The Master Key System - Comments

These are all completely genuine, unaltered comments (in no particular order) from subscribers to the free weekly Master Key System lessons at PsiTek.


At 62 years of age, having married twice and battling to get back to where I was after losing everything, I was struggling to keep my head above water.

I have always adopted the attitude of "digging a hole, jumping in and digging my way out." As the years have gone on and the punches have become heavier, the hole has progressively gotten shallower. I've been with my 3rd wife for 12 years now and she has stood by me while I try to build a future for our retirement.

Unfortunately I recently suffered a severe illness which has taken 12 months to recover from, consequently rocking me back on my heals, after costing me a fortune in doctors bills and loss of income. I was ready to give up what I had accumulated; a prestige 2 bedroom home unit overlooking Sydney Harbour, a nice car and a comfortable life style.

I was introduced to the Master Key System by a friend.

I have since then taken on board from the book and the weekly emails, a gradual change in my personal attitude towards myself and the world around me. I know now that I will recover as long as I believe in where I'm going and practice that belief in everything I do.

It's not easy at first, but as I progress, my confidence improves, and that helps me tackle everyday living with renewed gusto.

My sincere thanks for providing me with the "tools of recovery."

Roy Ward. Sydney Australia.


The Master Key System has been immensely rewarding for me, and I'm only working on the 6th lesson.  There are 25 lessons in total.  If you are interested in learning The Master Key System, I say, "Congratulations.  You are about to realize your purpose in life."  Those called to The Master Key System have a purpose that is about to unfold.

Some people ask me what I have been doing because I have been changing so much.  With trepidation, I tell them I've been meditating.  Everyone wants what I now have, and again, I'm only on the 6th lesson.  I've shared The Master Key System with these people, only to find that they haven't even read the first page, but put it aside in favor of other easier tasks, like watching television.  They are not ready to find their purpose.  They are not ready for the gift that is The Master Key System.

You make the choice.  Which is your path right now?  Television, or the fulfillment of your purpose and a life fully lived?

Sandra M, Parker, Colorado


The Master system has helped immensely. I must sheepishly admit that it confirms what i was told long ago by a dearly departed friend. "there are times when everything works, and there are times when nothing works....the bottom line is that nothing works unless you do" great stuff. keep up the good work.



I have been reading multiple documents over the years to get a better understanding of what real success means and to develop the tools to
achieve it.

Most of the books I have read and the classes I have taken were filled with empty promises and old things repackaged and presented as new.

Some small nuggets were gleaned along the way through trial and error and studying successful people.  But I noticed that people that were successful were not really into sharing their methods.

The Master Key system really took me by surprise because it is presented in a very concise, well expressed method that teaches by theory, example and exercise.

There are times in the training that I made little progress for a while then the light came on and I would move to a new level of understanding.
I would have to reread some of the material many times because it deals with areas that I was never taught to use.

Persistence and self discipline is absolutely required with this training to continue working toward understanding and utilizing the lessons.  There is a point in the training that the conscience mind finally understands what is happening and the flood gates open.

For any one that is either just starting or is in the process of taking this training I have only one thing to say and that is the Master Key system will change your life.

Ed Mcsweeney, Aloha, Oregon  

I've found this book to be the most complete representation of the entire new thought genre. Haanel takes key spiritual success principles and explains them using only the most genius analogies. Initially, I desired to apply this system mainly to financial gain, and this book helped me do that; but that's only the beginning of what the application of its principles has brought. 
The best way to use this book is through spaced repitition. I recommend following the system like you are supposed to the first time, and thereafter using it as a referrence. Personally, I bought an audio format and listen to it often in my car or on my iPod at the gym. Eventually, through spaced repetition, the ideas become second nature. 
Jeff Motheral

I was able to learn how to use visualization to make the things I wanted in life happen. It helped me create the work and living environment that I always wanted. I am happier and feel more like a creator in my life than a spectator letting life happen. Thank you for your service and I have and will continue to recommend it to others.



I have enjoyed recieving my weekly emails.  I found it to be rewarding, inspiring and positive.  It has given me an understanding of personal
purpose and acheivement. And for that I am truly grateful.

DG, Australia


Thank you for the lessons.  It is a great good that you do. I am presently studying for the Georgia Bar and your lessons have been my port in the storm.  They are helping me to remain centered and focused.  Their mettle was put to the test when my two year old computer's hard drive crashed several days ago (and could not be
revived), just a couple of weeks prior the Bar and I lost all information. Six months worth of Bar prep.  I know, I should have backed up my information.

However, after being plunged into what appeared to be a place so dark that for a few hours the very sun was blotted out, within several hours I had re-centered myself and plunged back into the fray to recoup. This is what your lessons have done for me.  Fortitude, being centered, along with a deep certainty that all is well despite outward appearances.  No time to dwell on loses, life unfolds as we

TDS, Georgia


I read each and every email lesson regarding the "Master Key". I also saved them all.  There is so much garbage on the net that people and companies ask you to pay for and here is something that is offered free that is worth more than any of that other stuff.

I know some of the lessons were long but they are well worth it reading.  It is the story of how you can make life work and be rewarding.   You owe it to yourself to read it and understand it.  Your kids should read it too if you can get them
to sit still long enough. "Knowledge shall set you free" applies here.

Don Sutton


Absolutely. It has revoluntionalized my life. The interesting thing about this book, is that it has made aware of what I already had before, but did not know how exactly to apply it to my life.

I am still at it, but do believe that I will really get it, and continue to use it for the rest of my life. In the begining it was really hard, infact, I was scared but after doing the exercises, I began to like it. I am going to go over it again- till I become what it is all about.

Anonymous, Illinois, U.S.A


The book is simply amazing! It helped me see that there is more to life than what I currently thought there was. It is deep and has substance that you can work with for the rest of your life. The book is worth reading twice to once a year at least. My favorite was Part 9 and still practice the "key" to this day. Thanks for the wonderful service that you provide.

Gordon Hodgkinson, Australia


The Master Key System is Awesome!!! It has great insights, which touches upon every aspect of life. I have found great pleasure in being apart of such valuable information. Thank You!



i being reading these lessons and it's has been very helpful in understanding life. i can't put it down.



Thank you so very much for the generous weekly Master Key System which is so wonderful and accessible, user friendly designed. Needless to say, the Master Key System itself is a jewel but the way is being introduced and taught by you is phenomenal, because it is so structured and organized, week after week, building up the sequence in which one's mind can gradually accustom to, and his/her perception of one's surroundings is gently yet powerful altered.

Thousands and many more people's lives have changed dramatically by studying and implementing this System and we would like to thank you many many times for your generous efforts and your contribution to the betterment of humankind and helping us, realizing how limited our mindscope and perception has been until now. Thank you for helping The Divine in restoring the joy of living here and now, in these troubled times that are changing radically for the better all over the world. Thank you for helping The Creator to remind us of OUR TRUE DIVINE SELF.

Manuela Arhire, Toronto, Canada


My wife and I have loved the Master Key and we use it and read from it every day. Thank you so much.

Robert J. Norman


I have just completed week 15 of your course and I feel like it's Christmas everytime a new course arrives in my mailbox. Thank you so much for doing this. Everyday seems like a new experience for me and for the first time in a very long time am i enjoying life with new eyes and an open heart.

My marriage has become stronger and more loving and life in general is fantastic. People have commented on how much I've changed and are happy with my new attitude. Life really is Good! Keep spreading the word and I will also do my small part in shaping the Universe. Thank you again.

Helen F, Ontario, Canada


I have been receiving The Master Key System weekly as suggested and am in my 8th week. It has made me mindrful of how I choose my thoughts and cause and effect. I look forward each week to my next lesson. I have become more disclipined with my habits and am thinking of goals, something I haven't done for a long time.



I benefit greatly by the Master Key System! It is difficult to imagine the speed and the power of a thought, but think for a moment how an e-mail works and how quick it is to reach the right address.

We must never under estimate the precision and the power of a thought, it will find the right address much quicker than we can ever imagine. Think rich, think health, think love and think compassion. All the best and thank you for the privilege to be part of the PsiTek family



First of all let my thank you for the Free Metaphysical Books. Sometimes when I have time and I'm kind of feeling a little low I love to go to your Web Site and just read, it just give me a whole new slant on life, it has never failed.

My first Metaphysical book was The Wisdom of the Overself by Paul Brunton. I found it about 15 years ago in an old second hand store in Ottawa and bought it for $2.00. It took me a while to read this book.....but it changed my out look on just about everything, and now this book is kept in my nightside table. So when I moved west how lucky was I to find your Web site....finally more books to read.

And now The Master Key System has enlightened me even more....I find that a lot of the questions I have been asking, have been answered. But more than that...I feel I'm not know you just can't go up to any indiviual and start talking about this subject. The question and answer is really what I liked most about System course and I have saved them all.

The other day I was just having one of those rotten days and I went into my questions and answers....the first one I read was 142 What do difficulties and obstacles indicate? Answer: That they are necessary for our wisdom and spiritual growth. It certainly made me look at things in a different light.....maybe turned on the light!!!

Anyway Simon I have enjoyed it as I said I have saved the whole coarse and still go through it. Again Thank-you and hope there is more to come.

Judith Winn


I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Master Key System and how it has helped me grow, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and financially.

Each week I looked forward to it... and in those weeks where I was just too busy to study... it was like the universe knew... and I wouldn't be sent the next lesson until I had. I was almost sad when the course was finished... I've used what I learned... and have accomplished more in my life in the past six months than I have in the last 13 years.

To put all I've done... the challenges I've had the courage to face, the accomplishments are many... sadnesses I was unknowingly holding onto, that I've let go of... and my dreams are slowly and surely coming true... I tell people I know it's like living in a cartoon... and a rainbow!!! Just one miracle after another... and another and another. I still have my challenges... but they are not as scary as they used to be.

At 48... I can say with a great amount of confidence.... "I'm a big girl now!!!" I have the job of my dreams with a fabulous company... my sales are up... my personal life is harmonious, my creativity is bursting at the seams.... it would take all day... I've not won the lottery... but I feel so rich inside... Most of all Simon... I'm happier than I've ever been... and so appreciative of all I have and all that I will have in the very near future. Please stay in touch and feel free to send me any additional information you may wish to send. Can't thank you enough for "putting it out there!"

Kate McCarthy


I am truly grateful for my friend who introduced me to the Master Key System. She knew she wouldn't use it for herself right then but had a feeling she needed to pass it on to me. I facilitate Support Groups for abused women. I introduced the Master Key System Week 1 and gave them one part each week, just as I was receiving it.

They were amazed!! They were so excited about the results they saw in only the first part that my friend gave me the audio version and I passed that on to them. For free, they received the works. At the end on our 14 weeks together, I gave them the other 10 parts (at the request). I can't say enough thank you's for the number of lives that this system has made in a few short months in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The ripple effect means it's spreading even as I write this. For those women, it was a new revelation, a new way to practice thought, and a new ending to each day's challenges. A few stories we, as facilitators, heard was the winning of door prizes that they claimed as they filled out the entry form, the lack of negative response they would normally have received, the amazing change within themselves when confronted with the same negative behaviours of partners/children, the surprises they received that they realized only when someone else was relating one of their experiences.

My co-facilitator and I have continued to practice and 'spread the word' of the Master Key System to anyone and everyone who will listen. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.



My thanks to you for all the wonderful wisdom you have allowed to come my way over the last 6 months. I have enjoyed each and every e mail received from you, and have found  them most enlightening, and inspiritional. I must admit I have not always found the words of wisdom easy to understand, but  on analysing and re reading , things have often seemed more clear.

I think I need to have my mind decluttered so as to really let everthin flow in, and after years of it been cluttered with  the everyday  bothers of life. most of which we seem to let take over and  waste so much of our time, and energy on, loads of negativity, that  I feel that to make the most of all the wonderful learnings, I will do it all again in the future, and next time round, devour each and every piece of information with much more zest.

Many many thanks to you,and  I look forward to enjoying a second chance to absorb all the wonderful knowledge which you are so  generous to pass on.   I am so glad I started out on this journey, and I will continue on it, and to finish with a quote by Ursala K Guin,  "It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end."  



My life has changed very much so in a positive manner.  This way of thinking is new to me but i have truly benefited.  I read, then reread often as I put what is being said to practice. I thought originally that you came into my life "by accident" but now I know better.  Please don't stop what you are doing for me and many others.



'The Master Key System' is the best book on this planet!!! Every time I would read the next chapter, I would pause in the middle of it in awe of this remarkable man that wrote it. What an amazing man!!!

This book is THE book of all books! What is so great about it is that it explains the HOW of how the universe works and how we as humans work. He goes 'Down the Rabbit Hole"! Once you understand how you work and how the universe works you have the tools to start building your life and become a creator!

The book has helped me immensley in understanding my true nature as a human. It has enlightened me and made me realize how powerful we really are when we put our mind to work. My perspective and outlook to life has changed. Its hard to explain the concept to someone who has no idea..they think you are crazy....but I know I'm more sane than I ever was.... Thanks Heaps!!!!



I am so happy and very grateful for the generosity of your spirit in sharing some of the greatest books every written in the history of humanity on your magnificent web site.  PsiTek is an absolute Gold Mine of Metaphysical Treasure that I have recommended to friends & acquaintances who are hungry for Truth & Growth & MORE LIFE.

Finding "The Master Key System" on your website was the Find of the Century - PURE GOLD Thank you for the exciting treasure map that is PsiTek.



Yes, I think it's been a great help, wish more people would be open to this type of information.
Would be nice to see a translation into 'modern' English.



This philosophical way of thinking and living has truly changed the me. I realized that for years i thought negatively. This reversal of thought has made me a more optimistic pleasant person. I have ony read and studied 8 chapters of the system and i look forward to completing the course.

Tamara Delbridge


Yes It's helped but like all knowledge I 'm looking for more



Yes, this information has been most helpful. I have recently begun my own attempts at consciously manifesting; by indulging myself in simple requests and watching for the results. Either I'm getting better, via these exercises, or I am just now learning to pay attention. In any event it's quite enjoyable as I watch it unfold. Thank you.

Sallie Barnes


The first lesson of The Master Key System has been the answer and comfirmation of everything I have felt for a long time. Thank you so much and I look forwrd to the second reading. Life is becoming so easy now



I'm still in the first lessons. Yet, I think this book (for what I've read up to now) starts by teaching what meditation is and, more importantly, how "to do it". It trains you and goes step by step.

And precisely, that's why the Key System is so interesting because it tells you how to meditate and doesn't take the easy approach (You know:"learn it in 3 days"), so I would tell my fellow followers of your website that this book doesn't really teach what meditation or visualization is because that doesn't really matter, but it does teach how to train ourselves and learn how to perform these inactive actions of receiving (yes, guys out there, I know this sounds contradictory).

Up to now, the most evident sign of something happening, at least for me, is the feeling you get that you have had a nice good siesta and the eyes feel better (very humid like with tears but refreshing tears). It's a physical thing. Now, the other day I saw another book in your website; "The Secret of a Master". I read it. And I think it is a good introduction of what can happen if people follow "The Key Master System". It's a bit like: "Look what you can get if you do what this other book tells you".

But perseverance is a virtue that has to be practiced in order to get hold of it. I think "The Key Master System" is just the perfect opportunity or reason for acquiring perseverance. This summer I'm retaking it. I hope someday I will be able to tell you something more concrete about it.

Anonymous, Spain


Yes The Master Key System has helped me. At first it was a reminder of things known. After a few months, I was no longer on the computer as often and would simply copy into a document, thinking I'd get back to it later. Then I went through a fear spell and when I started reading the current lessons again, what I read was exactly what I needed at the time to help me through my own stuff. So thank you very much for all your efforts,



Thank you for making the Master Key System available on your website. The chance of me discovering it on my own was slim. I consider this to have been a purposeful "intervention" so to speak because even though I am an active seeker of such knowledge this particular writing has kept me seriously involved for about two months now.

Unlike other writings, this "course" has demonstrated to me the power that comes with a commitment to principles. I have read many, many books that have explained these ideas but the process of having weekly "meetings" with the author, homework and follow up emails has created in me a habit.

As we all know a habit can be a good thing! This particular habit of thought awareness is making a huge difference in the outcomes of even small things like having parking spaces available....why not? I understand how taking responsibility for designing ( in my mind ) the fabric of my life is not only fun but a moment by moment challenge that is clearing layers of baggage from my psyche. Once I got that I was creating it ALL I became very involved in carefully choosing which thoughts-seeds I was going to GROW.

What was best was the discovery of how quietness can bring good ideas. You see, from a very early age I KNEW that if I focused I could achieve anything! I look back at my youth and am stunned that I could focus and, like a laser, get whatever I wanted. What changed as I got older was that I stopped knowing what I wanted. This was my personal crisis. I had only vague desires. It seemed like life was all dried up. I know better now. Once I understood that I could get actively involved with results...well, that was the key!

Simon, you are doing a great service for many people in offering these books online free of charge. I so appreciate knowledge and sharing it is a gift to the world. Thank you!

Suzanne Halpin, Encinitas, CA. USA


I have been living my whole life positively. Now i feel like i have a tool to help direct the energy. Thank you so much



Many apologies for not answering you sooner -- the truth of the matter is that I was still trying to absorb the exercise of part 2 and frankly I was still struggling with the exercise.

After receiving your request I didn't have too much to report so I thought I'd wait a little. However, as we know: thoughts are things and I attracted a situation that was rather unpleasant to say the least and, thus, forced me back into my studies. I tend to be dramatic and quite intense. That is all good when I dwell on good thoughts but otherwise...

So anyhow, I got to Part 4 and that's when it all hit me! So, YES, the Master Key System has and still is helping me. If it hadn't been for this lesson I would still arbor ill feelings and anger etc. towards a very dear and close person to me (it all at to do with ego...) but instead I actually thank the Universe for the lesson learned in this situation. And because of this, harmony has been restored.

The funny thing is, though, I was going to drop you a line before you wrote me to thank you for your generosity - how refreshing to receive all this information just like that: free. This may seem strange to you but I can actually feel the warmth and sincerity in your messages. Thank you so much for everything. I have shared your web address with my friends and they are just as elated as I am about your gifts.

Thank you Simon.



Thank you for your attention. The Master Key System helped me a lot . I am trying to receive everything favourably and it really works. Even it works out for my marriage!

Yeliz Özer Ünver


First of all I’d like to thank you for your wonderful site and for all these wonderful books... You’re asking me if “The Master Key helped me?... Well it surely did so far but frankly I just cannot give you an honest answer yet for I’m still studying and practising it... But all I can say to those which would like to learn tapping the great Cosmic Intelligence and attracting from It which correspond best to their ambitions and aspirations, the Master Key System is certainly the right Tool for them along with The Science of Mind Textbook and Study Course (Ernest Holmes)... Once again, Simon, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH... HAVE A GREAT DAY

Hari Gill


Thank you very much. The series have been most aspiring and educative. Could you make this available in book form so that people could download from your site. May the Lord bless you. Yours in Christ

Rev. Igani


i just want to say to you that i have been inlightened by this wisdom and i have now changed the way i think and the way i see myself We were raised with a culture of negative thought that affected everything arround us. Thank you for the information .



I have found the Master Key system has really helped me challenge myself and the way I had been thinking. It's quite a lot to take in and grasp, so the weekly instalments are a great way to receive the information and take it it bit by bit, without being overwhelmed with all the new information.


  The Master Key System moves you to go beyond your paradigms and in shifting your thoughts, you place yourself on the road to expand your mind and spirit....on the road to transcendance.

Viviana Medel 


My story with the Master Key System (MKS) started with watching The Secret. I then found a reference to it on This led me to your website, There I found the HTML version of the MKS. I saved it to PDF, printed it out, and started reading. Completely fascinated by it, I wondered if there was a German version of it. Having found none on the Net, I then thought that the proof for the teachings of the MKS is in its application.

So if I get tens of thousands of Germans to buy an ebook or a printed version, then it will show that what I've done benefitted more people, and the reward for that would be more money, more friends, more recognition and ultimately more health and wealth for me. On 28 March I started the translation. Two weeks later I was done. Two weeks for corrections and website development.

On 1 May the website went live - then already working together with Franz Glanz, whom I've never met in person, and whose my partner in this project. One month later the actual book was in preparation. On 6 July the book was available for presale on

Within 2 weeks it went from sales rank 22.000 to 1.100. On 1 August, just 10 days from the day of writing, we will have a beautifully looking and set hardcover book available, and it will have a major impact on life and society in Germany and beyond! That's my story. :)



Sir you are doing excellent job...Hats off to you. Please continue this work for free.... The Questions & answers in order to live a very good way of life are excellent(There are no words to say).... I needed some answers and mostly ur site have cleared my doubts....Iam more intrested in Spirirtualism.

I was doing research on spiritualism on internet,books since 2 years & various sites and I mailed lot of people.But u r site was the one...ur......... providing very good answers... Specially u provide real life examples which makes still intresting to go through the books... Hatts off to u and all the people behind this site.... Thanking you Please continue doing this work Agains thanks a lot....



Thak you so much for making the Master Key System available to study on line. I have been drawn to the teachings of Charles Haanel and your lovely website was a tremendous help to me. I must admit I only heard of him through The Secret even though I have been very interested for time now on how our thoughts create our reality. So being able to study The Master Key teachings has given me so much more information and a better understanding of this Law.



I have been reading the lessons you sent so firstly I thank you. I had to quit the lessons for 6 weeks so IAm a little behind your schedule. The reason I for quiting was I change my city.I moved to a bigger city and maybe you know Istanbul. I moved to Istanbul. I was dreaming always moving to istanbul and it is happen just after you began sending the lessons to me. Another thing I would like to mention is I found very very good jobs. My opionion was very parralel with the lessons already. maybe your lessons teaches me how to do it correctly. I understand the world better now .

Ayse Oren


Thank you for emailing the free Master Key System lessons. So far, about half way through all the lessons, they helped me by teaching me about the power--negative and positive--of my mind--subconscious and conscious--and how to visualize and why it's important to visualize.

C.Clark., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


The Master Key System unquestionably works beyond belief when applied consistently and persistently. It cannot "not work". After studying the Master Key, I am now conscience of and understand that these "Universal Laws" are always at work whether we are aware of them or not! Long before "The Secret" became popular, there was the "Master Key".

William Horton, Ninth Power Group,Inc.,NY


Yes it has helped me a lot and i am sure it will help me even more. I am reading and rereading it to gain more understanding of it and make it apart of me. i want to really get the concept. It has already helped me in the way it think about things and how i feel about life in general. my general health is improved, and my outlook on life is better. I look froward to even greater rewards as I go along and learn more.



Before reading the lessons I never thought about the principles that are very evident in every moment of our existence. The lesson about the conscious and subconscious was thrilling and ever since I have been able to manage my emotions my state of being my person so much more effectively. I can tell when I am not applying that which I've learned through the master key system and I miss it if I don't read it.



First my perception of The Master Key is a little different to most.

I was introduced to the power of the mind at a very early age <11 years by my father who died soon after, leaving a "massive hole" in my life. I spent the rest of my life trying to complete what it was he was teaching me.

Then about 5 years ago I went through a very bad time and totally lost sight of his teaching and myself (very intertwinned)

About a year ago I knew I had to re-connect with my earlier life and started to "ask" for guidance ..... stage by stage I went through numerous "learnings" and then ....

Then I saw "The Secret" video and it got me thinking again. But I realised that this was "just the door" but did not take me any further.

This lead me to the translation of the "Emerald Tablets" recently re-discovered in Peru and then it all started to come together - these are over 36,000 years old and cover so much knowledge they must be understood by all.

Then after several more things leading to another I found your site and I was truely gob-smacked as so much is like the Tablets but brought up to date.

I have been reading and learning The Master Key, and slowely my old abilities are returning together with an understanding of how it all fits together.

I have already learned to control my thoughts, body, and heal myself. and I am only upto chapter 8 ...... Each chapter it gets better.

I took the liberty of downloading ell chapter for convienience but have progressed only when I feel ready.

I was never scheptical, my feeling was nore like " why has it taken so long to find such a complete document"

As an asside, my thoughts are that this information has been actively suppressed for a very long time, but (with the secret and others) its time has come.

I have spoken to several friends and they are also interested. The biggest problem for most people is their Logical / Scientific training (I am a designer) it is quite dificult to "trust and let go" especially with so much "fear in the world". For me it is quite easy as my own belief is that "All wars & fears are engineered as a distraction".

You seem to have covered all of these issues superbly well and I wait to see how my friends deal with it. I have also read other documents of your site and they are also good / inspiring, but I need to finish this first.

Really Great ..... Thank you

Paul, United Kingdom


The Master Key System goes along with everything I have believed in however it is very hard to follow. I like the way The Secret makes it easy to understand and follow. Being that I learned to mediate at age 9 my favorite part of the Master Key is the visualization techniques.

What I find most amazing is that this was written so long ago. Anyway, I take what I can from it and apply it to the other things I am interested in and it fits right in. Thank you,



The Master Key has been a guiding light in my life. To truly ask yourself what you want and learn the ways to bring it to fruition is a journey that cannot be explained until you try. I would have never believed all of this could happen to me the Master Key has brought forward or showed me the path to what it is I want and how to achieve it. Still only half way through the readings and each week I feel that I discover a new insight not only in towards myself but towards the world as well....

Master Key is amazing....

J.V. Vancouver, B.C. Canada


I have been searching for this key all my life and yet it is still hard to fully put this teaching into practice. Why?

I also believe this is the most important of all in life journey.

Charles Wilson


have been on the course for a little while now - although i have been delaying my progression due to the amount of work I am currently doing in my business. I think the concepts are presented very clearly in Master Key System and the author has a gift for putting rather complicated ideas in a concise and indeed beautiful way. I have been reserving some time each morning as the author suggests and have been going through the concepts carefully and slowly - I find that is the best way to fully experience and integrate them.

RL, Canada


I just decided to take few minutes to thank you for being so altruistic and making this wonderful gift available to all of us.

Simply put, I have been following the lessons and instructions "religiously" and amazing things have already started happening in my life. Thank you,



The Master Key System is just as relevant today as it was nearly 100 years ago when it was written. I was new to LOA and had only read The Secret by Rhonda Byrnne so The Master Key explained in detail what was only mentioned in The Secret.

The installment reading program is valuable as it encourages you to re read each section until you are comfortable and confident with the teaching and the meditation level needed to master the next lesson.

JH, Springfield, Virginia


After reading the book and watching the DVD of "The Secret", I decided to search for more in depth sources on the Law of Attraction. My search led me to your website and subsequently to The Master Key System, which i must confess, opened my eyes to what really should be done in order to let The Law of Attraction work through you and for you.

Thank you for giving us this marvelous opportunity to develop into better human beings!

Bob Harms, Oranjestad, Aruba, The Caribbean


I have really been amiss in thanking you for all the work you do; the free books and the great benefit to receiving all this FREE! I am taking this requested opportunity to say a big fat thank you

! I have been studying the Master Key since 2004. I happened upon the book somehow[!?] and could never find how I happened upon it again. So when I discovered your free books and the amazing collection you have I was absolutely thrilled.

About the Master Key: I have never read any piece of information anywhere at any time that has changed my life in the way this little book has done. Yes I did the entire book with the weekly lessons. Not only did I do it the first time, I did it again and again. I arranged for six other women to make the commitment to a session a week for however long it took. I arranged for a teleconference number that connected us all. Women from Chicago - Woodfield - Seattle - Renton - and Port Orchard. It ended up taking us about 8 months to really complete the whole course.

If I had this information when I was younger, my life would have been entirely different today. My rewards would have been multiplied by 100. My children would be completely different people, living different lives. This is how much I recommend this book, this new lifestyle of thinking to everyone I know. Now, with that said, you can't shove anything down anyone's throat if their mouths are closed [so to speak]. So my life itself, my joy, my expectations, my loves are indicative of the changes and that the Master Key has made in my life. I am prepared to do it again with another group and another teleconference. It is all about changing lives one person at a time.

Bravo to you for being on the front lines with the promotion of this amazing free series of life-changing books. I would love to figure out a way to put this book on my website. I get quite a lot of traffic. Thank you again Simon - you are a lightworker!

Fay, Port Orchard, Washington


I am studying the Master Key System lessons with a group that meets once a week for an hour at lunch. Almost all of us are practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This has been so powerful, so enlightening that I can't even imagine learning it on my own.

DD, Austin, Texas


I am following your emails and I feel the difference in my inner world. I am now on lesson 2. I feel the need to read it one again. I established a translation business about 6 months ago.

I feel the richness day by day after reading the first lesson; it is now refleting my material world. Thank you very much. Kindest regards, A keen student of yours,

Cagla Unal


This is my honest, unbiased response to the book "The Master Key System."

First, I read each Chapter twice daily. First in the morning then early evening. First reading, allows myself to grasp the bigger picture of each Chapter's message. By re-reading in the evening allows myself to delve back into the Chapter to fine tune the message of each numbered paragraph for a more detailed understanding. By doing this, one can practice the assignment for the week, in the middle of the day. Then re-reading each numbered paragrapgh in the evening, allows myself a more detailed understanding of the message Charles F. Haanel wanted us to learn.

This way I can evualte my progress on each "assignment for the week" and grade myself on Mastering each Chapter. Charles F. Haanel knew the importance of "Mastering" each chapter before going to the next. Those readers who lightly touch over the material and or exercises are only fooling themselves. Also, for those who think they can read it as a novel as explained in the foreward are fooling themselves too. There is truth in, "pratice makes perfect!" This in itself should let future readers know that, "Rome was not built in one day!" As in any venture in life, you only get out what you put in!

This Saturday, July 14, 2007; I start Chapter twelve, the half-way point for this course. Has this book helped me? First, I was "thinking" about doing business in Peru. In the course of one week, I met a female up here in the greater Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.A. area who turned out to be Pervuian. Told her that I was interested in going to Peru to "possibly" start a business down there. Turns out her one brother just finished as the Attorney General and the other one is the Senator for Lima. I arrvived late Monday evening, met her brother the Senator, Tuesday morning, told him what I wanted to do and the next three days met the head of all Newspaper's and TV, the offical translator and the head of Public Relations. Then flew out on Friday morning. What are the odds that a complete stranger who has never been to Peru flys there and meets everyone but the President. And that was only because I told them I did not need to meet him. I know for a fact that "our" Ambassador has to arrrange meetings that take weeks and months, to meet these people, but I had it arranged for me in three consective days. Also, know of other business people that have had to wait one year or more before any contact's or meeting's transpired. Some are still waiting to meet people.

They know I acomplished what I have stated and I am willing to volunteeer for a lie detector test to stand by my claim! So you tell me, does "The Master Key" work? O'h yes, will not elaborate on what the business is; but with God as my witness, it will increase thier standard of living, increase employment, politicaly stabilze the Government, have at least twelve other spin off business's and make myslef enough to buy lunch.

James Paul Meagher


oh YES !! this is a great program...i am on lesson 3 and eager to receive lesson thoughts are in harmony, i am focused, and i am life is as it should be...thank you



To be honest i have found it harder reading than Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks also The Secret by M Byrne.

These are both about the law of Attraction. The Secret is very simple, easy reading and very easy to understand and implement. Ask and it is Given has been channeled from a spirit consciousness called Abraham.This i found more in depth.... right down to the crux on how it works.

I have read it four times so far and because of this i understand The Master Key System. Otherwise i think i would be struggling a little.



What this series does is pull together many ideas and thoughts that many people probably have had but not clearly understood. It allows the reader to formulate a mental picture and attitude, which provides focus. I haven't received millions of dollars as a result but I do think that I this is helping me in becoming a better person. I know that I will read through the lessons many more times in the months and years to come. Thanks,



I wish to acknowledge that I have gained a lot since I started the lesson. The lesson have improved my spectrum and the way I now look at things.



Your program has been immense in content and information! I think though what it all boils down to is this...God is in control! Call it what you may...thoughts do drive actions and the most important thing to me about living life at its fullest is knowing and believing that all things work together for my good (sometimes even the pain and adversity cause us to be patient and wait). Waiting for the good that I know will come as long as I have hope for a better day today? The Master Key System brings it all full circle (thoughts drive actions and right thoughts get right actions).

Thank you and have the "best day of your life"!

Rodger Hamilton


I am very lucky to get konw about this book, it really recovered some very original truth of the world, make me be more clear about the world itself, and I think it will definitely help me in the rest of my life, to make myself to more capable, more happiness and health and wealth, Thank you for providing us so precious fortune, I will keeping on learning and doing as it told me to win a more glorious life!:)

Margaret Zeng


This comment is directed at you Simon. You are such a wonderful man for setting up your fantastic website! I have always wanted to contintue my studies of the metaphysical. If only I had more time to study your site. I need to keep going back, since I am new to the net. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful opportunity to learn that you have so generously supplied. My consciousness keeps getting bigger and my heart is filled with the deepest gratitude for you. Thanks!

Bev Sparks, NV


I thank you for allowing me access to the Master Key System. Although I am a bit behind in the reading, I understand where the system is taking me and intend to finish this journey. I am most interested to hear other's thoughts and trials. It is surprising to me how easily I understand the text.

In the past, I would have taken a quick look and said, "I can't understand this, it's too..." and finished the thought with whatever label I felt justified my inability to comprehend the text. But, I understand this text and I intend to catch up on my reading and practicing. Just the reading, without the meditation, puts me in the positive mood that I desire.

Diane Z, Indy


It has helped me to have a better view of what I can do. I have made better business decisions, because I've been working on maintaining conscious thoughts and seems like better opportunities are opening up. Thanks.



Master Key System has been timely beneficial for rebuilding a better way of thinking and living life. It has been a difficult process for me, with such ingrained habits. I will do the whole program again soon for further benefit, having saved the emails.Thanks again,



Many thanks to you for offering this great book to all of us. It certainly has helped me see my life in a different light. One that is more positive and happier. Again, thank you very much.



This is simply brilliant! I loved reading every edition of it. This should be prescribed as a basic text in a all schools, especially when the kids are just growing up. It has really set me thinking.



I have found it to be extremely useful in giving a much more disciplined framework than anything else I have read on the subject and it encourages me to renew my perseverance in pursuing life enhancing goals.

Since receiving the first lessons, I have come across guidance regarding proper breathing through the solar plexus and am doing it on a regular basis. I also plan to read Charles Haanel's Mental Chemistry when I have time.

Michael Johnson


Although I am only on lesson 2 of The Master Key System, the truth it's words resonates within me. I have studied the written work of many great teachers and I find that Charles Hannel uses the most practical language, and , for the most part, speaks to me without the biases of either science or religion; he speaks to me as one regular person to another. Thank-you for offering this knowledge to me on your website.



My biggest barrier in life has always been my patience. I would go from job to job before the roots took and the money tree would start to grow. While the Master Key System is great at explaining it on a level that is understandable, it really has opened my eyes to the words of Jesus Christ. The Bible has always been a tough read for me because I never knew what was a parable and what was spoken specifically. This has helped me understand the promises that were made to us if we only truly believe.

While some Christian scholars have knocked the secret and the master key system, I believe that it has helped me move closer to understanding the laws that Jesus spoke about. Life does happen at the speed of thought and if you can keep that special and strong belief that you will always be taken care of, then you can take those chances that used to fill you with fear. It has definitely helped me understand a little more about my "luck" in life and my ability to change anything.



Thanks to you and your lessons Simon, the past several months have been a very enlightening journey

I appreciate your diligence and am grateful for the opportunity that the readings have afforded me.

Now I realize that the light that shines on me comes from within, and that is a very reassuring feeling. This realization has allowed me to take control of my thoughts and my life and not play the victim that I was in the past.

Kevin Rozynek


The Master Key system is worthwhile. It is important to take it lesson by lesson and NOT to just read it through.



Yes the Master Key System has been very helpful. It's pretty amazing the changes in my life since understanding how what your thinking controls everything in our lives. I look forward to learning more. Thank you

Raymond Young Jr


I really had to think carefully about your question and the answer is a resounding yes. Yes this info has helped me enormously and in helping me to help myself, I in turn can help others. I am so grateful for the material. Thank you, thank you!!!!



I have not yet completed reading all of the MKS. But for now I have been impressed by the teachings about the unconcious mind. This is a very interesting subject and I feel it has already helped me achieve some goals.



I am still reading (LOL..I'm a little slow with much going on here) but find it all VERY interesting, helpful and quite enlightening. Thanks much for sharing the info you have found :)



I loved the Master Key. I believe the mind is the driving force behind all human actions and reactions. The Master Key is a great training tool and much can be gained by capturing your full mental potential.

I still do believe however that having a spiritual foundation can make you feel more connected to others as we are mentally influenced by our environment and those with which we have relationships, every day. Mental success needs to be accompanied by spiritual peace and physical health for true happiness and fulfillment to be realized.



THANK U VRY MUCH 4 FORWARDING ME PsiTek.yes it has benefited me vry much.



YES!! Fantastic concept which has been hidden for too long. Should be taught in schools.



In my life, of late, the Master Key has been - in a word - "indispensable" since I first began to study it. Every week's lessons are unique and built upon the week before. This is all just plain FUN, playful and inspiring. There is no real psychic pain whatsoever.



After being very disappointed in the Secret, I had decided to search out further information regarding the apparent original source documents, and happily found the Master Key System and other inspirational writings regarding spiritual growth and maturity.

The Master Key System, I assume, was written at a time when people who could afford the higher learning, and often in those times, the luxury of time to dedicate to that study. I found the two week intervals not far enough time to truly dedicate myself too. I find I need at least a months time for each section.

However, in spite of that, I have found the Master Key System to be exactly the type of information I am seeking for my growth here on this beautiful blue and white planet. Thank you for your efforts in my search.

Mary L. Agnew, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Master Key System as well as a lot of the other information you have provided has helped me tremendously. I love this stuff!!! Attitude and outlook on life has changed in so many ways and I am truly in a place with life I have never been before. It is hard to describe this place I am "at" simply because I have never been here before and I have no point of reference from which to complare. It's really like "new life" and it just feels good.

I don't know how else to describe the way I feel and the effect all of this "new" thinking has impacted me. I love that "I" really am in control of my life and that I can call the power of the universe into my service. It is working!!!! Physically and mentally. Thanks, again for providing this wonderful information. You're doing a good thing...



I wanted to write you and sincerely thank you for your system. I am and have been a serious spiritual student since I was twelve years old. Your system is fundamentally sound and is a great help. It only takes a commitment to do a little everyday. This small discipline is key to any spiritual search. Thank you so much for your writings, and may all benefit from them.

SL, Little Rock, AR


The Master Key has made a tremendous improvement in my life. By using the principles taught in the Master Key I was able to more than triple my income two years ago, and I more than doubled my income again last year.

Everything happens so naturally that soon you will look back at wonder why it hasn't been this way all along. I am just getting started and KNOW that the best is yet to come. The only limits we have are those self imposed. The Master Key has improved all areas of my life, not just financial matters. Thank you Simon.

Wayne Webb, Lufkin, TX


As student of the Teachings of Abraham through Jerry and Ester Hicks for some time now, knowing that I attract to me that which is like-minded to the path I'm already on The Master Key System came along like clockwork. And of course is entirely (so far I'm on Lesson 9) further illumination for my inner work journey.

It has been extremely helpful for me to hear the message on the Laws of Attraction on which our reality is based from many different points of view. It is a concept and perception of my reality I've felt inside intuitively but never actually heard anyone explain and discuss as precisely, coherently and with as much conviction as Abraham and Charles F. Haanel.

For me the combination of the two allow me to delve very deeply into my own psyche to cleanse my outdated unhelpful habitual thinking, replace this thinking by opening up my conscious and allowing my subconscious to releasing its intuitive abundant essence and then continually imprint this essence on my conscious mind as the renewed pattern blueprint for my habitual mental processing.

On a daily basis and overall my life continues to be absolutely enhanced 180 degrees since I been this work. I grow financially, spiritually, physically and within all my personal relationships on a day-to-day basis. I am happier, freer and more alive than I've ever been.

Charisse, Washington, DC


I know the master key system is going to help me change the way I think forever and it will definitely be life changing. I really do appreciate what you are doing.

Sharon Johnson


thank you, indeed the masterkey is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I live in kenya and am convinced that the key opens a previously tightly closed door for we Africans. thank you



The Master Key System helped me to understand the actual physical process of thinking and the organs through which thought manifests. I had no idea how the two nervous systems worked together or even what the solar plexus was ! The Heart has a Brain !

May i offer my Eternal Gratitude for offering this free otherwise i would not have been able to drink of this cup which quenched such a thirst to understand. Thank U



I have found a lot of value in The Master Key System. Its explanation of how things work in the universe has had a stabilizing effect on me in my life. Even though I thought they were dumb at first, I liked the affirmations because they do work towards changing your thoughts to the positive side and they prevent you from getting in to whatever morass you were headed towards.

I really like the Master Key System and I hope you will keep it up and running. I have found answers and specific tips for improving my thought processes which have prompted some specific improvments in my life.

Ms. Northern California


Thanks for sending the Master System. my comment is that deep down we all know the importance of the inner and the role of the brain. the thing that makes this program stand out is the practical exercises that are easy to do and fit into the daily lives. The practical, spiritual and mental side of the program gels together well.



I am doing nightshifts at the homeless hostel where I work at the moment so I have been trying to read the Master Key at stages during the night. I have the book new now too which I plan to take travelling with me in September. I look at the lessons when I can from your site and find them very well laid out and easy to read. Thank you



I have received and studied most of 18 lessons. Then they started over. I have gained much from reading and trying to learn to guide my thoughts and have seen some results. I am much happier now because I understand that my thoughts create what will happen in the near future and helps me be happy in the present. I have found many statements by Charles Haanel that I have believed for a long time but was unable to internalize. His book has been and will continue to be very helpful to me. I highly recommend a serious study of the "Master Key System".

Dean Gardner, Colorado, USA


Yes, the Master Key System has helped me a great deal. Unfortunately, because I'm using the material as one segment of a broader self-education effort, it's difficult to explain how this specific material has helped. It almost feels as if I'm completing a major in Universal Law and this text is the required reading for "Visualization 101" and/or "You and Your Universe: Techniques for Mastery" and/or some similar course.

The Master Key System differs from many self help texts in that it gives an "application" exercise for each lesson. Since knowledge is of limited benefit unless it is applied, putting the lessons into practice for a week at a time is a powerful way to change habitual patterns of thinking. Since our thoughts become things...this is a pretty crucial element for progress. I highly recommend using the weekly delivery of the lessons as it keeps the flow of information more manageable and usable.



I appreciate your thoughfulness expressed by making the Master Key available. I have been studying various authors in the area of Scientific Thought or "New Thought" as some are calling it and I am encouraged that I have yet another tool in my kit to support my new way of living and thinking. I am on the journey to becoming a "conscious thinker" because our thoughts do manifest in our lives. Thank you for your contribution to Divine Consciousness!

Kathy Andres


I have enjoyed the Master Key very much. Most of it was not new to me however I found it puts things in a new light that is very helpful. The one most important piece for me was "I can be what I will to be". That simple, powerful reminder allowed me to remain cognizant in knowing my manifested life is what I choose to bring to me. All and all, I find the exercises thought provoking and helpful in becoming all that I AM!

Beth Jordan


I have studied yoga for 30 years so I am familiar with a lot of these concepts; I am really enjoying your lessons it has clarified a lot of things for me. Learning not to let other people change your state is quite difficult at times, I find the practice of visualization a great positive step to get your life back on track as we are easy distracted, and it works.

Coral Seamons


I like the way this lessons are given, on weekly basis. I'm eager to watch my mail each thursday just to read this powerful knoladge. It makes me touch ground and be my self the rest of the week. Thank you

Dr Ricardo Lozano, Guatemala, Central America


The Master Key System is not only a brilliant book but it gives you the tools to change your life for the better and manifest all your dreams and goals. I actually had watched The Secret first and learnt of The Master Key System through The Secret.

It seems to me that The Secret is mostly based on the teachings in The Master Key System. I am still working on it but love it - its simple to understand and put into use. You have to be disciplined but if you want to achieve anything in life you have to be disciplined.



Personally, I have studied metaphysics for the past 10 years and am familiar with the concepts of the Master Key System. What I most enjoy is the exercises it offers to implement the concepts into daily practice and thereby gaining the life experiences to fully appreciate the teachings. The excercises help me to stay focused and gives me a format to work with. Several of my friends are now taking the course as well...and they too appreciate the "homework"



This has helped me "ground" myself and in particular recognize that I am more than the physical that I see and even more than the emotions that I feel.

I takes a great deal of discipline which unfortunately has dimished quite a bit these past few weeks but what I have received from the book will propel me to continue real soon...thank you for making this available!



There is no words that seem fitting to express the sense of excitement and gratitude that the master key system has given me. The lackof faith that i thought i had was clearly a lack of understanding and effort required on my part to believe in myself .The journey of "God" up there to within me was the simplest and clearest of all that came before.I will continue to do my exercises in order to improve my "thought life"

Barry Miller, Montreal ,Canada


I think to certain extent this have been a good course. It's my understanding that if you don't apply what you're reading there's no way it will work. I haven't apply all the different technique as it's require, but I think I'm on the way. If there's any suggestion I'm more than willing to take it. Thanks for your caring and support.



indeed your lessons have helped me a lot, every week i m looking forward to your e-mails. It helps me to have an optimistic start of a day and not only. Even I am at the begining still, i think i am more helpfull to the other by not beeing anymore so nervous all the time. Anyway i have a new job and all things seems that turned to the way i wished, i have so much to learn but i am more confident now and less afraid. thank you.



I absolutely love the Master Key, but I take one chapter at the time because I really want to make a study out of this and get it right but each chapter amazes me the knowledge this man had. So each chapter makes me very happy. Also read about the blue water, wonderful!

When I finish the Master Key I will give you my conclusion, no doubt positive.



I've been quite impressed with the Master key system on the down to earth description of very profound concepts. However, I've been having a little trouble on the excercises, namely, the visualization excercises; and I think it's not the purpose of the course to get my mind stuffed with concepts wich I cannot apply to my everyday life, so I'm still practising to try and get to see that point on the wall.



First of all, thank you very much for PsiTek.

The Master Key System is a wealth of information because it delivers the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There's no frills or bells and whistles.

Sharon P., North Carolina


i was going through a major change in my life direction and was re-considering many options, when a very dear friend of mine's mother recommended the master key system, which i had never heard of, this was in December 2007, i got the entire book at once, but preferred the weekly lessons as they formed part of my weekly routine and i am eternally grateful for this masterpiece.

i am a pastor and old testament Hebrew biblical scholar and i can understand that many people may not understand how this fits in with the ethics of the biblical narrative, but they are exact in line with the thoughts and teachings of both the old testament prophets and yeshuah ben yosef (the hebrew messiah). in fact i am finding so many scriptures that fit so well with the teachings of the master key system and it is so wonderful to see the continuity of the God of our creation and how the universe has been so designed to fit in with all that God has done for us, in us and wants to do through us.

again thank you for keeping this age old wisdom alive in readable and doable form.

Rev. Dr. Toni Luck, South Africa


Thank you for the lessons. It reinforced and enhanced other studies I've been involved with. I truely appreciate it but yep, I've been lazy about the excersizes so I'm considering doing the lessons again.



I have studied the first four "keys" and have read through eight. I feel that I am more focused, more open to moving to the nest level of awareness. I spend time daily in the quiet waiting for the next step to present itself. I plan to continue as I am sure that it works and magnificently.

Marie Smith


I would just like to say "The Master Key System" has helped me become a stronger individual and helped me trust myself, what I believe in and what I know. I haven't not been able to complete the lessons but have given a consistent time to the lessons and myself. (That's a big change...before I gave all my time to others and never had any left for myself.) I will continue to devote consistent time to the lessons and myself.

After completing the lessons the first time, I will do the lessons a second time, maybe even more. I know there will be a greater benefit realized the second time around.

Thank you so much for "The Master Key System and all it has given to me.



Thank you for manifesting abundance through the sharing of The Master Key System without asking for anything in return. That is truly unconditional love.

Ever since reading and applying the exercises in The Master Key System, life has gone on auto pilot. I seem to be on auto cruise and accept for the constant awareness and reflection on my thoughts and actions, I have had little to do with the success that has come to me in terms of relationships with family and friends, career and everyday life encounters. Joy is a state I insist on and is experiencing.

This is not saying that I have not had setbacks or challenges, boy there have been many. The difference is in how I respond to these challenges because through The Master Key System, I perceive life as it is, neither good nor bad. Just as it is. Namaste.

Zahiriah, Singapore


I'd like to say, the master key system really shocked my mind. I was intent to apply for Ph.D in unviersity, but now I decided to go to market before it is too late.

Richard Zhang


I just want to let you know how deep was i impressed with the material while only reading it each time i received a next part. Most of the insights if not all of them, that i received just from reading, i used to have throughout my life in so many different ways.

Life becomes so simple, when you learnt it to the utmost degree of complexity, to the biggest available to human frame of perception, and i am confident that The Master Key System does completely fit the frame, even though I don't. I am currently working on my relationships and amendments to those who still depend on me.

The very next thing i would do is to stop the world the way i live, and proceed with the course till the final victory which is freedom.

Anzor Temmirov, Dubai, U.A.E


Thank you very much for the lessons. I have saved every one of them and am going to review them all again as is so much information. It has helped support my beliefs in life. It is comforting to know other people have a similar views of life. I believe we will see awesome changed on Mother Earth shortly. Our political system all over the world is being corrected by the Light Workers or Enlightened Ones. (To me they are one of the same, but doesn't matter as either name is bringing the higher energy to our planet in order to enlighten mankind.) Thanks again for your lessons and help in awakening mankind....



I've read it at least six times now and I keep reading it. It blows me away. I get it because at some level I knew it already. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. But I know this, unless you're ready for won't mean anything to you, it won't reach you. Thank you so much,

TR, Marble Falls, TX


I would like to thank you for send me The Master Key System. I had been trying to learn how to quite time for my self.This system taught me how. Master Key I have learn self on the inside really what show up on the out side.



The Secret is an incredibly watered down version of this thesis - the promoters of The Secret interpreted The Master Key System to the most basic points, but in my opinion did not do it justice. The Master Key System requires disciplined and focused study - when one truly focuses, only good can be created.

I can understand why people, and certainly those who live in our world of instant gratification and MTV would find it difficult to read, which is WHY they certainly need to do so! I am afraid that those who need to read it the most, just won't have the discipline and drive to do so (which is why the Secret touts ideas of "magic" - just to hook the un-disciplined). I hope only the best to you Simon in your quest to help the world - we need more of you! Kudos Simon!



I first read the Master Key System by way of the Gratitude experiment. That time I printed out the whole document and I read a chapter a week.

I saw in the first two chapter the existential importance to this knowledge, and I was VERY GLAD for the logical presentation of the ideas which from another author may have come off, NewAgey or Wild.

This is a COURSE- not a book. Reading it from the PsiTek site, I was able to take the info at the pace which the author chose. My dreams DO come true TOO!

Adrian Machado Van Deusen


I really believe that it could help me. I'm just having a lot of trouble first of all finding the time to read them and also getting over the feeling that it's a crock. I believe it most of the time. I still have that tiny nagging feeling that I'm wasting my time.

How do I get over this? I want to change this way of thinking, everytime I think I'm doing good I get in a mood and feel really hopeless. Do you know of an exercise I can do to change my mood? I've made leaps and bounds in the right direction I just feel this one little thing is getting in my way.

Also if you charged for your services people would pay it! You are changing the world with this service and the fact that it's free floors me. Thank you so much



While I have not been able to fully practice the tenets of the Master key system, just reading the book has opened up my eyes and understanding of this world. I have been able to use some parts of it that has made a difference in my life.

For example, I have been following the Christian faith all my life, butyou know sometimes we read the bible without really and fully grasping the effect of what we read. Master key system put into perspective the verse - :Greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world. I finally understood the relationship between this verse and the verse that speaks about our body being the temple of the holy spirit. I dont want to be too long, but just reading and understanding the book has opened my understanding to a number of issues.

I will encourage people to read it even if they, like me, can't find the time to practice the exercises.

Pat, Trinidad & Tobago



We would like to sincerely thank all those who gave us permission to use their comments on this web page.

There are actually many, many, many more similar comments about this book than we put here. But we thought this would be enough to make the point.

The purpose of this page is to convince you to give The Master Key System a fair and sincere try.

And if you do, you will discover the "truth" about Universal Law for yourself, which we promise will be far more amazing to you than even dozens more pages of comments from others.


This is to let you know how thankful I am for the Master Key System. I signed up for the free lessons because my life was in a mess.

Struggles, pain, money problems, health issues and death seemed to stalk me. I needed answers quickly and I knew I needed a life change. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong and why negitave things kept occurring. One day as I was desperately looking for answers, I accidently stumbled on to your site.

Let me say that I have been an avid believer of the Bible and a Christian for many years. When I first looked at your site, I thought that I shouldn't read the material. But I was nudged in my soul to at least give it a try - I was at the end of my rope at and seriously thinking of committing suicide.

I had prayed and prayed for answers and but things just kept going wrong. I didn't know what else to do except end my life of pain.

Thankfully, your site stopped me in my tracks because I was so interested in what I read. Now, after much study, I am so glad that I found you. It was if a light turned on in the darkness that surrounded me. .

The Master Key System has given me hope and develop faith to go on. Now I understand the correct life steps and have a plan. I am using what I have learned in conjunction with the faith principles that I have already gained.

Much to my delight, I have already seen improvement in my life, state of mind and attitude now. I am still studying the material because I am still a work in process. I am still continuing to refer to the Master Key system and pretty certain that I will study it for the rest of my life.

I hope you continue to make your site available because I visit you weekly and I'm not done changing my life for the better yet!

S.Hampton, Ohio


I have studied metaphysics and the science of manifestation for more than 25 years. I've have literally read thousands of books. Without doubt, The Master Key System is the clearest expression of the principles which allow us to manifest our highest and best good.

Rev. Dr. Susan Corso


I am very new at applying the laws of attraction conciously,  i have done it without knowing until i sore the secret and followed the master keys.

I am greatful to you for this amazing work you are offering to the world. My life is changing so fast, i have a clear vision of my purpose. All the things i want for me and to share and give to the young are coming into my life. Its Fantastic!!!!! i now now very clearly where i want to go, how to visualize and make it come true. I love beeing the desigmner of my life.

Thank you for the tools. I have only been practicing daily since 2 months ago and Wow its fantastic

Ivan M, Madrid, Spain


Many things in the Master Key i knew before but the presentation of the material a week at a time is very empowering.  Since i have been studying it i am writing my own book more easily, my energy has increased.  I am more prepared for the increase in opportunities that have been presenting themselves to me.  i am living happier. 

Most importantly though, i have been able to share this material with my young children.  Since it comes piecemeal , it is not overwhelming for them and i have time to assimilate the info enough to give it to them in a manner that they can understand.  Thier futur is being paved with this knowledge now.!!  as a parent who has lived some very hard times, it is fantqaastic that i can share these tools with them. thank you

Marlon Wilson

Studying the Master Key System has changed my life.  I was raised in family where my mother was very Catholic and my father did not practice
religion at all.  Us kids were raised Catholic.  I have spent my entire life struggling and feeling guilty.  I felt guilty about everything, having
crisis after crisis in my life.  My existence was not an existence unless there was drama.  Catholicism wasn't working for me.  I felt guilty about that! I read the SECRET and through sources and links and ideas I was brought to the Master Key System.  It all makes sense to me now. 

I feel so much peace. I feel more in control of my life, I know that my life will continue to get better everyday, because I have the power within me to make it better. Most of all I NO LONGER FEEL GUILTY.  Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.  My intentions have always been positive and to help others.  The problems I had were compunded because I was always so hard on myself.  I am learning to become one with the Universal Mind and to know that I will continue to prosper, grow and give back to this world I was brought  into.  I do not knock any religion or any beliefs, I believe now the individual has to do what is right for them. 

Making the connection with the Universal Mind will bring peace and promote eternal growth.  I am eternally grateful to all the sources I have come in contact with that have brought the Law of Attraction into my life.  My understanding is much deeper now and continues to grow every single day.  I have a new outlook on my life
and on the world thanks to the Master Key System and the Law of Attraction!!



The Master Key System has changed my life.  Every paragraph in the Master Key System is a gem of life knowledge.  I really wish it was required for kids to read it in grade school becuase if it were, it would have saved me a lot of unnecessary trouble.  Thank you very much.

JE, Carson City, Nevada


old charlie boy displays an abundant embarrasment of synaptic riches, early days as i've only read two chapters, but i love where he is going and i know this is going to be a series of epiphanonic joys. if epiphanohic is a word, if it isn't it should be.

thank you for all your effort - i shall credit you some day after i culminate his teachings and find my riches; in what ever form that may be.

thank you again. can't wait for next week...............SERIOUSLY. Just sitting in the dark and reading these notes in a lesson format as he intended while being novel its also so complimentary to what is a very inlightening, holistically spiritual and very inspiring experience. Its great in life to learn from others mistakes, that is an easy lesson, but to learn from other peoples successes, well thats the , master, key.

Paul Houston


I am more at peace with myself.  I'm sleeping better.  I have less stress in my life.  Driving in traffic is no big deal.  I know that I want so much more out of life and I believe that I will have it.

CL - Calgary, Alberta, Canada


At first I like to thank you for the service you provide and the faultless way in which you sent me the Master Key material. What motivated me to study the Master Key System was the book "The Secret" which quoted Charles Haanel. As The Secret was too simplistic and commercially driven I started looking for more information on the subject and came across Charles Haanel's work.

My conclusion was that Rhonda Byrne entirely ripped off The Master Key System and unfortunately distorted the real meaning of the work presented, therefore deceiving the Readers of her little Bible. If one study's and deeply thinks about the philosophy that Charles Haanel is writing about, I do believe any person can achieve whatever goals they have. But as Charles say's it takes work, hard mental work, not just wishful thinking.

Having said this, I have to admit that up to now I have not done any of the exercises as required by the Author, mainly because I wanted to fully get my head around the material presented, but by doing this have felt a lot of positive energy enter into my Life and it also furnished me with faith in Life, the universe and everything. On the surface one could see the Master Key as a selfish pursuit of ones own goals,but nothing could be further from the truth as it constantly emphasises that personal development is only valuable if it is done with intention of being a benevolent individual.

So, come on fellow humans, improve your mind, and through this benefit mankind. Now that is a Secret worthwhile perusing and it doesn't cost a cent.

Rainer.the.Cabbie, Sydney, Australia


Thank you Simon for giving me the opportuintyt to rave about the Master Key System by Charles Haanel. Never before have I been more aware of the latent power within than after reading the second part of the system. For the new "student" you must follow the powerful suggestions as they are revealed in your study.

Through the readings you'll be amazed to realize images that once were taken for granted; for instance a person taking time out of a busy day to meditate, or using a visualization board of things that they want, can be harnessed and materialize just by concentrating on those posessions or accomplishments. Today's popularity may lie within the recently released book/DVD "The Secret," but the premise for these and other 'repackage' visualization techniques lies within The Master Key System. Begin your study with one of the greatest minds of 20th century. Read The Master Key System first!!

Kevin Turner, Columbia, Maryland


I am fairly new using the computer and always thought it was not that important for me. That was until I started receiving the master key installments and wondered how I had attracted such a wealth of priceless information. :"When the student is ready, the teacher appears". I t does feel like I had been waiting for that kind of a teacher who knew exactly where my search needed to go.

I have felt real gratitude for each chapter and it is my pleasure to tell you so. I look forward to opening the metaphysical books every day. I would not know how to search for them and it is such a help to have such a wealth of info in my busy life. Thank you, thank you!

C M Kelly


I teach a 'return to work' program at a local college and have inspired my students with many of the phrases that you used in your Master Key System. Thank you very much.



The information in the Master Key Series is wonderful and I appreciate your generosity in making it available to us. My interpretation of it is that the Universe, Source, God, Our Higher Self is wanting us to fully embrace the truest experience of LOVE ( Love Transcends Everything.)

Wendy, USA


The Master Key Systems is phenomenal. It has helped me tremendously. I am more in tuned to myself, nature, and God. I have introduced at least ten people to this system.



All my life I have experienced times and events that can only be explained by using the law of attraction. The problem was that I didn't know I was doing this by my thoughts. Because of The Master Key System, I can do this on purpose. If I fail or succeed, now I know why. Thank you for bringing this book to all of us.



Thank you so much for the Master Key System. It is an affirmation of my life and a reminder that thoughts count, so take control of them! I find that I'm such a believer, that thoughts and controlling them is all I spend energy (mental) on. Life is quite simple and enjoyable!



The book is awesome!!!! I am an artist who struggles with paintings. I have been asking that my paintings flow easily and beautifully...........I am doing a painting in about 5 hours and they are the best I've EVER done! YES THIS WORKS! Keep at it! Thank you!



My life has taken such a dramatic and positive change in the last few weeks that I've been remiss in paying gratitude to its origin. My life's not suddenly perfect, but hey I'm thankfully no longer looking for perfection either! The Master Key System really spoke to me like no other before it.

It is perhaps the greatest message I have ever read. I've stopped questioning life to a great extent, and am now on the road to actually creating something for myself. Thanks you again Simon - I know that the universe put you, and The Master Key in my path.



Yes, The Master Key System has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about EVERYTHING in my life and the world as a whole. It could not have come to me at a better time in my life. (THANKS!!!)



I learned of Charles Haanel from the Secret and a friend who subscribes to your service. I am on week 18 and between these two resources, I have been able to question some of my negative thinking to the point where I can actually "think" myself out of fear, doubt, and anxiety .... this is huge! I've referred this book and web teachings to others who are struggling with fear, doubt, money and health problems and have encouraged them to study daily. It is a commitment but the payback far exceeds the time committment.

After 40 years of negative thoughts and feelings about relationships, health concerns, finances, self-esteem, etc. I've seen improvements in all of these areas and I attribute it to my change in thinking.

As a man thinketh and other scripture included in the Master Key System all have a different and more profound meaning for me now. I read these scriptures growing up in the church but didn't understand how to apply them. It is really beneficial to have a study assignment every week to help drill home the importance of harmonious and loving thoughts as explained in the scriptures and the words of wise men and women included in the book. This experience has been a blessing.

Over the past 3 months, I've acquired two new and very close friends whom I adore, I'm starting to work in the field I've had interest in for over 6 years, I'm healthier and more fit than I've ever been in life, and my overall outlook is much more positive (which has attracted positive people and positive circumstances). I know my life will only get better from here.

Ursula Wright, PhD, CPE


There are no words to thank you for sharing the Master Key System with me and my husband. I have passionately sought spiritual truths most of my life, and now I know that the truths in this book will set me free to be who I really am. Our thoughts have kept us slaves, so that we do not know our true identity. I have known for a long time that there would be a GREAT REVERSAL and I realize this is happening now with our thoughts. My thoughts have to do a complete reversal in order for me to know that I am that I am-----whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. I know that I must see everyone in the same way

Even though, I have know the scripture "As a man thinketh, so is he", but I could not fully understand and accept it as truth and apply it to my life. Now, I know that my thoughts create my world. I realize that my life is governed by law and principles that never vary.

I have always loved the scripture, "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." I am able to focus on this more and more each day. I am beginning to see the results of my thoughts and desires.

I am on a new journey that is wonderful, marvelous and I am amazed that I can create my own world and have everything my heart desires and know that this is available to everyone. There is an abundance and enough for everyone. My heart rejoices in the KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH!

Nell Hadley


To date, the most important book I have ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am sorry l am slow in sending this off to you but The Master Key System has so totally changed my life that it is hard to fit in time to even check my email.  When l started the system l had no idea what a huge impact it would have on my life.  I have just begun my spiritual journey and The Master Key has been the greatest tool that l received.  I knew l needed answers to life questions but didn't understand how to go about getting them.  The Master Key has helped me reshape my life and how l live it.   I now have a business goal, so many friends that love spending time with me and a new attitude for living.  Every day l have a smile on my face because l now know that all the possiblities are probabilities as long as l keep using The Master Key System.

Susan Stayzer


Has The Master Key System helped me? :o)
I was fascinated to read it (some parts) first at Your site! That IMMEDIATELY gave me an idea, which I would like to realize: to make it  as a course in my city/country.

You will understand how much I apprehend and appreciate this kind of teaching, if I tell you that I had "Silva Mind Control" course, way back in 1991. And... I'm very grateful to You and Your amazing site. Thank You!

Mira, Belgrade, Serbia


Yes Yes Yes. Your weekly e-mails are like a friend with a helping hand and sage advice. Yes they help my life! And others too! I have passed this website and your Master Key System on to numerous people and am not about to stop. The more people read these, the healthier our society. The healthier the world! Please, please, KEEP THEM COMING! Thank you.



I have found the Master Key System to be right on target. We all know the Truths mentioned in the lesson, but to have them put into text helps readers focus. I grew up and was influenced by the teachings of Mary Baker Eddie and I am convinced that she and Charles F. Haanel were influenced by the same source. Word usage and thoughts are often the same. Mary Baker Eddie's focus is on a loving God to whom all omnipotence is given.

Words across the front of every Christian Science church I have been in resonates with the Master Key System: "God is Love" and "Thinking Makes It So". When you ask if the weekly lesson have been helpful to me, my response can only be "very much so". Weekly lessons and homework are effective. I long to share the Master Key with those I love but have found minds a bit closed. It may be true that we must all arrive at the Gate from different paths.

Thank you for the opportunity to redirect my thinking. We are all on this planet together and need to help one another realize the power of thought. Love and possibilities become infinite.

Barb Coryea


The Master Key System has done for me what no other self-development program has done, and I have taken several.  The message and method expressed are clear and easy to grasp.  This is truly the Book of the World.



I would like to say that The Master Key System is truely a worthwhile study.  It will help us to remove the veneers of ignorance that clutter our thought processes, and show us how to view ourselves as we truely are, and to see the world in its true light.



I have found the readings profound and very helpful to my everyday existence. Thank you.



The Master Key System is most intriguing. Yes, it is helping me immensely. I highly recommend it. Please keep the chapters coming.


Thank you for sharing this knowledge freely - I find it quite helpful particularly at this time in my life as this is a time where I know I am at last open to learning this most phenomenal lesson of life. I look forward to making my future dreams become reality and greatly appreciate the focussing exercises that are included in The Master Key System. I look forward to the remaining lessons to come!



Your 'The Master Key System' helps much to understand that my thoughts shapes my life. thank you

A. Mathias


Yes the "The Master Key System" has helped me from the very beginning when I read the first chapter. It has made a tremendous change in direction in my life. One of the major changes I want to mention is my thought process, I now realize that I am responsible for what my mind is centered on, that I can have control over this. Suddenly the world is a better place to be, my mood is much lighter and I am better able to accept life situations that I don't have any control over.



This book has really change my perception about this world, at first i was a pessimistic guy who see everything from the bad side, but after i read a little from this book i begin to realise that all that happen to me is really my own fault. Right now i'm become positive and it really help me through many problem.

I give my best thanks, to this book who give me the inspiration and a better life. I'm also give my best thanks to Simon Templeton ( PsiTek ) who provide this book for free , without PsiTek i will have a difficulty to obtain this book beacuse this book was not available in Indonesia.



I guess for me the Master Key System has been a Godsend. I am going through a midlife crisis and have been for a couple of years. I am an older mum and a stay at home one for the benefit of my child, but the time has come to relaunch, except I found there is no fuel in the rocket. I have wandered down many false tracks and battled with feelings of inadequacy, but once I discovered The Master Key System, the path has become a lot clearer and easier.

I found it hard to discipline myself, but I am persevering and the results are beginning to emerge. I have not finished the course yet, but it has been a really important focussing tool. I am stronger, optimistic and ready for any challenge to come my way. Thank you for making it available to me. You are doing a fantastic job making these books available to people for free. What a gift.

Noelene Harrison, Albany, WA


I am currently on lesson six of the master key system and am finding both it's content and it's presentation extremely beneficial. Your weekly e-mails keep me on purpose and moving forward. Thank you.



 I have been reading the e-mails of the Master Key.   I'm going slowly because my first language is spanish but I believe that I will get my dreams and my desires.  I have a lot of things that I want to accomplish.   I'm very thankfull that I found your site and I'm getting all this help and guidance on my path to success. Thanks a million!  and like Mr. Zig Ziglar said  I'll see you at the top.



I've read the Master Key System and it was very helpful -- There is so much good and important information in the book that I printed out every lesson and I still look over the material.  This system if used properly is essential to leading a good and happy life. I've realized that if I put my "mind" to it and with the help of God I can do just about anything in life -- I'm in the process of making those changes and will let you know my progress.  In the meantime, I would recommend this system to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life -- I am determined to change my life for the better!  THANK YOU!! 

RM, New York

The Master Key system has helped me be much more positive, and to have a greatly improved outlook on life.

I was never before conscious of all the negative thoughts that ran through my mind over the course of the day. Examples, "Look at that lady's ugly purse." "This guy skipped his driving lessons, what an idiot!" "Why would someone get so many tattoos?" "Why is this cashier so slow?"----all day long, judgmental, impatient, mean, and ignorant, intolerant thoughts would come into my mind. I was also listening to negative things, like heavy-metal music, the news and so forth. I was poisoning my mind day in and day out.

I still slip up once in awhile, but I have largely stopped the negative inner chatter, I just turn bad situations around and find something good to think instead. I feel so much more uplifted, so much more energetic. Good ideas are coming to me regularly now, and life is just all around so much easier, things go my way more often. I also practice gratefulness, and find that the metaphysical law is true---the more I am thankful, the more I have to be thankful for. As I am more upbeat and more friendly now, less judgmental, people are certainly more drawn to me than ever before.

I also know what I want now, instead of aimless dreaming, that changed like the wind.

"Mental Chemistry" by Charles Haanel, also available on your website was also a huge help to me.

Thanks for making these books available. It's wonderful and has changed my life for the better.



Yes "The Master Key" has made me look at every day a new way. I am so very happy it is out on the Internet for me to read and enjoy. Thank you and Blessings.



thank you for providing me and hundreds of people of like me with this wounderful book.i have feeling which is hard to discribe, happy,humbled,feeling new responcibilities,sad why it didnt come to me it earlier when i was younger, sad for all wrong ways and decisions made in the past.happy that i was true when at eleven years of age i said to my friends and my family this is not me which you see, this body is not me ,and feeling privileged and thinking all i have been through was to make me ready to undrestand the truth ( i have had very intresting life ).

anyway it has been short time since i started to recive my weekly lessons and with my age and my experiences in life i have gained many habits and faiths and belives which as you know have become my personality that some are not so helpful if i want to reach the hights that one has in mind by using the knowledge of this book and power of mind. i am trying to become a new person i will be reborn again with all my good intact and replacing the rest with better, till i can see and look at world and life from ones eyes who is in unity with univers at large.i need time and i am re programing my mind and logic.

thank you again i do realy appreciate what you do for humanity.



I have just read the first chapter. It took me back to when I first met my husband (now deceased) back in 1969. He had a copy of the Master Key and we used to read a chapter a day to each other. He lived his life by the book and that book was The Master Key. When my husband died (in 1981) my sons (now in their 30's) kept the book and it is now with my son in Devon - very much dog eared and very well read. My son's wife to be told me about your website - her mum managed to get a her a copy of The Master Key from Amazon and she has been reading it but we have both found the test very useful in keeping in mind the lessons of the Master Key.

So thanks for refreshing my memory and reconfirming to my mind that 'thoughts are things' - as my husband was always saying along with 'the first thought is the right thought!'

Linda Fergusson


Like probably 100% of the people who have been using the Master Key System will!

I've already had a couple of years experience in studying and applying systems in this genre (NLP, Alphatraining and more) and I must say, The Master Key System provides a real big upgrade on those systems.

More details and suprisingly refreshing and clear, down to earth ways of reprogramming the way of handling emotions, thoughts and actually providing a new completely positive way of life with lots of energy!

I've ordered the book in the mean time to provide myself with a study to live for!

M. Smol, The Hague, The Netherlands


The Master Key System was very helpful for me. It stimulated me doing more reading and applying what was suggested in this very valuable work. I did not get exactly what I wanted but I made great progress in the proper direction. Many unexpected things are now happening toward one of my goals. Thank you again for your generosity in putting this unknown knowledge in the hands of as many people as possible.

Claude, Montreal, Canada.


Master Key System is wonderful!!!!!!! Our mind, in one minute tends to go back to its original level of stupidity !!!!!!!!!!!!! Then ,we have to read stuff like yours !!!!!!!!!!! Like the body needs good food, mind need good nutrition!!!!!!!!!! Your are doing a great job!!!!!!!!! So i read yours regularly!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!!!!!!! Thanks & regards

Jayjay, Doha, Qatar


There is no doubt that if you've come across Charles F. Haanels' writings you've already been asking the right kind of questions. Now comes the trickiest part of all. You can sneer, and scowl and call it rubbish. You have every right to if things dont click for you at first, but as you decend back into the depths of doubt and uncertainty that cripple the masses of today, you must remember that they made the very same decision. On the contrary one could just as easily take the time to stretch the mind, and see what happens when practise makes perfect.

Spence-Wpg. Mb. Can.


Believe me; I don’t think it’s weird at all. I find it makes a lot of sense, which is why it is so easy! At this point, because I have so much on the go right now, I’m only on part eight, but I’m eager and excited about the rest!

As for how it has affected my way of thinking, I am able to turn moments in my life around from negative to positive. I refuse to let incidents or people detract me from feeling positive and optimistic about my goals, my life and my future. I take the time to understand that it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. I have become more creative. For example, a situation occurred that could have set my current plans back by six months. I was momentarily devastated, but forced myself to be creative and see what I could do about it, or if it mattered at all. Either way I knew it would work out. Well, it turned out I came up with some new ideas and things are even better than I originally thought!

Because of this new way of thinking and the results, I feel much more confident in myself, my ideas. I am more focused, decisive, relaxed, balanced, and amicable. I am the one who is making things happen! People have commented they can feel my energy and enthusiasm! They have commented that I am just too darn cheerful, that I have a great attitude! That is truly something amazing, because anyone from my past would never, ever, have described me that way.

I believe I will have the personal (most important) and professional success I desire. Making daily affirmations has increased my understanding and tolerance of others and myself, and has helped my associations with people. I am constantly aware of the importance of where my thoughts are taking me, of being in harmony with what is, of being grateful for absolutely every little thing that happens, and of feeling everything as if it is in the present, not something that is going to happen. That part is definitely crucial.

I constantly give thanks to a woman I know for directing me to The Master Key System. I also give thanks to you for providing the opportunity for me to learn what I have learned. It has made me aware that I have the power over everything in my life.

I am amazed at the people I have met who have lived their lives in a similar way, without having heard of The Master Key System. Of course, there are people who have difficulty accepting this, but I urge everyone to give this a chance. There is nothing to lose and absolutely so much to gain!

I also realize I have written a short essay here, but I find it hard to contain my enthusiasm! I could go on and on, but I won’t.

To sum up in a few lines what I have gained so far, I would say that: I understand fully how thought creates action and it has changed my life for the better; I realize that the direction my thoughts take is in my power and my power only, and therefore the results are totally my doing, not some outside force; and, I understand there is only “one” energy, and the power in that

CC, Winnipeg, USA


My name is W."Zakh" Hoke, Creative Director of the New York City Luxury Streetwear brand GRBG/garbege and The Master Key System has helped me open the door to success.


The Master Key is nothing short of phenomonal. I am enjoying it's thought provoking concepts that are shedding new light on areas we all know but never really thought deeply about. I am enjoying applying the ideas pratically and eagerly wait to finish the weekly course.I look at it this way....knowledge is power!

Clive K, Harare


After learning to impress my subconscious with the emotions backing my immediate desire for abundance, it was almost like releasing a tidal wave of success over my career. This is absolutely no exaggeration.

Although a number of business relationships had been initiated by me previous to reading and applying these techniques, after dedicated application my efforts have come to quick and satisfying fruition. I have been in my current career for 3 years and NEVER have my efforts come forth so quickly. My business is growing by great bounds. I have never been in such a fantastic state of mind before. My control over my emotions and reactions is truly on the road to being superior. NOTHING gets me down or suppresses my enthusiasm for each new day.

To be very blunt, I open my eyes each morning thrilled with the prospect of what new success will meet me. The Master Key System has opened my eyes to how people are meant to live their daily lives. I am currently about to apply Lesson 5 and cannot wait for me and my family to reap the benefits of the abundant life we were meant to live, and indeed, deserve to live.

A.S.,Oak Ridge, NJ


the information was good the way they were sent were great. I appreciate it and thankyou for the lessons.



Master Key helps me. Sometimes I feel lost, alone, and the "poor me" story shows up. I'll do some reading and be reminded that its my choice which way the day will proceed. Now, I look for Master Key as my support buddy and I'm grateful to be able to say so, too.

MaryLou, MA, USA


I am investigating further what I already know and have forgotten. Your webpage is incredible, wow. I love the weekly chapters.



I enjoy getting your weekly installments of the Master Key's amazing how I can relate to it even though it was written nearly 90 years ago. I first read about Charles Hannel in the Secret and that opened up my curiosity about the "laws of attraction". I turly believe it works, but it's very hard to focus and control my own thoughts. However with practice and self dicipline anything is possible.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this book on line and for free!



Yes a lot of what's taught sounds weird and is hard for me to understand. I am doing my home work and I am also experiencing some postive attractions in my business. But most of all I am HAPPY, I don't know if that's what is supposed to happen but it IS.

LZ, Georgia


While I am only on the Ninth Week of the Master Key, I can already see that it holds the potential to unlock anyone's most ardent dreams and aspirations. The way the material is presented in really the same information we all know inside, just discussed from a different point of view, and in a step-by-step manner.

By using our imagination (the subconcious), and creating an image of those people/things/events we want in our lives, our creativity will provide solutions that move us towards what we are focusing on.

Brilliantly simple. It's something we do every day without thinking about for simple things. The Master Key System is saying that the same process one uses to picture in their mind 'a delicious cup of coffee' and then one procedes to take the steps to getting it, can be used for much more complicated pictures, that take more time, but the creative process is the same, as long as your focus is there.

Thank you for sending the material. I'm sure you are doing a lot of good for a lot of people, and therefore are already extremely successful. Thanks!

Robert Page


I think it works well with the weekly instalments .There is a lot of related stuff around about Law of Attraction and so it's easy not take it in where as I find it more effective having a chapter a week to read .It stays on my mind more.He's simillar to Abraham-hicks in that he keeps repeating ,going over the subject,which is very very important as there are really only one point,what you think about and so feel ,vibrate,creates, but it needs to be constantly repeated to sink in. Many thanks...

Steve Roberts


When, like me, you first come across the Master Key System, it all sounds a bit over the top. This is because, it as not at a beginners level. You have to already have taken yourself to this level, to be able to comprehend what is being said If I had tried to read this book about a year ago, I don’t suppose I would have even finished the first chapter.

However, I was fortunate, (if that is the appropriate word) because I had already come across another book and DVD on the same subject. This gave me the total understanding, trust and ability to truly comprehend what was being said, and what I was embarking on. And this understanding, was the gateway for allowing me to interpret the Mastery Key System.

The biggest challenge, or problem (though I don’t like that word) a lot of folk are faced with is having the ability and the ‘belief’ that it can actually work. Because, most of us have been educated and brought up on a very different level of understanding. Therefore to change our way of thinking, because that’s what this is all about, is something which take a bit of doing along with determination.

However, once you have discovered, and are prepared to take on the challenge, and it can be a challenge. Because we are changing our habitual way of thinking, and that can take a certain level or discipline.

The other point with this change, is, for me anyway, it doesn’t happen overnight, and additionally it doesn’t take place at a conscious level. So while I was attempting to do this thinking and change my ways, I don’t see anything, and, I got discouraged, and thought! this isn’t working. This is where the trust and discipline come into play.

Firstly, I really had to decide WHAT I wanted to change, but I had to do this on what I call, a low level of thinking. However, once I understood how it operated. And it took a while to get to this level of thinking. And, I was prepared to have total belief, in what I genuinely wanted.

More importantly it does have to be genuine, and more importantly, meaningful, and I also had to feel, and this part is incredibly important. Because the ‘feel’ part. ‘Feeling how I would feel, once it has been accomplished’, is really for me the engine that drives it.

Then, and only then, and given time, extraordinary things started taking place. The biggest hurdle that I had to overcome, and it took time to really understand and comprehend this part, is having the complete faith (and I’m not talking about religion) but faith in yourself, and the total and utter belief that something can happen.

Then things do start to happen. However, and this is the magic bit, it happens at an unconscious level and we don’t always recognize it, because it doesn’t happened how we expect it to.

That’s when he Master Key system really starts to come into it’s own. And once we have un understanding of it, we end up giving our self something.

What do we give our self? The greatest gift possible.



I have thoroughly studied and enjoyed the Master Key System Lessons! I found this study while reading "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. I put The Secret down and started this study. I am in awe at how the universe is already moving in answer to my most earnest desires. I am confident in the results to come. I especially liked getting the study in parts. It really helped me digest and put each chapter into life application. Something always happened within the weeks of each chapter that caused me to use what I was learning.

I loved how in depth the author get's about the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional connection we all have to all creations. Those details helped me be more disciplined in the weekly exercises after each lesson. I am encouraging the principles of the Master Key system to my family and everyone I engage. Thank you!

Theresa Taylor, Baltimore, Maryland


The excerpts have been of tremendous help to me, although I did not get to read all of them. I believe it is better to dissimate the book in the manner offered by you, rather than reading it all in one go.

Gottfried J Araeb, Namibia


I have only read lesson 1, but so far, it has taught me self discipline. You have to learn to use right thinking to change your life and that takes discipline. I am enjoying reading it and look forward to receiving more lessons!



thank you for contacting me about the MKSLs I've received so far. I can only give you my experience on lesson one. I have not had a chance to to move on because of my busy schedule however I can tell you this; lesson one has taught me how to quite my mind and be still. Lesson one allows to get in touch with the inner me which has give me new meaning to things in my everyday life. This lesson is very important to me because before I was introduced to this informaiton, I had no idea that I could stop certain thoughts from coming into my mind. The tool that I use is this; when an unwanted thought enter my mind I consciously make a note of it and release it- I no longer let my thoughts run rampant in my minds for days at end.

I'm sure I will get to more lessons soon I just felt lesson one required more time to master.

SisterNa, Mid Atlantic.



I am thrilled to have this opportunity to THANK YOU for providing these weekly installments. This writing has so turned my life around. I dont really know how to put into words how my outlook towards living has changed other than quite simply I AM living now.

Previously my life was only a daily routine of doing. Now I am being, I am experiencing and I am controlling what I am doing. For the first time I now know I can Be what I Will to Be! That is so exciting. I have always felt like the worker bee Drone, the constant same thing day in and day out. I am slowly changing that routine to experiencing what I have always dreamed about doing - and LOVING life for the first time. Thank-you!

KB Morrice


The Master Key System has changed my life. Every paragraph in the Master Key System is a gem of life knowledge. I really wish it was required for kids to read it in grade school becuase if it were, it would have saved me a lot of unnecessary trouble. Thank you very much.



thanks for making and maintaining psitek!!!

yes master key was definitely helpful, and i have recommended it to a few other people. receiving a chapter weekly was always a nice surprise...



The Master Key System has helped me tremendously to realize that God is part of us not just somewhere out in the cosmos and that it is really true that we can manifest anything that we can think about first. It is great reading and should be read over and over to really get it. Thanks so much for offering this as an ebook.

Mary Lou


i find it so rewarding to find this source to be free and will report my finding's to you when i get a bit more into the chapters. I am seriously up for causing something form your site in my life. i have down loaded The power of concentration (Dumont) to read during the week and feeling confronted as it is showing me how much i lack focus and am greatful to have found a site that can support me in training my mind. Thank you so much. I normally discard giving feed back, however I feel this is a worthy cause and am greatfull for what you provide. Thanks again,

Josh, Dublin, Ireland.


Thank you for providing the free Master Key System Lessons. Having read Napoleon Hill, "Think and grow rich". This book puts it all into perspective. Study of these principles and applying them in my life has set about a chain events that truly astounding.

Osmas Chiurunge


Yes I have received it and beieve in it.

Tatiana Loaiza


I believe this book by, Charles Haanel, Master Key System, might become the most significant book I have ever read. I am currently on chapter 3.



I have been reading The Master Key System lessons every week....I am hoping some of it sinks want to thank you for your web site, I have read other books on the web site and found them helpful....I intend to read them all by the end of this year.....I can also see how The Secret evolved. I think you have done the world a great service with your web site... Thanks again



For me the Master Key book was very helpful. There is a lot of information out there. But this book showed me that it can be simple. It also put the whole subject in perspective for me. It is really helpful to me and I am very that I started to receive it and that I am using it as it comes, everyweek. Thank you very much for sending it

MD, Nova Scotia, Canada

The answer to the question "Has Master Help Me". I would have to say, "Yes" it has help me, but it opens the door to more Questions.. I am a Vocation Teacher and I have Dyslexia and I have been working on it, to improve myself by over coming the poor teaching practices of the system. It has only been lately (the last ten years), that by reading metaphysical books and studying NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that I learn to improve my writing and thinking skills. Over the years I have learned, to use models to explain a point, to groups or students, I was talking to.

I see the need in Master Key, to give detail visual pictures, using word examples of the meaning to some of the words being presented. An example, to what I mean is: In your 112 answer, you use the term to, "the faith to do" Using the laws of attraction, you must be willing to trust in the out come of the event, you are working on. Now using the"Visual Thesaurus" ,online I find a Minimum on of fourteen deferent ways to used, to deferent words, that all point to the meaning of having "Faith". An example of having "Faith" could be "would get in the car with a person who had been drinking for the last four hours or would call a cab? and you both would ride safely home.

We have been studying in Church (Unity) the book called the "Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, and during the morning class before church, we talk about his book and how does it impress each one of us. We have some lively talks during this time.

I could see some interesting discussion on the "Master Key System" and I would like to see a Glossary of Terms on Key words, together with examples of the words and their meanings as applied to the "Master Key System" The Third Agreement is " Don't Make Assumptions". This is something I teach during my classes like, "What does this mean to you?", To Have a Quality of Life". It means many things to deterrent people, "Shell I use my understanding of it----- or yours?

Here are just some of my books of reference:
1. In The Mind's Eye; by Thomas G. West
2. Overcoming Dyslexia; by Sally Shaywitz M.D.
3. The Structure of Magic; by Richard Bandler and John Grinder

Robert S. Crampton


The Master Key System offers a variation of the theme "As A Man Thinketh" so it becomes. The variation is in the Subconscious and Conscious ways of controlling one's thoughts. The definition of the Solar Plexus was interesting.

And, finally, as was written "It just is so difficult to find the time to do the exercises". However, as I did the exercises noticed relaxation came much easily than might be the norm under a "thinking process".



Here are two manifestation of mine as a result of reading THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM, THE SECRET, THE PASSION TEST and EXCUSE ME, YOUR LIFE IS WAITING:

1. For several months, I have been programing for a used, LIGHT BLUE car 1-2 YEARS OLD. Well, the Universe has unusual ways of bringing manifestations about: First, my old 1989 Buick Century began breaking down and leaving me stranded on the highway, etc. I realized that, instead of expecting the car to "drop into my lap", I had better get busy and search for what I wanted. Went to one dealer who had a RED Dodge Neon. Well, not the color I wanted but I bought it anyway. Returned it in a couple of days for certain reasons. I ended up, with help, advice and support from a very capable granddaughter and bought a SILVER CHEVY COBALT. However, in a certain light the car looks very light blue Just what I had programmed for.

2. Second Manifestation. I've been a victim of CHRONIC FATIGUE for many, many years. My Vision Board has pictures of me laugh- ing and enjoying life with a caption of "I'm feeling wonderful with perfect, abundant energy". That is working, too, for I have been feeling much better for several weeks. Of course, I have a few other items on my Vision Board which I am programming too.

Thanks for the opportunity to relay my good news to you and to anyone else who may be interested.

Evelyn Anhalt


What I find rather strange is that I have been reading Napoleon Hill's material for the past ten years and I only find out now about The Master Key sytem, from Charles Haanel, and after having since bought the book and in addition also his book on Mental Chemistry which were both written long before Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich, I can see where Hill got a lot of his inpiration from, not to mention his ideas. Do not get me wrong, I am not in any way trying to put down Hill's work whatsoever,I just find it strange that he never made any direct mention of Hannel or the Master Key System in his writings, as it is quite evident that he had studied Haanels work before writing his own, I can see this after having read both writers' work.

The answer to your question of The Master Key System is helping me, I have to give a resounding YES to that, as a lot of things in my life are beginning to come together in the last few months and particularly at present, and these are things that would have been unimaginable for me several years ago.

But the thing is that I am grateful that at least I have gained enough insight by now into why these things are happening having read Haanels' and Hill's works, (I even went as far as top take a medition course, which was offered me for free just a couple of weeks into the weekly instalements I have been receiving from yourself) somthing I would have put doen to a "coincidence" had it happened before.

My own theory is that had I read this material at another time in my life I would not have been in the right frame of mind or have possessed the right level of conciousness to truly understand the reason and the significance of why these things are beginng to happen. There are of course sevlal items in my life that need attending to, but I think I am being given the opportunity to look after each item at atime, ie., we can't have it all at once, that would probably prove counter-productive.

Keep up the good work. Best regards,



Well,first of all, I want to ask sorry about my english that is very limitated. I'm really gratefull by receiving your knowledge,the world need more people like you. Count on me. And one more time:Thank you! Wiyh a friendly hug



Oh my goodness yes. And I'm just now into it. I am restored. Many Thanks to you, you Simon you!



My comments are as follows:
1. A special thanks to you for all your time and effort--I appreciate it very much
2. The Master Key System is a wonderful piece of work. I usually concur with all I read and find it inspiring.
3. The information is revealing and inspiring, though sometimes difficult to grasp
4. On a whole, however, I find the lessons interesting, truthful and well written.
5. I refer to many of the lessons on a regular basis and I even get others interested in this.
6. On a whole, a wonderful experience for me. Again thank you for all you do.



Yes. Very much so. Thank you so much for making it available for me through your website. Thanks



Many, many thanks for the opportunity to reads and benefit from the master key System. To say that it has been both a help and a comfort to me would be understating its impact. While I am still in the learning process, and probably always will be, the progressive benefits and clarity have been most positive and eye-opening. Again, many, many thanks.

Gregory M. Castro. III, Bronx, NY


Reading the Master Key System was helpful to me in a number of ways. Because this was not a new idea to me, it served to remind me to practice what I thoughtso to speak. To be mindful in my thoughts and conscious of what I am thinking and "ordering up" for myself on a more frequent basis rather than just leaving it to the "default mode" we are all taught as children.

Thank you so much for sharing it

Judy Gautam


I am enjoying the Master Key System, and must admit, that I quite often re-read the chapters to refresh myself. Although I have experienced that if you want it, visualize it, it will come to you, I never thought it was an actual life means; I had just grown to accept this as something I could do, without understanding how. I admit that when I want something important to me, thinking about it, or rather, dreaming of me in it, has made it happen.

Now reading these chapters, I realize that I should/could use this Key more, especially now to improve myself, which has been a top priority for me in the last 6 months. I totally enjoy them and want to thank you for allowing me to receive them and thereby, consciously participate in bettering myself. Again, thank you.

Joyce, Ottawa, Ontario


I can't tell you in enough words how much my world has changed since the first day I began to reading "The Master Key System. Now I too can be one of the ones who have it all!

The time lap is perfect for studying every concept and putting it into play. Thank you so much.

LRW, Dahlonega, Ga


The Master Key System is a great way to open up your mind to the things you want out of life. It's shows you how your brain works and reacts to new ideas or thoughts. This book will be relevant forever because it applies to basic laws of positivbe thinking and that is something we will always be striving towards. Mant Thanks Simon!!!! Peace Out!!!!!



I have really enjoyed reading the "Master Key System" so far and have found it very inspirational. I have strongly related to the teachings but have to admit I am yet to put it all into practice - it does takes a lot of self discipline. However, as a result of my reading to date, my attitude to many areas of my life has altered for the better and I plan for this to continue. I am struggling to change certain habits of a lifetime but will ultimately succeed I'm sure. I am also passing on this valuable knowledge to my children aged 14 & 11 for I believe they are at a great age to make this thinking habitual and benefit from it greatly.

I will continue working with the book but I would find it incredibly helpful to hear from people who have already made significant changes in their lives as a result of reading this book. It would be great to benefit from any advice they may have also so I definitely look forward to the feedback you receive.

Pamela H, Melbourne, Australia


There is an awareness that comes to me when I study certain writings that says, How can there be any doubt that this is Truth, that this is a valid path. The Master Key System spoke to me in this way from the very beginning and continues sound the same. It is far more than a valid path, it is an invaluable path.

I have noticed certain differences in my financial situation within a matter of weeks. I find myself shutting down old ways of thinking that were merely weak habits and continuing to focus on a positive path. I believe these lessons are a gift. I have introduced them to family members and friends. I always look forward to the next lesson.

John Rhodes, Boston


I just started reading the first chapter of The Master Key system only. However, when i did meditation as instructed, i was amazed by the amount of control meditation actually gave me on my mind. I've had no prior experience with meditation in the past. In fact, i did not believed or knew how to do it, and perceived it to be some religious hocus pocus.

But this few days where i have been practising, i really feel much better and energetic. We are living in a world where things negative are flying all over the place on a daily basis. How do you actually control your mood and be happy then? I learnt now that if you can reject the bad stuffs from your mind, it is hard to end up in a sour mood.

Oh another thing, i often had problem sleeping in the past. I think i found the cure now.

David, Singapore


Being at Part 15, for the last fifteen weeks I've found solid connections for "things" I knew but could not explain. Life is good and is getting better, as it takes much more to upset me now than ever before. You can be what you will yourself to be. Happy, healthy and wise I am.



I should say I am exposed to many topics which otherwise I was not aware of. I am slowly reading the books , and now i am reading the book on thoughts , it is revealing , there are certain aspects which i never paid attention . So far this is the feed back. unfortaunately i am not reading in a sequence but of my choice . that too as and when the time permits betwen my office and home . so i am take some time , be patient



it's difficult to quantify how and if the Master Key system has helped me, because at this point it's still very subjective. First off, my husband looked down upon the system as a tool for personal monetary enrichment and dismissed that goal as not in itself worthwhile. Negative energy from his direction has stifled my enthusiasm for sharing the wealth, so to speak, contained within Haanel's pages, so this is a good opportunity for reflection.

I read the book more or less in one go, instead of the weekly installments and I haven't followed the visualizations to the letter. I have incorporated the very powerful auto suggestion "I am. Perfect. Whole. Strong. Powerful. Loving. Harmonious. Happy." into my daily yoga practice and meditation as well as during AT (Autogenes Training).

The realization that our thoughts are very powerful was conveyed to me by my yoga teacher a decade ago, but what to do when my thoughts turn to worries, fear or hate has been awaiting a solution. The powerful mantra above works wonderfully, not only in the wee hours of the morning when sleep used to be elusive, but whenever I want to bring myself back on an even emotional keel. I can honestly say that the Master Key System is enabling me to achieve peace of mind.

I am looking forward to the continued experience of cultivating a mindset of abundance instead of scarcity and how this will change how I feel and what I do.

The positive message contained within the Master Key System is in itself so uplifting and encouraging that I'm planning on rereading it in the winter. How about checking back on the albeit subjective results in a year's time? Maybe by then my visualizations will have started to manifest. Sincere thanks for providing the lessons free of charge.

Anita R, Germany


Yes I am reading every week and applying the concepts of the master key system, I am very optimist right now and is working, I see new horizons, new opportunities, new friends: I see the world more easy. Thank you very much.

Enrique lozano


This is in reply to your request to tell what studying the Master Key System has done for me.

I have gained a greater insight into how different laws of the universe works. It has opened my understanding to the scriptures in the bible. I can understand the things that Jesus says with clarity now. Whether you call him God or the universe he loves us all unconditionally. I have began to open myself to the endless possibilities that are available to me. I now understand more that I thought possible. Thank you for making yourself available to distribute this knowledge. I pray that all who read and understand are increased in their lives.



Thank you so much for putting The Master Key System online. It has been helpful to me at a trying time in my life.

Among other things, last week I left a job that did not pay the scheduled bonus yet again; and it was also the third time without any notice whatsoever. That did it. This week I found a job that pays me twice as much. While it will take some time to recover, I am on the right path.

As far as studying the lessons is concerned, my method is to follow the instructions. I read one for a week and put what is said in practice. I also have made it a habit to listen to inspiring music either before, during, or after reading a lesson.

Marvin Chesterfield, MA, USA


Master Key (rhymes with ki) System has helped me strengthen my resolve to tap into what makes me strong & unique as opposed to all the woe heaped upon me. I'm a cancer survivor, sober alcoholic, clean crack/meth addict, consumer of mental health services for bi-polar/clinical depression. I'm self-weaned from psych-meds through meditation & "hyp-hop-notherapy" the self-empowering poetry I write. (Tupoc Chopra)

I need your lessons & so appreciate the ebooks you let us access. This is the spiritual, "lighthouse" of information that leads me safely to shore. Here's a piece I wrote after joining your newsletter, using the letters of my name. Use my real name in anything you wish to put on your site.


Divine Presence presents me with presents of prosperity & opportunity
Wrapped oft times disguised as adversity. Stinking-thinking attempts to tempt me away from
All-sufficiency but that can never be-‘cause I’m in harmony. Nothing can harm me & the Universe
Yields unto me ‘til my desires are fulfilled & running over. I accept my abundance in right, Divine order with
No end in sight. I got the Midas touch & might as well do as much as I can to help others excel. I LOVE living my life in this fashion.
Everything I do is done with passion like smashing
Old beliefs in lack from attacking or trashing my Divine Inheritance in fact, I
Now commence from “nowon” to dispense with any old conditioning that’s just not contributing to my trust fund of abundance &
Excellence of endeavor. I find the circumstances I desire by chance or make them when or wherever.
Infinite Mind is there to aid them, pervading all I survey without strife with the Omnipotent opinion that I claim dominion in my
Life. This life that’s been awarded me, if I wasn’t me I’d want to be but I want to be more! I’m playing the Horn of Plenty &
Lord, anything I have you’ve given me, lovingly, generously. I merely opened the door of my awareness to you endless store.
Prosperity for posterity is our Creator’s plan for the planet. My plan, as I understand it is to demonstrate the Laws of Cause
And Effect—which I’m obliged to perfect & I expect to see with ecstasy nothing yet to compare with my share of manna I manifest from thin air.
Real in-comes from God within not my job but then, each paycheck contributes to my wealth. Treasure without measure is what is now felt!
I advance the eternal substance of my soul to optimize my health & retrieve my loftiest goals & dreams from off the shelf.
Sure as the sun rises above the horizon, I’m rising above my lower me I live what I do for a loving. I give from what I am
Here for. Something that nothing is more important for me to do. That is to awaken the Glory of Creation in you.

hyp-hop-notherapy by dwayne o. parish © 5/2/05


Just to let you know, thank you for the 'Master Key" lessons. Because of your lessons I've come to understand the mind and more importantly the laws that govern this place we're in. To my amazement, many of these laws are biblically based. Once you know the laws and follow them, that's where 'the blessings flow'. Just one examle, the law of sowing and reaping, I've seen the effects of it personally.

The two situations that I saw, took about 10 - 12 years between the 'sowing' and 'reaping' of it. To this day I try not to sow anything that I HAVE to reap later. The Master key reveals a few more of these law. Following these lessons changed my mind and view of life. If you will post this comment for new readers I have one advice for them. If there are new ideas in the book, don't be frightened by it, but try to understand what the author is trying to convey. Have fun on this new journey.

Frank, Montreal, Canada


Thank you very much for sending me the lessons; although I had also downloaded the book from your PSITEK site. It has been great reading the book which teaches the very basic requirement of human evolution - 'THOUGHT'. I have been consistently aware of my thoughts, their intensity, their purpose and the very impact they have on my day-to-day existence and also am consiously nurturing my desired goal of life. Thank you

SM, India


Thank you for making the book available to us. The world changes when I change. After reading the book, I am convinced that I am the one in control of my life. I am the creator of my future. I do not blame the environment any more. I am taking total responsibility of the result I got in my life. I am much happier and feel more in control and less uncertainty. I am more courageous to go for things that I want to do and have. More importantly I do not hang to the things like the mistakes that I or someone else have made, regrets, etc. I am happier.



The master key has been a very positive and interesting experience. I really am now focused only on positive thoughts and am amazed at how many negative thoughts I have had and that I actually for the first time hear that other people constantly state. I find myself rephrasing out loud any negative comments that I hear in a positive manner.

An example of this was yesterday at the golf club - where a big woman's tournament was being held. The weather forecast was gloomy - rain with big time wind. The entire locker room was a buzz of negativity about "Oh I hope it doesn't rain! Oh I don't want it to rain! Blah-blah-blah... I finally said really loud - "Ladies could you all just focus on this day being sunny and warm so we can get our rounds in! The day will be beautiful for us!" It did not rain until the last team was in the clubhouse and then it really poured.

I am working on the chapters and doing the exercises every week. Again - amazing the details in pictures, people and things that I constantly delete - important things. Finally - I have a totally new attitude about everything. I feel reborn (though I hesitate to use this word) and totally in charge of my destiny. I love the process. Thanks so much for providing it.

PS: I am really enjoying all of the material on your web site. This is really a positive experience and a web site will only make it more so.



I don't regret a minute having signed up for the Master Key System lessons. The lessons are making me change the manner I perceive life to a better way. I know myself much better now and this has increased my confidence and my relationship with other people. It is definitely changing my life.

LA, Halifax, NS Canada


I believe that this book and its content is really a gem for every individual from any front of life. I thank you very much for giving me and others easy access to this and greatful to your website for your sincere efforts for a noble cause. I am requesting my family members and other friends also to go through these.

Reading this book is defintely good as reading brings the awareness. Dedicated practice to change the self remains the key. I can not quantify precisely what way it has helped at this point of time because I am very new to this. But this defintitely throws the light and gives directions. I do have plans to make sincere efforts to practice some of the ideas and I am confident that it will bring big changes within me. I will be able to quantify exactly how this has shaped my life, after some time. This book can create a new journey in all of us.

I am from India. I am very sorry for being unable to put any specific benefit, beacuse I am new to this. I am grateful to you and your website. Thanking you from the core of my heart for your vision and mission.

Sasanka Raha, India


The first thing I do when I awake from sleep is go to my thinking place. I spend 10 to 20 minutes with thought. Some mornings there is a specific ideal on which to focus, such as courage, health, or wealth. Some mornings I allow thoughts to come and go without struggle.

As a result of Charles Haanel's words, I now choose to whom and what I pay attention and am vigilant to switch when wrong thinking appears. To discover the heart spirit of a destructive thought can be an interesting journey. 100% constructive thought is my goal. Thanks for asking and thank you for providing the MKS online.

Kristi Porter, Iowa


Thanks very much for Psitek and all the fabulous books that you have there to share with all. I have been sincerely seeking for answers for life for years and have realised that you always get what you deeply desire.

Your website was one such answer. I must have come across the Master key system about 2 yrs ago or more.. very impatient to understand, i printed out the entire book and read it at one go.. despite the warning that it wasn't going to help very much that way.

And sure enough..I finished with the feeling that it must need those 24 weeks to really understand the book and I felt that was too much time.. I needed answers quick.. so I put aside the book, knowng fully well that it had the answers I was looking for.. Anyway 24 months later, recently, i visited your website again--this time, realising i needed the 24 weeks course.-

The results are amazing! 4 weeks into the program, and I can experience the change in my life, thinking, understanding.. it is no more an impatient intellectual exercise, but a deep experiential understanding. I am undoing 29 years of wrong thinking, and the 24 weeks is a really fast time period to do so.

Deep thanks for your work,

Dr. Sarita Parikh, Mumbai, India


First I would like to say thankyou for your inspiring site and making these ebooks available so that anyone can access them. For many who would benifit from reading and working with the content of your site, would normally not have the financial means to ready this material that they would need most. So Thank you very much.

The Master Key System was something I have previously looked at before I came across your site (by Divine Guidence I would say), I was then unable to financially go further. I was thrilled to find the same system here on your site, and have been receiving a lesson a week. To me this is wonderful, it gives time to read and re-read the lesson, digesting all the info and working with it before moving onto the following week lesson.

I have found the e-book is easy to follow, and to understand, and look forwrd to receiving it each week. Yes I could have got the full book at once, but I know myself well enough I would have read some and put it aside, not getting around to picking it up again. So this method suits me perfectly.

As for this being available to everyone at a price that can not be bettered, there is now no excuse for not becoming all that one is capable of becoming, finding a place in this wonderful world and inspiring others.

I would encourage anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life to give "The Master Key System" a good try, you really do have nothing to loss and absolutely every thing to gain. Once again Simon, thankyou so much, I hope that something in this email, may be useful to you and others



This series has been facinating for me. I wasn't sure what I would learn at first, and I'll admit I had a great deal of pre-conceived notions about some of your teachings. I have just completed my eighth lesson and I am looking forward to more.

You have brought forward some truths to me that have already had an impact with me, including validation of the areas where I have been in harmony with the creator and areas where I have not. Now that I see it is a choice, I choose to believe that I am here to make a significantly positive impact in the world.

Tim Faber


It helped me see there is a better way! THANK YOU!



Actually the Master Key System is a little hard to follow or comprehend for me. Lucky for us we can restudy it a few times to take us in the right directions. I think it is pointing me in the right directions for further study. I think this was basis for the law of attraction and The Secret

MTM, Minnesota, USA


Your kindness in offering the free lessons from The Master key System on the internet has increased my spiritual knowledge which I am grateful for.

I am enjoying your course, it is helpful and appropriate for me at this time because I am a member of a metaphysical group and this course has given me more of an insight to help me along my way. Thank you. I wish you Love, Light, Peace and Joy.

K.L.M. Sun City Center, Fl.


I believe you arecorrect in saying how some people if not most would think this was somewhat strange way to follow your dreams. I have found and have studied in the past pshycology. I have also found the after studying this type of work and reading every day and then applying the words and make sense of it all. It has certaintly helped me.

I will say that sometime I will be reading certain passages from some of the books and it does sound way out there. I believe though that all exists, I believe that your mind can be programmed with the right thoughts and have a happier and more productive life. Example; I have not sung in over twnety years in front of an audience. This year in June in Las Vegas I actually performed in front of 500 people. I did not come in first but I practiced the book reading and gave me the push I needed to accomplish it.

There will be a voting session in August to pick the winners, Who knows, it could happen. Thank you for the books they have been an astronimical help to me and my family and will continue reading your books.



THANK YOU for your wonderful website and the material inside is great. You are changing and will make a better world for it.



Although I had read for many years that thoughts create reality, it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I really began to "get it." I had been through a very difficult time, and as a result of not being able to let go or to resolve my problems, my thinking had grown very negative. It finally reached a crisis point - I knew that I had to change the way I thought about everything. Thus began my current phase of re-imagining the world.

I have enjoyed tremendously The Master Key System. It is a truly enlightened system. I love the way each part builds on the previous installment. I look forward to the weekly installments, and spend the week in-between reading the lesson over and over, and meditating on the message.

I feel that I am absorbing everything The Master Key System offers and have seen my thoughts grow much more prosperous in every way. I feel positive about life again. I spend much of the time in joy, and I have seen a ten-fold increase in awareness, which has opened me up to untapped reserves of creativity. When negativity crops up, I am much more able to correct it. That alone is miraculous.

Although I haven't yet seen the financial manifestation of my thinking, I know it's right there. My emphasis from the beginning was to change from the inside out, not the other way around. To quote part twenty-two, "Always the spiritual first, then the transformation into the infinite and illimitable possibilities of achievement."

I appreciate that you have made The Master Key System so freely available. Is there a follow-up book that you would recommend?

Janis Brunworth

[Simon Templeton's reply: For a follow-up book to The Master Key System, try Ask & It Is Given By Abraham-Hicks]



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