Be Good To Yourself - Orison Swett Marden

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If you want to reach your potential and stay there, there's one thing you absolutely must do - think well of yourself.

Those who believe they don't deserve much from life ultimately discover that they don't get much from life.

In this timeless classic, author Orison Swett Marden, the original founder of Success magazine, uncovers key aspects of your life that may be preventing you from being good to yourself and stopping your reaching your greatest potential as a human being.

He looks at the unwelcome behaviors which prevent successful living and explores the mental habits that often lie at the root of our failures.

Marden was a towering inspiration to many of the success gurus of his time, who in turn wrote many of the books that have inspired and guided the success gurus of today.

In Be Good To Yourself, he effortlessly blends self-confidence, self-help and spirituality into a fascinating and motivating exploration of self-empowering attitudes.

1. Be Good To Yourself

2. Economy That Costs Too Much

3. Where Does Your Energy Go?

4. The Strain To Keep Up Appearances

5. Nature As A Joy-Builder

6. Eight Hundred Sixty-Nine Kinds Of Liars

7. The Quarreling Habit

8. The Right To Be Disagreeable

9. The Good-Will Habit

10. Love As A Tonic

11. Keeping A Level Head

12. Getting The Best Out Of Employees

13. Don't Let Your Past Spoil Your Future

14. Almost A Success

15. The Born Leader

16. The Passion For Achievement

17. Fun In The Home

18. Neglect Your Business But Not Your Boy

19. Mother

20. The Home As A School Of Good Manners

21. Self-Improvement As An Investment

22. A Religious Slot Machine