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Creative Visualization And Money

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly

Are you familiar with the name Jack Canfield? Most probably you associate him with the bestselling book, Chicken Soup for the Soul because the inspirational stories struck a chord and resonated in your heart. Did you know that the book almost never made it to a publishing house? Thankfully, by learning the value of creative visualization, he was able to overcome the initial challenges that were thrown in his way.

This is what happened.

Growing up as a poor kid, Jack grew up imbibing the knowledge that money is hard to come by, that it doesn’t grow on trees, that it should be kept and stretched to its limit. The usual clincher that Jack would hear from his father whenever he asked for money to buy sweets is this: “Who do you think I am, Rockefeller?” Of course, that would shut Jack up and end the verbal tussle with his Dad.

Decades later, he learned the secret of creative visualization when a friend coached him. He wanted to earn extra cash to fund the needs of his growing family so he decided to take the plunge. One day, he declared his intention of earning $100,000 that year. He believed and accepted it to be true, so he visualized it every single day.

For 30 days, nothing happened. Then, while he was in the shower, a major idea hit him. He was struck by the knowledge that if he could sell the manuscript of Chicken Soup for the Soul to a publisher who could sell it to 400,000 people at the price of a quarter each, then he would have enough cash to last for some time.

Take note that the manuscript was there all that time. He just did not notice it.

While doing grocery shopping that day, the newspaper rack of the National Enquirer jumped out at him. He imagined that if he were to advertise in that magazine, it would be read by millions of people, and out of those millions, hundred of thousands could be potential buyers of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Although he stored this fact in his mind, he was not able to pursue it as he was busy giving talks and symposiums on inspiring stories, some of which were in the book.

Coincidentally, after giving a lecture at New York University, he was approached by a woman impressed with his topic. She wanted to interview him and when he asked who she worked for, she replied,”I’m a freelancer, but I send most of my stuff to the National Enquirer. The proverbial light bulb lit on top of Jack’s head, and the rest as they say, is history.

Though Jack Canfield wasn’t able to rake in exactly $100,000, he did manage to earn $92,327 that year. Today, he publishes books which earn millions, receives the royalty checks and enjoys the good life together with his family. All this he achieved with the help of creative visualization.