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Assertiveness is the ability to express yourself and your rights clearly without necessarily violating anyone else's rights.

It means that you get to have your way without offending anyone else.

Assertiveness is an essential communication skill that aims to establish healthy and lasting relationships.

If you feel the people around you have been manipulating and controlling you and it's now time to stand up for yourself, then this is the book for you.

1. Introduction

2. What’s Stopping You From Becoming Assertive?

3. Assertiveness In The Work Place: Don’t Confuse Assertiveness With Aggressiveness!

4. Assertiveness At Home: Teach People How To Treat You!

5. Teach Your Children To Be Assertive: Create Confident Offspring

6. Assertiveness Training For The Non-Assertive

7. Bonus 1: How To Assertively Ask For A Raise

8. Bonus 2: Questions And Answers