your thoughts. You eat because you think you are hungry. You applied for a particular job because you think you can handle your duties.

But have you ever noticed that sometimes, you are thinking of a person you haven't seen in a long time; then in a few minutes, you received a call from them? That is not merely coincidence. It is the power of your thoughts showing themselves to you.

Your thoughts influence your reality, so if you learn how to turn all your positive thoughts into something real, do you realize what amazing things can happen to you?

You can become richer, enjoy blissful relationships, have a rewarding career, or attain near-perfect health. Most of all, you'll be delighted as you can look back and see how you have molded your life exactly how you always wanted it. This level of satisfaction will make you happier and more invigorated.


In this book, you will discover:

The relationship between thoughts and reality.
Astonishing steps to turn you thoughts to reality.
The unfailing power of desire.
How to test your wants to change your life.
How to make your dreams come true, literally!
Remarkable ways to reach your goals easily.
The proper way to concentrate and visualize to achieve anything you want.
The miraculous power of belief.



1. Introduction

2. The Relationship Between Thought And Reality

3. How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality

4. Magical Tip #1: Begin With Desire

5. Magical Tip #2: Be Specific

6. Magical Tip #3: Visualize

7. Magical Tip #4: Believe

8. Magical Tip #5: Accept

9. Magical Tip #6: Listen To The Universe…And Act!

10. Magical Tip #7: Seek Support

11. Magical Tip #8: Stay Positive

12. Magical Tip #9: Give

13. Hold On To Your Thoughts, But Not Too Tightly

14. Go For It!

15. A Blessing