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What Is Creative Visualization?

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

The advent of the 21st century coupled with the rapid and sophisticated influx of information technology has brought about numerous advances in the different fields of science. Modern science, more specifically quantum physics, has begun to accept and prove the fact that thoughts are emitted energy that can affect the surroundings. According to an increasing number of physicists, this energy, when used to observe a certain object, already changes that object somehow. This line of thought is similar to what Zen Buddhist masters have been claiming all this time: You create your own reality.

So if this type of thinking, that thoughts hold a potential amount of tremendous power, is true, does that mean that the mind, which produces the thoughts, can manifest whatever it wishes? Without a doubt, the answer is YES! And the key to this life-changing process is creative visualization.

Creative visualization is the process of forming a vibrant and detailed picture in one’s mind of whatever one wishes. Whatever one conceives, one can achieve. The mental images formed are essential in fueling the entire process of achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations. It is THE starting point.

Physical reality is the last to be produced in the order of creation. Whatever exists in the physical world has already existed on the higher planes, which are the mental and spiritual levels. Take for example a painting. It must first be conceptualized in the mind of a painter before it can exist as a magnificent work of art on a canvass. The same is true with statues. Long before they are formed on the physical level, they have already been imagined in the realm of the sculptor’s artistic psyche. The lesson is simple: before anyone can achieve anything in physical reality, they must first have a vivid mental image of what they want.

You SHOULD have a detailed mental image or vision.