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Do you feel paralyzed by your bad habits. Are they making you feel trapped and unable to move?

Well, it's time for a change. These habits have to go. Now is the time to take hold of your life.

Detoxify Your Life will show you the step-by-step procedures for dealing with smoking, alcoholism, procrastinating, tardiness, negative thinking, overspending, and gambling.

Your bad habits won’t go away by themselves if you don’t do something about them.

Reading this book is the first step towards a more gratifying existence. Free yourself today from your bad habit prison.

1. The Nature Of A Bad Habit

2. Saying Sayonara To Smoking

3. Battling Alcoholism

4. Do Things Today And Now: Stop Procrastinating

5. The Early Bird Gets The Worm: Quit Being Chronically Late

6. Eliminate Negative Thinking: Learning To See The Bright Side Of Things

7. Overcoming Overspending: Getting Over Poor Money Management Habits

8. Pulling The Plug On Gambling

9. Out With The Bad, In With The Good: Replacing Bad Habits With Positive Thinking

10. Believe In Yourself